Episode 27: Finding Your Power in Feminist Entrepreneurship with Melanie Childers

Today we are joined by Melanie Childers,  Master Certified Business Coach for feminist entrepreneurs, who is changing the toxic dude-bro business paradigm to one more collaborative, pleasurable, and FUN.

How do we sell with consent?

How do we overcome objections naturally?

How do we simplify and scale while still developing as a thought leader within our vision and business?

Tune in to learn about ethical marketing and selling and how to market in a way that empowers instead of disempowers your clients. Let’s stop feeling gross while selling!


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Selling yourself
  • Sales from all industries and angles
  • Treat people like humans
  • Selling is about empathy and meeting people where they are
  • Building your belief in yourself
  • Building a belief in your offer and your audience’s desire to buy
  • Confirmation bias
  • The foundation of confidence within
  • Conscious and subconscious red flags
  • Product conviction
  • Sales with longevity
  • Selling at different price points
  • The toxic dude/bro selling technique
  • Feminist selling
  • The problem of profit over people
  • Healthy detachment and filling yourself up from within
  • The profit by-product
  • Showing up in service
  • You don’t have to use awful, sleazy tactics
  • Fear of sales
  • Empowering women to take control of how they sell
  • Sales is service and helping people
  • Connecting with your client’s dream
  • The sale begins before the actual ask
  • Overcoming objections in unexpected ways
  • Not taking it personally
  • Getting consent along the way
  • Create and build trust
  • It’s always about them, not you
  • Healthy detachment
  • Staying in your own lane
  • Identifying your authority and expertise
  • Holding the space without judgment
  • Consensual sales conversations

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