Episode 12: Proactive, Active, Reactive

If ever there were a topic that was branded into our souls, the use of reactive, active, and proactive strategies would be it!

When defining these behaviors, it is important to understand their differences and how they can positively or negatively affect your life and business. Though none of these strategies are inherently good or bad, there are definitely pros and cons that will translate to a better, less stressful environment for you and those around you.

Today we assess:

  • Being proactive to discourage negative things – Amanda
  • Being proactive to encourage positive things – Lynn
  • How Lynn and Amanda differ (in many ways)
  • Do it for “Just in”
  • How to save headaches, heartaches, and money aches using proactive techniques
  • Taking actionable steps
  • Looking into the future
  • Strategy and forward-thinking
  • Floating between behaviors
  • Passive, engaged, or strategizing
  • Preventative crisis management
  • How different professions use these tactics
  • Reactive and Proactive Coaching
  • Back peddling from the worst-case scenarios
  • Using reaction to plan pro-action
  • Setting up systems
  • Relating active, reactive, and proactive to Sales
  • Nurturing relationships and referrals
  • Are you being proactive in your sales approach?
  • Are you being proactive in and on your business?
  • Social media and the myth of being proactive
  • Purpose and intention
  • Setting up systems for what works and replicating that positive outcome
  • Being “present” does not negate planning for the future
  • Action steps!

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