Episode 49: Building Your Business Foundation with The Entrepreneurial Roadmap

If you haven’t heard of the Roadmap to Riches with Master Resale Rights (and even if you have), this podcast episode is for you. We are breaking down all the misconceptions about what this viral course is all about, what it is and what it isn’t, and how it could benefit your business and life.

If you’re new to The Roadmap and MRR, this course provides a step-by-step approach, making it suitable for those new to digital marketing and the online business world. It’s not an affiliate program or a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme and does not involve upselling or ongoing fees; it’s a one-time purchase.

Can it help your existing business? Yes.

Can it help you make a new business? Yes.

Can it make you some passive income? Also, yes!

We encourage you to explore the Entrepreneurial Roadmap and consider its value for your own business endeavors, whether for personal growth or creating additional income streams. If you are looking for extensive value at an affordable price, plus the unique opportunity to enhance your entrepreneurial skills and build your business foundations, this is it! Don’t wait! Get after it!

Episode 49: Building Your Business Foundation with The Entrepreneurial Roadmap

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What the heck is the Roadmap and MRR?
  • The robustness of the course
  • The Roadmap to Riches with Master Resell Rights basics
  • Digital entrepreneurship
  • Business basics and set-up
  • Optimization and automation
  • Flipping the course
  • You heard it first from Lynn!
  • Having ownership of trainings
  • People stealing copy
  • No upsells and tiered payments
  • 100% profits
  • Not an MLM, not affiliate marketing
  • Quality content
  • Beginning-level digital marketing course
  • Best of both worlds
  • Revisiting the basics and giving you a roadmap
  • Venture Capitalist start-ups
  • Why start-ups fail
  • Knowing your target market
  • The $10,000 funnel
  • The importance of SEO
  • Making big money in more than one way
  • The Community 
  • Filling in the gaps in knowledge
  • Start now
  • Often we do not jump when we should
  • You decide how to use this course

If you are ready to make a change in your own life, grab this course today, HERE!

The roadmap to riches

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Read on for a transcript of the show!

Lynn Howard

Hey, I’m Lynn.

Amanda Furgiuele

And I’m Amanda. Welcome to Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast. We are back with another edition of the Pursuit of Badasserie.

And today we’re going to take a little switch and talk about kind of a new topic that’s both new for us and has been kind of hitting social media by storm.

And that is the Roadmap to Riches with Master’s Resale Rights. It’s been all the buzz on everything. So, let’s talk about what it is, what it isn’t, and will it benefit you?

Lynn Howard

Yeah, I’m really excited about this one because when you first brought it to my attention, I don’t know, a couple months ago, I was like, OK, understand.

But I didn’t understand it, So for those of you who aren’t familiar with MRR, Master Resale Rights, it is a program that a husband-wife duo created.

essentially, it’s like 160-some modules anywhere from five minutes to 20 minutes each that really walks you through the basics of business and optimization and automation and digital entrepreneurship.

So it’s more of like here and today, but even like how to set up businesses and different things like that.

But what the MRR part is is they created this program with the community. They created this program and you buy it once and then you can turn around and resell it so you don’t have to create content.

So many people are not content creators. And this is like you can turn around and flip this. And when I heard Amanda talking about this, I almost lost my mind because years ago when I became CEO of a global company where we did like trainings and coaching and consulting, this was like a model that I actually wanted to do with one of our things more or less.

we talked about, we called it something different, but essentially resell rights. It was master resell rights about like some of our programs and different things like that because we had ownership of them.

I created all these different trainings and I was like, man, this would be really brilliant of us and it could be a great lead generator.

Because we can sell it at a low cost, they can turn around and sell it. And because people are going to do that anyway.

People take a copy. In fact, I’ve heard really, really popular, very well known people in the entrepreneurial realm say, take the copy from somebody else’s website, make it your own, but take the copy or whatever.

And people are doing this. And so when I actually broke off and was no longer CEO of the global company, I was only doing my consulting.

