Episode 51: Growth, Mindset, and Strategy with Stefanie Julia

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast! In today’s episode, we are joined by Stefanie Julia, who is not just a business coach, but a powerhouse in the fitness industry and the founder of Catch Flights and Fitness and Profitable Passion + Purpose Business Coaching.

We are deep-diving into Stefanie’s remarkable journey, which includes a 13-year career in Homeland Security Investigations. Her transition from federal agent to successful fitness entrepreneur is nothing short of incredible. Stefanie shares her personal experiences and how she found her way into coaching, driven by her passion for fitness and the desire to help others achieve their goals.

We explore the importance of mindset, grieving, and letting go in both fitness and business and discuss the patterns and stories that can hold us back. Stefanie provides valuable insights into how to reframe these narratives and create a more empowering and growth-focused mindset.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a business owner, or simply someone seeking inspiration and guidance on mindset and success, this episode has something for you. 

Tune in to discover how Stefanie Julia’s journey can inspire and transform your own path to success. It’s all right here on The Pursuit of Badasserie.

Growth, Mindset, and Strategy with Stefanie Julia

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Special guest Stefanie Julia joins the show.
  • Stefanie’s unique background: From Homeland Security Investigations to fitness coaching.
  • Stefanie’s passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals.
  • The importance of mindset in both fitness and business.
  • Reframing negative stories and beliefs that can hold us back.
  • The concept of grieving and letting go of old identities and stories.
  • The challenges of transitioning from one career to another.
  • Finding empowerment and growth through embracing change.
  • Stefanie’s journey from federal agent to successful fitness entrepreneur.
  • Insights on creating a strong morning routine for personal growth.
  • The connection between physical and emotional well-being.
  • Stefanie’s mission to help fitness coaches scale their businesses and achieve success.
  • How to navigate the business world with authenticity and purpose.
  • The power of community and accountability in achieving fitness goals.
  • The parallels between fitness coaching and business coaching.
  • Stefanie’s approach to online fitness coaching and business scaling.
  • The mindset shift required for online coaching success.
  • The balance between personal identity and business identity.
  • Lessons on resilience and adaptability from Stefanie’s journey.
  • Inspiring words on embracing change and personal growth.

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Read on for the full transcript of this episode:

Lynn Howard

Hey, I’m Lynn.

Amanda Furgiuele

And I’m Amanda. Welcome to the Pursuit of Bad Assery, the podcast. We are back again today with another incredible guest.

Stefanie Julia

Welcome to the show.

Lynn Howard

Thank you. Hey, Stefanie. All right. This is Stefanie Julia. Julia is my daughter’s name. I love the Julia is your second name.

She is a business coach and online fitness, four online fitness coaches, and the founder of Ketch Flights and Fitness, a profitable passion plus purpose, P3.

So she offers aspiring and existing fitness coaches a clear path to success or one-on-one in group coaching experience. She is a guide for them to scale their energy and their business and make more money without spending more time.

We love that. You’re a love language. One cool fact about Stefanie is not only has she been an entrepreneur for 13 years.

Stefanie Julia

She also, or for a while, but you also had a 13 year tenure in Homeland Security Investigations.

Lynn Howard

It was really cool. Everybody welcome Stefanie.

Stefanie Julia

Thank you so much. guess it was cool hearing it now that I’m removed from it. then, it was this normal world.

That was me and my khakis and polos here every day.

Amanda Furgiuele

Awesome. We were really excited because both Lynn and I have a history and a passion for fitness as well.

We love talking to all things fitness. I’ve owned multiple and bought and sold and flop-a-glop fitness studios. definitely love that and we’re excited to have you.

Stefanie Julia

Thank you.

Lynn Howard

Thank you so much. Also, Ketchum Flights. Hello, your girl lives out of country.

Stefanie Julia

We love travel. I love traveling. More flights to bed.

Lynn Howard

So tell us what made you get into what made you go from Homeland Security investigations besides you were tired of the polyzine cactus probably to coaching and consulting.

Stefanie Julia

So it was very not unintentional to be quite on it, to be free. I was, but it did come from my experience at HFI, Homeland Security investigation.

We mostly are at our desk and I was driving a lot. We did a lot of surveillance work in driving from, at the time I lived in California, we drive from like the border in Mexico all the way up to LA, like everything a week.

So I live like the fast food life, not really taking care of myself. But I was an athlete, I was a collegiate level athlete and I knew what to

I just couldn’t get it together. I mean, you hear it so much nowadays, but I definitely live them in multiple periods of my life.

And what happened, I decided, or I made the revelation that I’m used to being an athlete with a coach.

So what I needed, if I couldn’t get a coach in my life, and this is bad, and it’s bad.

