Episode 16: The Common Denominator

“You’re so vain … you probably think this podcast’s about you, don’t you.” 

Are you the common denominator? When things aren’t going so well in your business, your relationships, or your life, and these issues keep coming up again and again, are you the link? When things go right, do you know how to replicate your results?

Finding your common denominators can help you shift your focus to creating new, more productive patterns, while allowing you to enact true change for the better (or to continue on the right path if you’re on it). By addressing communication styles, mindset, and attitude, as well as systems and processes, Lynn and Amanda break down when, how, and why you need to determine who (or what) the common denominator is.

In today’s episode, Lynn and Amanda discuss real-life, personal examples of looking for the common denominator, and how it makes all the difference in their businesses.

They cover:

  • What is a common denominator
  • Where to focus your energy and efforts
  • Complainers
  • Even leadership can be the problem
  • Training your team
  • Letting go of ego
  • The common denominator as a positive
  • When to bring on additional help
  • Communication, mindset, energy, and attitude
  • Understanding communication styles
  • DISC
  • Common denominator as a system or process rather than a person
  • Amplifying your results
  • Tracking and data analysis
  • Recognizing when you or someone in your team are the problem
  • Making difficult decisions as a leader
  • Admitting mistakes
  • Personality and cultural considerations
  • Adding boundaries and accountability
  • Having difficult and awkward conversations
  • Obtaining results that move you forward
  • How negative common denominators affect your bottom line, company culture, retention, client experience, and more
  • Leaders lead. Managers manage. Owners own.
  • When to step in and have a conversation
  • Being partially liable
  • Allowing the common denominator to be a part of the solution
  • Not everyone can be an entrepreneur and not everyone can own a business
  • “This is just how it’s done.”
  • Going against the norm
  • Solopreneurs and self-sabotage
  • Lack of results is a result
  • Holding yourself accountable
  • Setting yourself up for failure
  • Realizing regular events aren’t necessarily the common denominator

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