I started a resource center that because I mostly at that point, coach for consulted coaches and consultants globally. I mean, I had other clients as well, but they were literally taking my stuff, including my tagline.

Like, I had something literally swipe my tagline up of my LinkedIn and put it on his own LinkedIn. I was like, they’re going to do this.

So I’m just going to create products. pay me a monthly service. then so it wasn’t quite MRR, but it was kind of the same concept.

So when you told me about this, I was like, oh. It’s one of those things like, damn, I kicked myself in the ass because I should have done this years ago.

But the cool thing is, it’s like, well, I don’t know a cool thing about for the people who created it, but there’s no like tiered payments or whatever.

You own it more like us. There are some rules you have to follow, but then you can turn around and sell it as much as you want, and you get 100% of whatever you sell.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yes, and if there’s, it’s not an MLM, there’s not like your upline gets anything. There’s no, there’s no uplines.

There’s no, I mean, there is somebody who sold it to you, but that relationship is up to that person.

It’s not up to the company. There’s no percentage that they get from you. There’s no upselling. There’s no, oh, well, I paid this one fee and then I’m going to have a monthly this.

No, it’s just a flat rate. And so it’s really exciting because it’s not affiliate marketing. It’s not an MLM.

It’s a totally different system and which I think is the most important part. I would never want to sell to any of my clients or potential clients crap.

And this is not crap. It is genuinely well done. It is well executed. It is the correct information. And I know I mentioned this and I’ve talked to some people about it that as a seasoned entrepreneur.

So Lynn and I have been entrepreneurs for 20 plus years. There are things, many things that we We already know because it is a beginning level digital marketing course talking about branding, naming your business, automations, funnels, email marketing.

A lot of that we already know. However, that’s the point of it being so great for beginners is that it’s a step by step module program that can be done in five minutes a day, 20 minutes a day, and is tailored to a beginner so that you can follow along easier and actually learn those fundamental systems and steps that you needed order to create a strong.

And that’s what’s so lacking and a lot of online new online entrepreneurs is that they don’t know, well, they don’t know what they don’t know.

So they don’t know what it takes to be a business owner. They have a great idea. And so this takes having that passion and turning your passion into a profit that takes that.

It gives you a roadmap. Literally, it’s the robot to riches. It gives you a roadmap to creating your first business online and how to do it properly and set it up.

And yes, if you want to resell, it gives you a product to resell as well. So you kind of have that best of both worlds getting into that digital sphere, which is so important now and giving you a product and content to start off with if you aren’t ready to create your own product set.

Lynn Howard

Absolutely. And I would even take a step back and I would say it is for, I know we’ve been in business for a while, there are still things like I’m seeing a different angle.

It’s given me time to revisit and things like strictly. Really, I never invented I didn’t know that it needed to be implemented.

It’s just I implemented things. I use time to implement other things. So I also be in business for 20 years on entrepreneurship.

But in the consulting realm for over 10, there are some things that I’m like, oh, I need to redo that so I can use this or I never even thought of it from that angle or I’ve heard that but I’ve never implemented it.

And so I actually, because Amanda, you and I talk about this. A lot. I was just watching my favorite news channel Instagram.

I was sorry. I have to get better. News is just socks, man. So Instagram is my my fun news.

I was watching something and they were talking about a video and they were talking about startups because I work a lot and I’m in the VC world ish here in Thailand and work a lot in like those type of that are looking for funding and stuff and doing pitches.

And they were talking about how like why startups fail and it’s because they don’t. They’re just looking to get money to create a product, but they’re not looking at all of the basics that need to happen.

And I go back to, I’m sure I said this on another video, like one of these guys that I met with after pitching contest, he didn’t pitch, but he was new to it.

There’s like three 400 people in the room, but we ended up saying next to each other, chatting up, he wanted to pitch.

And he had a slide deck. It was. I was like, yeah, let’s talk. Like I’ll go through your pitch deck.

