Episode 14: Time/Worth Value

What’s your time worth? Do you even know? You may think the money-per-hour is a direct indication of your time/worth value, but have you looked at all you do? Do all the numbers add up? How can you increase that time/worth value without unnecessarily increasing your rates? 

Today’s episode discusses how using delegation, strategy, and efficient choices can make all the difference in your time/worth value and why this is so important for entrepreneurs.

In this episode:

  • The definition of time/worth value
  • Energetic value
  • Clarifying your hourly rate
  • What factors into time/worth value?
  • How to bill based on the actual time spent
  • Can you charge more for education received for a job?
  • Education as an asset
  • When to raise your prices
  • Accounting for taxes, licenses, and fees
  • How Covid changed things
  • Considering your own sanity and capacity
  • Get specific on target audience
  • Understand your numbers
  • The fear behind asking for more money
  • Looking back into 2022
  • Accessing your financials
  • Are you taking a pay cut every year without knowing it?
  • Burnout
  • Job/worth value
  • Remove busy work
  • Delegate
  • Streamlining your systems and strategies
  • Understanding your energetic and spiritual value
  • Productivity
  • Spotting the red flags
  • Dropping a client
  • Action steps!

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