Episode 32: Sales Scripts

You may love them or hate them, but scripts are an integral part of your sales system (whether you know it, or not). Not only do they serve as a roadmap to effective communication, but they also provide the structural framework and guidance you need to ensure consistency, efficiency, and yes, easier-closing sales deals.

We love sales scripts for so many reasons–consistency, professionalism, trust-building, training tools, message improvement, objection navigation, etc–and if you use them correctly, they can be incredibly powerful.

Let’s break down the controversy behind sales scripts, today on The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast! 

Sale Scripts

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Telemarketing 
  • Rinse and repeat
  • The downside of telemarketing
  • The script is not your enemy
  • Product conviction
  • The benefit of bullet points
  • The purpose and design behind sales scripts
  • Fear of the robot
  • Cutco cutlery and product presentation
  • Myths of scripts
  • Controlling
  • Authenticity
  • Scripts are used for more than just selling
  • Creating fundamentals
  • It should feel like you
  • Giving yourself the support you need in your business
  • Quotas
  • Smiling and dialing
  • Building rapport and charisma
  • It’s so easy to get off topic
  • What scripting is and isn’t
  • Cold calling
  • Can be used all throughout the sales process
  • Sales conversation template
  • Understanding what went well in your sales conversations
  • Common links
  • Developing your own sales template
  • Getting comfortable
  • Training people how to treat us
  • Training your people
  • Networking event tips
  • Cohesive language
  • The efficiency of scripts
  •  Gaining energy back
  • Taking the prospect on a journey
  •  Progress over perfection
  • Action steps

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