I’ll see if I know some these things that can help you out because I’m connector. And I remember going through his pitch deck and just asking him basic, what’s your target market?

Like how do you make money off of this? And he had no answers. And it was mind blowing to me because we come from a like, that’s our first thing.

Like what we can figure out what to do. Like, and and mind you, I mean, And I have had many types of businesses.

This is not just based on like a coaching business. Like this would have helped all my businesses, my alarm company, my brick and mortar, like your like all like services and products.

And this particular program not only gives you those fundamentals and those foundations, but it also gives an opportunity to turn around and sell it, make it least your money back by selling to one other person.

And it along or like literally people are making good money off of this because it is so needed. I was joking with somebody yesterday that I really think like if I if I do sign on anymore so low caners or small businesses within my my little company or even the bad and I’m sure Amanda would agree like because we talked about this is like I want people to have this course too.

It’ll be part of the initial cost because there are so many. I’m not going to help you set up email marketing.

I’m not going to help you do that. That’s not my strength. I’m going help you get shit done. I can keep you accountable, but I’m not going to walk you through the steps and it’s all here in one place that you always have access to.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yes. this is a very, it’s a high-end example. However, this is one of the reasons why I really personally like the course.

three years, roughly three years ago, I took a continuing education course on creating funnels because I recognize it’s a very important thing in our world now.

And I wanted to be able to further teach it to my clients and make sure that I was teaching them everything they needed to know.

So I took the basic level course that was $10,000, just a little over $10,000 to take this basic level funnel course.

So obviously it’s a high-ticket item. Once I got into the course, In order for the course to work, I then had to subscribe to three different systems that would then total roughly $300 a month in perpetuity.

And I have been paying that $300 a month every month for the last three years to work and automate in this funnel world.

And I have made money from these funnels and my clients have made money. However, in this new course, it taught a different type of funnel and a different system of funnels.

And from that is now costing me $27 a month. And that’s the upgraded version. I don’t need you can do it without the upgraded, but I bought the upgraded because I do a lot of funnels for a lot of things, a lot of businesses.

So I bought the upgraded version for $27 a month. And even right there in that one module, I saved myself $300 a month and negated the $10,000 I had spent just three years before.

I could, I mean, if I had known about this, if this course that existed and I had known about it three years ago, I could.

I saved myself $10,000 right there off the bat. And I may, it’s debatable whether not I’ve made back that $10,000 of ROI, but I absolutely have made back the investment on MRR and the entrepreneurial roadmap that we have absolutely made that back in literally less than 24 hours.

And so it’s just funny for me as somebody in the entrepreneurial sphere learning these high-end skills that have translated into working with customers that right there off the bat, that one module has so much value in it for me as an entrepreneur because it introduced me to another system to work, I mean I’ve already done funnels before, but another system to do it, another way to hold it so that I can now translate that to all of my clients and all of my clients who have used it before are now saving that $300 a month.

so I just feel like that’s so much value in continually learning anyway. And this course has really helped me in that way alone.

I mean I feel like, woo! $300 a month on top of anything I’ve earned. So that’s a big one.

I know it’s a high, not a lot of people will spend $10,000 on a course. But when you’re in this world, like you do.

And this course is 100% worth more than that $10,000 course was a hands down any day.

Lynn Howard

Oh, absolutely. It’s, it’s my point. I can’t remember learning about SEO. Now, you know a lot more. So this is a lot of the techy stuff is more Amanda’s kind of round versus mine.

I know enough to get me in trouble and to navigate. And with some things, I know a bit more than others.

I remember the first time I was talking about SEO, I don’t know, probably about four or five years ago, maybe longer.

Time doesn’t make sense. like understanding the basics, but it does change so often. I knew people who would spend like 5,000.

I knew people were spending a couple thousand dollars a month. And to have somebody help rank their SEOs, right?

I know that you actually paid somebody to help you did it yourself, but you also were paying a service.

