The Pursuit of Badasserie:

Get After It The WRITE Way Mastermind

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There are many reasons why people do not write or even complete a book once started:

  • Lack of accountability
  • Lack of focus/clarity
  • Lack of “time” or at least the perception of time
  • Not knowing about self-publishing or thinking self-publishing isn’t real publishing
  • Not understanding what to use a book for
  • Fear…

We understand! We were there, for a split second, and then we made it happen and so can you!

Get After It The Write Way

About Our Mastermind

Come join our “The Pursuit of Badasserie, Get After it the WRITE Way Mastermind” where we will:

  • Hold you accountable!
  • Work and support you through our 4 phases of the writing process.
  • Keep you on track with the decisions that need to be made.
  • Share our missteps and corrections so that you learn from our mistakes.
  • Break down our finances, what to spend where, for what you want!
  • Provide you with resources.
  • And more…

“Sign up with this writing team. Do it. If you have a book in you and a dream of seeing it published, you’ll need a team of people to support you through it. This mastermind is worth the investment. It contains step-by-step, easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand information about how to self-publish—but more importantly, how to get your book DONE! I appreciate that it’s not pre-recorded but live and with two very different people. It’s full of perspective and jam-packed with all the information you need to get from an idea in your head to a book in your hand.”

Lori Beth A. , on this mastermind

“I have always wanted to write a book but I had no idea where or how to start. This Mastermind not only gave me the support I needed to walk  me through the process to make it happen but it also motivated me to know that it is absolutely an achievable goal where all I have to do is take one step at a time while enjoying the process. I have loved every single part of the Mastermind; Lynn and Amanda are incredibly generous with the information they provide and they were always open to clarify any doubts and hold you accountable. I encourage anyone who always wanted to write a book to commit to it and see how the magic unfolds following easy steps!”

Laura B., on this mastermind

“For anyone who is writing a book or is thinking of writing a book, the Badassarie mastermind course is the ultimate inspiration for you!! I had so much fun during the 3 months course. The amount of knowledge and passion Lynn and Amanda have is priceless! The idea of writing a book may seem daunting, but these ladies made the whole process super fun and easy to understand. 5-star service!! Thanks, ladies!”

Anna F. , on this mastermind

Get your book done in just 12 weeks!

Are you READY to be an author?!?

Sign up TODAY!

The best thing about writing this book was having each other.  Let us be your “Amanda and Lynn” to get you to the finish line.

The 12 weeks consist of weekly calls, group dynamics, resources, homework, accountability, timetables, and more.  We strongly advise you to have a minimum of 2 hours a week, set aside to put into practice what we discuss on our calls, in our group discussions, and in the chats.

And if you follow our system and our advice to the letter, you will have a book written and ready to publish before the end of the year!  We are not just holding you accountable for the writing, we are giving you the resources you need to get your book into the hands of your ideal readers!

“Your training made me, for the first time, contemplate, being all of who I am. Owning it all and letting it go. I realized that I’ve been playing SO SMALL and that serves no one. You have a special gift, a way about your trainings that brings everything together, heart, soul, grit, and tell it like it is, all tied up in a bad ass bow….”

Sloane K. , on working with Lynn

“I would recommend Amanda over and over again for the great teaching experience she’s provided.”

Renae A., on working with Amanda
writing mastermind

Picture this…

It’s just 90 days from now and you pop open that bottle of bubbly you’ve been saving. Your friends and family are all around you, celebrating your work going out into the world!

You are finally making the impact you have been dreaming about for months, no years! This is your time! This is your work! And now you can share it with the world! YOU are a published author!

This is the way to finally, yes FINALLY get your book written and ready to publish! So are you ready? Really ready?

Sign up TODAY!

“I would not have started my business without Amanda. She helped me through every step of the process. She not only pushed me to find the confidence needed to actually go through with it, she also coached me through the paperwork, guided me in figuring out my brand, and showed me how to expand my clientele. She has offered her expertise and a motivational kick in the butt through every step of the creation and growth of my business. This woman is a force! Amanda would be an asset to any and every business. She can tackle any project and overcome any obstacle. She helped me to hone my lifetime of knowledge into an incredibly profitable and rewarding business and I will forever be grateful.”

Felicia C., on working with Amanda

“Lynn has…significantly improved my goal setting and my ability to achieve my goals and she has supported me in growing my business in a way that fuels my passion and warms my soul and heart….”

Arliss D., on working with Lynn

This program is about guiding you through the ENTIRE process from start to finish.

You will get live and recorded trainings, action-steps, direct feedback, and a system of support from us (and other writers just like you .. and yes, you ARE a writer!) that is unmatched in any program we have seen advertised. If you are looking for accountability and a fool-proof system to get your words on paper and into the hands of your ideal readers, then this course is exactly what you need, now!

And here’s the thing: If you wanted to get all this training with us, one-on-one, for three full months, you would be spending upwards of $6,000.  We aren’t charging anywhere near that. We want you to take this system and flourish! And for less than $1,000 you can practically guarantee a published book in your future. Not just a written book, a published one!

How much has not writing your book cost you in missed opportunities and connections?

