Episode 31: Get Back in the Game!

Whether you have been “out” by choice or by circumstance, it’s time to get your business groove back and slay the competition with some serious badasserie! 

Today we talk about everything involved with getting back in the game after a long or short period away.  You might need to shake things up, amp up your marketing game, or make some other boss moves to regain your edge. But the point is, you’re not giving up and you’re not letting anyone tell you otherwise. So get ready to bring your A-game and show everyone who’s boss on The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast.

The Pursuit of Badasserie Podcast

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • What does “getting back in the game” mean?
  • The post-Covid effect
  • Introverts and mindset
  • How situations throw us
  • Questioning yourself
  • Identifying the blocks
  • How imposter syndrome plays a part
  • Burnout as a business owner
  • Internal and external correlations of stress and overwork
  • Getting blindsided
  • Trauma and the adrenal response
  • Working on vs working in your business
  • Proactive strategies
  • Getting out of the routine
  • Sales is easy to have resistance to
  • Riding the sales bike
  • Getting over the awkwardness
  • Start with a baseline of healthy habits and structure
  • Spending 18 minutes a day on a skillset
  • The importance of consistency
  • The full-force myth
  • It’s really ok to start slowly
  • The levels of productivity and performance
  • The Start/Stop frame of mind
  • Building the foundation and fundamentals to maintain
  • Knowing what to fall back on
  • Nurturing your core basics to build your business
  • Fear and discomfort
  • There is always room for growth
  • Identifying your benchmarkers
  • Taking your business to the next level
  • What’s your “why” for getting back in the game
  • Make sure you’re getting back into the right game
  • What are you hyper-focusing on?
  • Lynn’s personal memoir
  • Leaning into discomfort in order to grow
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable–it will make you a better entrepreneur

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