And they actually teach you about SEO in here, like how much money you can save and how much money you can actually make by using this training.

It just blows my mind and it’s only $500. I mean, some people are selling it for more like once you buy into it, I guess you can sell it for more or whatnot.

But like 500 bucks and it will it is like it is the foundation in which you’re building your business on or can build your business on that will absolutely create the strength and the fortitude for you to scale and really save money along the way.

It’s mind-blowing to me. It is mind-blowing to me. absolutely, and when Amanda and I decided to like We’re going to do this.

We’re talking about both aspects. That’s why we’re talking about the business side and the actual what it does for you because at the end of the day, in this process, it’s actually teaching you can use the process that it’s teaching you for your personal business but also to sell MRR.

The magic resell rights and you can make your money back. I’m following some people and I know you made your money back and more within 24 hours with almost doing very little.

I’m not saying that you didn’t do stuff but it was very little for you to make that conversion and you’re just building upon it.

I’m following other people and at least I know you personally. I know you’re a result. like truthfully. I know some people fabricate stuff but there are some people showing their number on screen and stuff and it’s really and then they’re talking about

I like what they’re doing, and it’s really incredible. It’s great, and I love it because it’s not a tiered, which people are asking, well, yeah, who gets paid?

How does that really create or get paid? It’s crazy. The other thing that we didn’t talk about is that there’s also whole community for those that purchased it.

And you can talk about your problems, what’s happening, what’s this? Get solutions, talk about, ask questions, get support, feel not alone.

It’s like a full on community inside the roadmap as well. again, mind blown, mind blown.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yeah. And for anybody who’s been on the fence or heard about it, it’s worth every penny of investment. when I say that, I mean, was talking about how the results, you don’t know everybody’s results.

mean, you can’t be sure. But, yeah, Lynn knows me personally, and I did make that I investment in just about 23 hours after I purchased the course, which included time where I was away from my computer with my kid during the day.

didn’t actually like taking the course, starting to take the course, taking the course, doing all those things. And then I didn’t really do anything with it.

you know, personal stuff came up and I didn’t really do anything with it. And then as soon as I got back on it, I sold two more and it, and it does take work.

I’m not saying that you’re just going to like buy a course and just money comes to you. That’s not how things Things work unless you’re a 1% or it’s fine.

There is work involved. However, it’s that knowledge that it is quality and you can instantly sell it back and you can use it to further your own business and to really gain this knowledge that there are gaps in because no matter how good of an entrepreneur you are or solopreneur or, you know, rising business star, there’s going to be gaps.

Lynn doesn’t know everything. don’t know everything. that’s why we compliment each other because we I love this thing so much, I want to talk about it, want to share it, but most people don’t have inherently innately that sense of what it takes to be to get a sustainable business and to grow it and have predictable, repeatable goals and repeatable results.

And so that’s what this is creating, it’s that foundation. And like I said, Lynn said, double bonus, if you don’t have an idea yet, it gives you something to sell right off the bat.

Here you go, sell this.

Lynn Howard

Absolutely. So obviously we’re going to link things wherever in our show notes and down below and definitely you can go on to the Pursuit of Badassery website and it’s an entrepreneurial roadmap.

But this is, and obviously we would love for I’m not going to not say that. However, regardless, I’m telling you, this is a, I have purchased so many courses.

I’m thinking about that. So many courses throughout my life, some that I actually finished all the way through. And so maybe I didn’t.

However, the value that you receive for the amount of money that you pay and that really the ability to increase your income, it works on your income making skills this course, because it gives you basic knowledge of business.

And it amplifies that basic knowledge of business is exponentially. This is one of the most fabulous. Do it yourself, right, like self led, step by step by step.

I’m ever set my eyes on to build a business and to create the fundamentals of a business. It’s not necessarily like they touch on other parts like sales and different things like that, even though they don’t go really, really deep.

