Episode 24: Authentic Sales Strategies with Adam Bude

Today we welcome Adam Bude to the show!

Adam Bude is an international, published author, sales expert, and course creator, who helps growth mindset and purpose-driven business owners to scale their businesses by increasing their sales conversion rates, profits, and systems creating, so they have a saleable asset of real value.

Adam combines nearly 30 years of commission-based selling, sales management, sales training, and business ownership across multiple industries, sectors, and markets.

And he has made it his mission to change the way people do business by creating authentic sales based on value, service, and abundance.


In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • How Adam Bude got started
  • Does anyone want to start in sales?
  • Commission-based direct sales industry
  • Transitioning from hard-core sales to authentic sales
  • At the end of the day, sales is sales
  • After over $100K in one month, Adam realizes he’s doing it wrong
  • The seller’s journey
  • How much money can I make vs how much service and value can I provide?
  • Coming at sales from a service angle
  • Filling up from the outside vs the inside
  • Reactive and transactional in communication
  • Traits you must have as a business owner
  • Grow and evolve or shrink and die
  • Everybody is in sales
  • A sale is made in every conversation
  • Too scared to sell
  • You are your best salesperson
  • Sales is an extension of who you are
  • Changing the way that sales and business is done
  • Leading by example
  • Leveraging yourself
  • Being authentic and transparent
  • The importance of vulnerability
  • The industrial age of transactional selling
  • Collaborating for the greater good
  • Collaboration with clients
  • Being an extension of your business
  • Understanding your clients’ wants and needs
  • Learning how to talk and how to listen
  • The reason there is no trust in sales
  • The human connection
  • Money is a by-product of service
  • The emotional attachment to money
  • Energy and subconscious connection
  • Building rapport
  • Operating from adding value, not taking money
  • Come from service, not KPI (key performance indicators)
  • Operate from abundance, not fear

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