I want to say, this revelation came like 2011 or so. It was like, well, all my fitness just wasn’t a thing.

It wasn’t what it is now. But you had Facebook, Ruchi had group me, I think was big during that time.

That was the very first group I created. And I just wanted to create like a community of accountability partners.

I never trusted like one friend. I needed like co-workers, friends, and we all will get together. I would facilitate challenges for years to

Doing it, um, so myself accountable and then it just, it transitioned to me holding others accountable. And because I had that community, I felt obligated to, you know, teach, to learn more about it and be more intentional about helping them grow.

I became addicted literally to seeing them break their goals and winning the challenges and like celebrating their wins. So it snowballed after that to, oh, I have a coaching program now.

guess I should modify this.

Amanda Furgiuele

So it’s a preposition.

Stefanie Julia

Yeah, it was a very long transition, but a natural progression to what it is today.

Lynn Howard

I love that. And I love that you’re not, and this is no further on shade, anybody in particular, but I love that you’re not a COVID coach.

Like there’s so many coaches and consultants that were born out of COVID times and Amanda and I are not, right?

We’ve been, we’ve been in the business for decades. I love that you have so much experience and was birthed out of a personal need because it brings more connection to it.

I love that. Now, you really work on helping your fitness gurus and coaches and all of that businesses scale their business without more time.

you’re speaking our love language.

Stefanie Julia

You’re increasing their time worth values. So let’s talk a little bit about that. So there’s two types of clients that I work with now.

One who is used to working in a gym. They are doing like one-on-one sessions and they’re literally trading time for money.

So whatever they sell in that hour is what they get. And if they can’t show up for that hour, then they don’t get paid.

And then the other hand is folks that were like me where they don’t have a choice but to do an offer.

be14 money, fitness goal. I’m not if I’m going to be professional professional but not to be a professional I’m not sure I’m going be a professional not sure if a professional My clients, it’s a way of doing what they love in a way that takes care of their clients, but also takes care of themselves.

So that’s why I really strictly teach online fitness coaching.

Amanda Furgiuele

And how have you found that that is different than when you have clients who have their brick and mortar, that have to be in presence?

Do you find that there’s a difference in mindset or a difference in

Stefanie Julia

You can teach anybody to grow, to make more money using these strategies. I just try to focus on what I love and what I’m passionate about and attach myself to people that are the same way.

You don’t really get into personal training or fitness coaching to make a ton of money. At the time, I’m trying to crack their mind and believe that, yes, you can make more money because they’re doing it because they’re so passionate and they love it.

Honestly, the difference in what I teach because I have Some clients who have brick and mortars too, and they just want to create an online fitness coaching program.

So I show them how to create the offer, launch it and scale using like social media marketing. And they may, most brick and mortars don’t even have like a social media presence strong enough to market their business in that way.

So it, it, they get a win-win on both ends. So that’s why I say the strategy is very similar.

The mindset is leveraging or the difference in mindset is when you come into online fitness coaching or online coaching period, you know you’re going to have to leverage the online space.

Like you automatically think, okay, I’m going to have to leverage this. But with brick and mortars, you are leveraging more of the traditional marketing.

Amanda Furgiuele

So funny, sorry, so funny to say that the most fitness instructors don’t get into fitness to make money because of

I feel like I have said that I’ve had that speech so many times with people I work with who are like, I just want to do because I love fitness and I love helping people and I’m like, yeah, that’s why you started it.

Loving people isn’t going to pay your bills. So let’s monetize and actually make this worth everybody’s time.

Stefanie Julia

Yes, and I want to add to that because that’s what brought me to the type of, um, I guess the type of business that I’m running now back then that I described to you that story, I wasn’t thinking about making money from that program or those offers that I was doing.

It took me years to realize, oh, I’m actually, because I was exchanging thousands of dollars and wasn’t thinking of it, they were thinking of it as a business.

And then, um, it, I probably said, I wonder what the click was. I was like, okay, what if I actually did this as a side hustle or a way to fund my travel or something, pay for travel money.

And then when I really started coaching clients that filled me up, filled my spirit, while dealing with the burnout from being an HSI special agent for so many years, I realized I wanted to do this.

So if I’m going to do this, I’ve got to be able to take care of myself and the lifestyle that I’m accustomed to.

And that’s what I try to see, exactly, it’s like, yeah, in the beginning, it’s how it sparked it. But I wasn’t going to be able to continue a lifestyle without this H5 salary running challenges in the way that I was.

Lynn Howard

I love there are a lot of good nuggets in there and actually you and Amanda were talking about. The book called Emith, I forget who wrote it, but he talks a lot about that and about the different people get into the business because they’re good at that craft.

I coach our clients around it. She has actually a fitness coach right now that she’s navigating around this as well.

