Episode 28: Are You Using Your Sales Tools?

There are so many different types of tools we use in our sales arsenal, and today we wanted to pose the question, “Are YOU using your own sales tools?”

Over the past several months (and years), we have fielded so many questions around the sales processes and sales techniques we know and love and one thing has stood out–so many people either don’t know what tools they have or need and those that do know, often aren’t using them!

Let’s fix that.

In today’s episode of The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast, we are diving into sales tools and how to get the most out of them.

Let’s get after it!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Our new Sales book
  • How sales has changed
  • Proactive, active, reactive sales positions
  • Calling ourselves out
  • Having a wall up around sales
  • Reconnecting back to the basics
  • The impact of stepping away from your sales game
  • The dynamic of a solopreneur
  • Analyzing your strengths in your sales process
  • Reactive sales
  • Leaving money on the table
  • Being proactive in the client journey
  • Are you complacent in sales?
  • The exhaustion of proactive sales
  • Sales state-of-mind
  • Reinvigorating your passion
  • The woo-woo side
  • How to promote products and services that haven’t launched yet
  • Expanding outside of your friends and family
  • The ugly truth about your sales process
  • Identifying the disconnect
  • Are your numbers where they need to be?
  • Calculating time/worth value
  • Action steps for proactive sales
  • Revisiting your sales process

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