They still touch on it. But yeah, it’s mind blowing to me.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yeah, I’m taking a lot. Of course, this as well. I have taken so many and there are some. like.

Listen, there’s some that I never finished. There are some that I finished and it was a waste of every dollar and I learned things from it.

But if I could go back in time, would I take it again? No. So there are all sorts of things, but this is one of those courses where I just cannot stress enough.

It is worth it. And if $500 is a lot for you, I get it. I’ve been there in my life where $500 would have been a lot to invest in a course.

Totally worth it. for anybody who’s kind of like, I’m not sure yet or maybe else. We’ll see you in January.

Start now because it’s so new and it is so fresh and just it’s baby steps. So you have more growth potential if you start now with it than if you wait till next year because there really is that time that you take to learn it because everybody learns at a different pace.

But if you start now, you’re going to be that much closer to your goals than if you start January 1 because you’re going to wait to have a new thing in the new year.

Start now even if you feel like you can’t dedicate 100% of your time because there are short modules, some of them are five minutes, some are 20, and you have that much time and you can spend that much time your day and your day to build your own business and to create wealth for yourself.

Because we could all, even if you just use this as a side hustle, we could all use more passive income and I highly recommend this one.

It’s, like I said, hands down one of the better courses I’ve ever seen and the fact that you can turn around and make it your own is even better.

Obviously, you want to talk about it, we are here to answer questions about it. And if you want to purchase it, obviously we want you to purchase it from us.

You heard it here first. But if you have questions on it, we’d love to answer them because there have been a lot of naysayers, lot of poo poo pooers.

And I actually bought the course originally because I was like, okay, let’s see. Like, let me see, let me see, show me.

And hands down, blown away, it’s great. I really, I highly recommend it to anyone. Anyone who wants to build a business, anyone who wants to passive income, anyone who wants to build an additional income stream, anyone who wants a product to sell, but doesn’t know where to start, this is it.

Lynn Howard

Yeah. Or if you just want to build a strong foundation and move your, but your own personal business along or all the above.

I love that you were talking about a quote came to mind. know I posted this the other day is like the Chinese proverb, the best time to plan true is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

And we, Amanda and I have often seen, and I’ve been in this, where I haven’t jumped on, where I should have, then like months past, years past, I’m like, hey, somebody else is doing, I’m like, dang, that was my idea.

Like, often we do not jump when we should. And this is, that’s another reason why I love this because it is so inexpensive for the value that you’re receiving and the fundamentals that you’re receiving.

And even if $500 is a lot for you right now, like Amanda said, like she paid $10,000 for just a portion, like a course.

And that’s just a portion of this. And obviously, different content, but same concept, right? it is, it is absolutely insane.

And one other question that might be going through your head is like, can I buy it just for my business, or do I have to do the MRR?

You buy it once and you can decide, like you get to use it, you can resell it, like you automatically are in like flannin’, you get to do whatever you want with that.

You automatically get the master resell rights. If you never do anything with the master resell rights, that’s on you.

That’s okay. If you just want to use it for business or if you just want to use this to create another source of income and not use these to apply to another business or you don’t have another business, that’s okay too.

Like, it’s a flat right. You get access all access and that’s it. It’s beautiful, beautiful and you’re not constantly being upsold like there’s nothing.

It is awesome.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yeah, and that’s so rare. And they really mean that. There’s no upsell. You need this software to make this work.

Lynn Howard

You need this program to make this work.

Amanda Furgiuele

No, it’s here you go. It’s totally executed. can’t stress enough how much I love it and how much I want everybody to get it because it has so much value through and through for existing business owners for future business owners value all around.

Lynn Howard

Absolutely. That’s all we got for you today. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, share, comment, send this to somebody else.

Make sure you send them our link as well. The Pursuit of Badasserie, Entrepreneurial Roadmap. We’d love to hear from you.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yes, and that will absolutely be in the show notes. Please take a look, even if you just want a curious look at more information, it is there in the show notes. And as always, get after it.