Episode 36: Here’s to One Year!

It’s officially our one-year anniversary of publishing our first book, The Pursuit of Badasserie: How to Create Badass Business Abundance! Can you believe it?

We certainly can’t!

One of the questions we have answered over this last year was why “Badasserie?” What does that mean, particularly to us?

Well in today’s episode, we will answer that question and more as we celebrate one year of badasserie!

One year of The Pursuit of Badasserie

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How fast and slow this year has gone
  • How we came up with the title of our book
  • Data dumping in the writing process
  • Lifetime learners and lifetime doers
  • The next thing
  • The inner drive
  • Nature vs. nurture
  • Running to or running from your life
  • We LIVE The Pursuit of Badasserie
  • Feeling like a slacker
  • The lottery
  • A passion for business
  • Finding the root of what’s holding you back or what’s pushing you forward
  • Your path is yours alone
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Doing the self-work
  • Calling each other out
  • Partnership dynamics
  • Thank you to everyone
  • How are you spreading your own badasserie?
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