Episode 22: Accessing Your Selling Superpower with Samantha King

Are you ignoring sales? Are you wearing so many hats that you’ve forgotten about your sales chapeau? Are you a course creator or want to be?

From a Blockbuster beginning to telesales and course sales, Samantha King is no stranger to the numbers game and she is ready to help you strategize, reach larger audiences, and so much more by identifying and utilizing your sales superpowers.

Join us for this eye-opening look at how we can all leverage our people, grow our businesses, and finally start selling the right thing to the right people, right now.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Samantha’s start in sales
  • Sales as a numbers game
  • Growing a thick skin
  • Working with course creators
  • You cannot skip the sales process
  • Putting yourself out there
  • Finding your natural strategist skillset
  • Being open to rejection
  • Never stop growing
  • Knowing your hot time
  • Sales scripting and why it’s important
  • Accessing your selling superpowers
  • Working in a way that fits your lifestyle
  • Leveraging and maximizing your skills and style
  • Borrowing other people’s audiences
  • Earning that traffic
  • Who serves the same audience as you, but doesn’t do what you do?
  • The beauty of collaboration
  • Determining the most effective and long-term win-wins
  • Traffic, authority, or conversion problems
  • Plan with the end in mind
  • What are you selling?
  • Make sure what you are talking about is what you are selling
  • Bringing people back to your authority island
  • Subconscious red flags
  • We are not content creators
  • Building your authority
  • Create and establish your expertise
  • Learning how to sell
  • The business friendzone
  • The downside of creating content for your audience
  • The strategy of sales
  • How to use feedback
  • Two-way engagement
  • Make sure you know what all your sales and marketing is driving sales for
  • The connection between marketing, selling, and content
  • Calling all course creators! This one is for you!

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