Episode 25: The Elegant Simplicity of Growing a Business with Christine Campbell Rapin

How do you build an audience and why is that important to the growth of your business? Today’s guest, Christine Campbell Rapin, is a Business Success Coach and Lifestyle Strategist who is committed to reimagining and distilling the elegant simplicity of growing a business by getting clear on what is actually driving client conversion.

As the owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc, and the founder of the online community Scale Your Business to 6 Figures & Beyond, Christine helps Service-Based Entrepreneurs reach financial milestones with integrity, patience, and grace.

Tune in as we discuss finding our non-negotiables, going back to relationships and experiences, and remembering that we cannot simply build our business, we must also build the lives we want.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Growing up in sales
  • The importance of a good handshake
  • The integrity of sales
  • You get what you measure
  • It’s not about the numbers
  • How do we know our business can take care of itself?
  • Watching people focus on the wrong thing
  • Sales is the oxygen of your business
  • You are always in a relationship and collaboration that’s leading to a result
  • Integrity is a number one core value
  • Did you show up well today? Did you treat people with kindness?
  • Education is not enough–people do business with people, not books
  • Three types of leader–which do you want to be?
  • Building a business can’t be built on when it is convenient
  • Starting from the right place
  • The application of knowledge and the gap
  • It’s not about leads
  • Don’t just build the business, build the life you want
  • Audience building essentials
  • Two things predict revenue: how many people you are meeting and how many offers you are making
  • Getting clear on who your target audience is
  • Continuing to nurture even when you have clients
  • Are you marketing yourself?
  • Working with high-ticket clients
  • Looking for ways you can serve and people you can help rather than hunting for clients
  • High-touch and high-impact networking and outreach
  • Speaking, networking, and events
  • Are you capable? Are you credible? 
  • Don’t forget to make the offer
  • Don’t speak from a place of enlightenment
  • It’s simple, not effortless
  • Why you need thinking partners
  • You cannot see your own blindspots
  • Desperate money never moves
  • Going back to experiences
  • Having the patience to wait for the right conversations
  • Deciding what’s non-negotiable
  • Just remember you are a human being
  • You are your business

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