We get into because we’re good at it, but we don’t necessarily know how to run the business. don’t know how to do this.

Even though we might read all these books and do all this, a lot of people, it’s hard for them to, I think it was Emith, it’s hard for them to move out of that quadrant where they are, that’s their trade, right?

To be able to think like a business person like you were saying and to take themselves out of it and take it from people who have actually sold businesses, I never forget the first time I was going to sell a business and having this deep discussion because I waited until I sold the business to have this.

Kind of like aha moment deep discussion with his, some of husband at the time about like being detached from the business and being able to kind of like see it as an entity and not as an extension of you.

And I think that there’s that fine balance and you kind of touched on that like having that connection, but like being able to see it as a business so that way you can treat it as such and not treat it as an extension of you because you’re going to look at it very differently.

It gives you more of a. And outside view so I, lots of little nuggets in there for our listeners for sure.

Stefanie Julia

Thank you for packaging that way. That’s, that’s blessed me and myself. Something that even within three looking at it as a company and not a business.

So I have to say like this is a company.

Lynn Howard

are creating a company.

Stefanie Julia

We are creating a brand. We have what that brand those brands I used to be felt all the way from when you go to my institution.

So when you look at my course. When I show up on a coaching call and you have that same vibe.

And it’s not easy. Actually, what just came to me, respecting the download and whatever. But what just hit me there was that it took so long to even get that nugget to land.

Because I’m sure if you said what you just said to me five years ago, be like, uh huh. I didn’t want to.

And it’s like, okay, like you don’t, maybe this isn’t a discussion that you’re necessarily ready for right now. But keep, keep joining those spaces, keep listening to those things because some, sometimes it’s at the point that it’s needed.

But within your journey and your life cycle, it’s going to hit home and you’re going to be ready for it.

Like right now, I’m like, yeah, I understand. The company value and still being the face, know, still being the one that shows up and the CEO that’s like coaching her clients, like still doing that but still running a company.

It’s, it’s.

Lynn Howard

Yeah, I love that. We, and I talked about all the time about like the side hustle business and then you just, you absolutely said like the next level is looking at as a company.

And I think it’s like, tiered like that. lot of people can’t jump straight into like building a company. They need a little bit of like a buffer and either that’s the side hustle or business.

And it’s very different entities but they’re all still very much the same at the same time.

Stefanie Julia

It’s really cool that I love that you added that.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yeah, I, a lot of things I’ve been thinking about because I, I sold one of my I’ve been in businesses and it was very like near and dear to my heart.

And I had to definitely detach who I. It was as the owner and operator in everybody’s space all the time, and a business owner who’s making a business decision and selling for the sake of the business, really.

It was in the business’s best interest and mind that I sold it. So you have to make those kind of distinctions, and as you separate yourself as you grow as a business owner in any industry, but in this one specifically, since we’re talking about it, it really, because you’re starting from that passion, so often it’s really hard to disconnect yourself from the difference between being passionate about something and having that as part of your business and having it be still separate from the business itself.

Those are two separate things, having passion and being amazing at your job and being an incredible trainer and motivating people is one facet of your business, and it will compliment the actual entity.

But they’re… You can separate them, you can join them, they’re not mutually exclusive, so I think it’s so important when you’re a new business owner or even one that’s been around for a while who isn’t scaling to really understand that there are decisions you need to make that are business decisions and they’re not always going to be the same as like the happy, lovey, I want everybody to feel good decisions that you sometimes make when you’re working from passion and not from profit.

Stefanie Julia

So, they’re like, this is such a good discussion. Over the past year, I think I’ve made multiple decisions that fit that same discussion without even describing them all, but one of the biggest ones that we even touched on right now is transitioning away from my job at a time when I decided to transition.

My focus from fitness coaching as much as I was always in as the coach, the main coach, the head coach.

The head coach in a business coaching program that was going to take more of my energy because it was brand new.

So I like making that decision to make all those life changes during a moment where I’m going to be grieving old career shift.

I had to make that business decision with catch fights and fitness. Like I said earlier, it’s my baby. ain’t going to wear it.

But I had to release a part of it in order to be a service in the way that I really knew was my purpose.

And something that you were saying just now about starting something and being very passionate about it and then later having to look at it as an entity, we can start and start, stop and create all these different offers, companies, side hustles within our same purpose and passion.

I’m time. We could have like 20 versions of our same purpose and passion and get after. My purpose in life is to see people reach next types and their goals.

That’s why I was such a great fitness coach because I’m like, yeah, this is your goal. Let’s research because I’m an investigator by trade.

guess I was researching all the ways that you can do it and find the best path for you. And it’s the same thing with business coaching.

