Episode 04: Delegation

Delegation is such an important topic, that Lynn and Amanda covered it in two chapters of their book!

From helping to create a strong company culture to providing the opportunity to develop truly big ideas, delegation is essential for any small or large business owner to understand and implement … in the right way.

So what is the “right way” and how do you ensure that you are delegating to the “right” person” in your business? Listen and learn … and then activate your own strategies.

In this episode, Lynn and Amanda talk about:

  • Why they have such a hard time delegating
  • The pitfalls of delegating improperly
  • The keys to delegation
  • What you need to know before delegating
  • Putting in the time to train
  • Training in the process
  • The importance of communication and patience
  • Pro tip: Write it down
  • Effective ways of delegating
  • Having clarity on the end result
  • Choosing the right person
  • Trust and control
  • Creating benchmarkers and check-in points
  • Empowering over micro-managing
  • Time/worth value
  • What to delegate, when, and how

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