Maybe your dream is to be a full-time writer. Or maybe you want to use this as a part of a training program, or to gain authority within your field, or just to tell a story that MATTERS! Whatever your reason, think about all the missed chances you have let slip away. From book signings to public speaking events to new contracts to publicity opportunities, the ways to gain exposure are incalculable. All these missed chances have cost you far more than $1,000, far more than the $6,000 it would cost you to work with us individually.

And we aren’t going to charge you $6,000, or even half of that.

Right now, your investment is only $970.  That’s less than $10 a day to see your book finished, IN PRINT, and available to millions.

Isn’t your dream, the one you’ve been thinking about (maybe for years) worth more than a trip through the drive-thru? Yeah, we think so, too!

→ You have a story to tell, a story that matters in the world!

→ You can help hundreds, thousands, millions just by sharing what’s already in your head and heart!

→ Your dream CAN BE A REALITY!


So stop waiting! Let’s do this … together!

Click HERE to get started on this journey! Let’s Get After It The WRITE Way!


Here are our most frequently asked questions … answered!
What makes this course different from others?
We’re not going to lie.  There are a LOT of courses out there.  The problem is that so many of them give you WAY too much information, but not practical processes.  Or, they give you strategies here and there, but then don’t give you ACTION steps followed by ACCOUNTABILITY!  That’s what makes this mastermind so unique.  We are here to support each other, to help you stay on target with real, actionable items, and finally get your book out of your head and onto paper!
What if I’ve never written a book before? Will this still work for me?
Uh, this class was MADE for you! They say 97% of people who want to write a book, never actually write a book! WHAT?! Let’s change that together.
What is the time commitment?
This is a 12-week Mastermind course.  The 12 weeks will consist of weekly calls, group dynamics, resources, homework, accountability, time tables, and more.  We strongly advise you to have a minimum of 2 hours a week, set aside to put into practice what we discuss on our calls, in our group discussions and in the chats.

The goal is to get your book written and published in 3 months, so depending on your project, this may take more or less time commitment on a daily or weekly basis.  Obviously, if you are writing the next version of War and Peace, it might take a little more time than a children’s book, but not necessarily.  We all move and process at different speeds and this mastermind will allow you the flexibility you need to accomplish your goal on your time.

Whoa, I’m not sure I can commit to all that.  What happens if I can’t do it?
This Masterclass is designed to keep you on track and motivated, whatever life throws at you! We can’t guarantee that you do the work, but we can guarantee that you will have all the support you need.  We promise you, you can finish writing that book in less than 3 months, but if something comes up, you will still have all the assignments and resources you need to move at a slower pace if needed. Because of the downloadable nature of much of this masterclass, no refunds will be issued.
Are there any hidden charges?
Absolutely not.  We hate those, too.
What would I even write about?
Everyone has a story worth telling.  Whether that falls into fiction or nonfiction is up to you.  The trick is showing you how to write in a way that is authentic to you and the story you, deep down, are truly ready to write.
Will you cover how to actually get it published?
Yes! Unlike other courses that tell you what to do, but then leave you hanging, we are here to show you how we did it and get you there, too.  Although we won’t actually format your book, we will provide you with all the resources you need for you to move forward.
Can you guarantee my book will sell?
Yes! If you follow our steps and do the work, you will sell your book! Can we guarantee you’ll sell a million? No. If we could, this course would cost a whole HECK of a lot more!
When is the next Mastermind? Can I just do this later?
Great question.  And we don’t have an answer for that.  This is a live course and we are invested in seeing our students succeed, just as you are invested in us.  We are all about action, so we hope that you are, too. Imagine how far you will come in just a few months? Why put off that feeling of accomplishment any longer?  Stop waiting! There might not be another chance and if there is, what opportunities would you have missed out on already?
I can’t afford this. Do you have payment plans?
We understand this is an investment, but it’s an investment in YOU! If you are struggling to pay all at once, we do have one other payment plan option.  Please inquire.
What are your qualifications?
We are two badasses who make things happen, not just for ourselves, but also for those around us. After the launch of The Pursuit of Badasserie: How to Create Badass Business Abundance, we knew we had done something amazing. We knew we had a system that worked, and now we wanted to share it with the world. If you are looking for something more concrete: degrees in English and Creative Writing … 20+ years of ghostwriting … 40+ combined years in coaching and mentorship … oh, and did we mention our #1 Best Seller and New Release and our second book, too?
Can I write this course off on my taxes?
Absolutely! As continuing education, training, maybe even as advertising…we’re not accountants or CPAs, but talk to yours and see how they can help you classify it properly.
Why did you create this Mastermind?
After the launch of The Pursuit of Badasserie: How to Create Badass Business Abundance, we knew we had done something amazing.  Moreover, people kept asking us over and over how we did it, and how we did it so quickly.  We knew we had a system that worked, and now we wanted to share it with the world. And because we are all about action, we got right after the idea and created this Mastermind with our friends and readers in mind.
How do I buy?
CLICK HERE to fill out the application.  The link to pay is right at the top!

This link will take you to our intake form and purchase link.