Episode 18: Personal Agency and the Sales Relationship with Gregory Enjalbert

We are so honored to welcome our very first podcast guest, Gregory Enjalbert, who also happens to be a contributor to our second book, The Pursuit of Badasserie, The Sales Edition: Badass Business Sales Solutions.

Gregory is a global citizen and an absolute expert on Personal Agency, sales, and so much more. He is the founder of A Cup of CoFi, a business dedicated to helping you find peace of mind in your life and personal finance, and Co-founder and COO of the Agency Factory.

Gregory Enjalbert

Today’s episode begins our series on SALES! 

  • How can we use active listening to build sales?
  • How does trust affect your sales relationships?
  • How do personal agency and autonomy reflect in sales and in your life?

Gregory is a wealth of information and we could have talked for weeks! Tune in to find out more about this incredible episode!

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Personal agency
  • Life purpose
  • The capacity to know you have choices in life
  • Not feeling like a victim
  • Helping others achieve personal agency
  • Autonomy vs personal agency
  • Living as a global citizen
  • Language as a window into the way people think
  • Cultural complexities
  • Selling highspeed raillines in China
  • Know, like, and trust in sales
  • Starting with a relationship
  • The importance of trust within sales
  • Knowing how to buy and how to sell
  • Building deep relationships
  • Understanding the sales relationship and how to navigate it
  • Active listening and powerful questioning
  • Different levels of listening
  • Verbal and nonverbal cues and what they really say
  • Listening to the brain and the heart
  • Traditional sales cliches
  • Adapting offers
  • The importance of pausing
  • Pause, breathe, and formulate
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Being a good human being for each other

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Gregory Enjalbert, Bangkok, Thailand

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