Episode 08: Multitasking

How do you get it all done?

 It’s a question we hear a LOT! But surprisingly (for some), our answer is never  that we are “busy.”

 We are productive, we are efficient, we are motivated, and we get sh*t done! 

Today’s episode is about how that actually happens.  What steps, tips, and tricks do we have that actually take an idea and put it into fruition?

In today’s episode, Lynn and Amanda discuss:

  • Hyperfocusing vs multitasking
  • Distractions
  • Finding your own rhythm
  • Productivity vs Efficiency
  • Creating systems that work for you
  • Transitioning between projects
  • Time blocking and batching
  • Allowing your brain to have a break
  • Setting a timer
  • Getting rid of guilt and perfectionism
  • The flow of your day, week, and month
  • You have to be you!
  • Listening to your body as a means of being more productive
  • Make a plan

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