Episode 23: Power, Positioning, and Prospecting with Candice D’Angelo

Candice D’Angelo – a corporate dropout with 12+ years of sales experience – is the founder of The Selling Lab, an online space where business owners come to level up their sales skills and build custom trainings. Backed by a personal multi-million dollar sales book, D’Angelo has proudly taught more than 100 business owners the art of selling since the company’s inception in 2018, and we are so excited to welcome her to The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast.

Today’s episode is full of advice, expertise, and guidance on the ins and outs of growing your selling game and increasing your sales. Hint: Selling and sales aren’t the same things! Discover smart ways to position yourself as the expert, gain trust and authority, get over your fear, and realize the power of positioning … all in half an hour!

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Ambition that goes beyond the corporate world
  • Taking the leap into entrepreneurship
  • Male/female dynamic in the corporate atmosphere
  • The flexibility of working for yourself
  • Inside sales and how to be a people person
  • 70 and 80’s child hustle
  • Sucking at sales
  • Working your way up
  • Get out of your own head and out of your own way
  • Being afraid of sales
  • Reactive sales
  • Consistency
  • Showing up as the expert
  • Coming from a place of timidness or ego
  • Positioning yourself
  • Evolving with your business
  • Low and high tickets sales
  • Self-education
  • Imposter syndrome
  • The hustle culture
  • Action, putting in the work, and being hungry in business
  • Selling in the DMs
  • Nothing is worse than losing a sale because you didn’t try
  • The length of sales cycles
  • The upfront close
  • Behavioral style dynamic
  • Matching energy
  • Using a different “language” so that your audience truly hears you
  • Navigating the sales questions and the answers you may or may not want to hear
  • The fear of rejection
  • Selling vs sales, what’s the difference?
  • Without sales, there is no business
  • Listening instead of just selling
  • The power of waiting before you respond
  • Guiding your prospects through the process to come up with the solution for you
  • Handling the awkward silence
  • It’s going to be ok and it’s going to get easier
  • People tell us what they need if we listen with all our senses
  • The power and importance of prospecting
  • How to network effectively
  • Different types of calls and their purposes
  • Establishing good habits

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