I just find joy and helping people make more money as the goal, but it’s the same thing. It’s like, here’s all the different blueprints and all the different ways of doing it, but which one is right for you, your lifestyle, your business, all of them.

And I just said a ton of stuff, but that was such a good conversation.

Lynn Howard

Yeah, no, that was awesome. And Amanda and I were literally just talking to other people this week too about you have.

There’s a part of you, you said something that’s really important because a lot of people don’t understand it and it keeps them in their safe zone and in the situation that they’re in.

And you said you have to grieve what you were. You have to let go and process through because when we transition into a new role or into a new country or into a new person or into a new level, there’s absolutely, and we all grieve and we all process in a different way.

you have to let go and kind of have, and some people need more closure than others for letting go and grieving that.

So I love, if we literally were just talking about this yesterday, think it was. Amanda, I love that you said that because that when people can’t identify that, it helps it, it, there’s a reason, first of all, it makes it harder for them to move forward if they even still move forward.

Sometimes they stay in this situation because they’re I know you’re going to come in and ask, the grieving.

Amanda Furgiuele

And you know, it’s okay to be grateful and happy and comfortable with where you are and who you are, but still at the same time grieve who you were and where you were.

You don’t have to be, you don’t have to grieve yourself and then feel like that’s being disingenuous to who you are now and be ungrateful for who you are and how far you’ve come.

You can do them at the same time. Sometimes you move on and then you don’t even take a second to process who you were and then it hits you and you’re like, something’s wrong.

like, well, no, I just haven’t let go of this thing. You know, and I’m not going to like, I’m not going to bash moms, but maybe

I know I do this as a mom, is like, I’ll just push everything for me aside. I’m going to push through.

I’ve got to do this, this, this, and this. And then like one day, 10 years later, you’re like, oh, wow, I never really took time to take care of myself, in my opinion, on that.

Even from a business perspective. And I’m actually thinking of a business thing that I have a process or that it took me a while to process.

And a lot of that stems from feeling like you can’t grieve who or what you were. Or the business that you have that you let go of and still be faithful to who you are and what you become in these days.

it’s that you can do both. It’s really okay. You can do both. You can grieve and be happy at the same time.

We’re very complex creatures.

Stefanie Julia

You could do whatever you want. Yeah, I would actually challenge folks that you have to. Like, it’s part of sitting with yourself through that grief journey.

And I don’t know what is in the universe right now. Because I was literally having this conversation.

Lynn Howard

I think there’s been a few hours ago.

Amanda Furgiuele

It was meant to be.

Stefanie Julia

It’s fun that, oh my God, so many things that are proper alignment right now because we started talking about the grieving, like what you’re letting go and the decisions that you’re making.

But grieving identity, like what I was talking about, the identity, imagine, somebody asked, Stephanie, do you do for words?

Oh, I’m, I can’t say that anymore. not an age-size-fits-all-a-life-at-anymore. Or even for years, I lied about what I did because it’s not necessarily something you talked about.

You don’t want to ask questions. So I used to tell people I was a financial analyst because I hosted my own book.

I did financial stuff in my investigation. So I’m like, yeah, could talk about that all day. So now it’s like even tough.

When I say that I was an age-size-special agent, it is odd to say it out loud in a public space all the time.

I’m not sure you’re this, interested sure if interested this. interested this. interested this. I’m sure interested this. not sure if interested in this.

Maybe they came to me and I’m not their first coach or not their fifth coach, and they are going through all the distress about the decisions that they made before or what they’ve been told and releasing like, no, it’s okay to do this.

Know what you were told before, but it’s okay to be yourself. Throw in your special sauce, your unique and full self in your business, or a launch that didn’t go well.

That’s probably like the hardest one to sit with a lot of my clients is like, sometimes they You know what to do, right?

I won’t get to go into too much strategy because this conversation is so good. But you know what to do and you’re like excited to look at it in that way, but it only happens if you sit in like, came what, you know, what needed to be released about, you know, Mia failed lunch or, you know, an angry client or something like that.

It’s just so much to grieve in business. And I have to say that the conversation that I had earlier today was with a a now business partner that we’re coming together because she does, this is what she does with her clients.

So she’s going to be coming into my container as a spiritual integration coach. Helping my clients really sit with these moments in their life because I want to do it and I continue to do it and I will continue to do it.

there’s so much in business that these decisions are, we have to make them, but they might not always pop off.

They might not pan out. And we’ve got to, instead of just watching it and moving on, we’re bad coach or a bad business owner, we need to sit with it, evaluate it, and then reframe, not just go with the reframe.

Lynn Howard

Yeah, I love this. mean, definitely talking spiritual. So that’s definitely mine. My boo-boo side is like on fire. However, I will say this, and Amanda, I love that you brought this up about the mom thing because I’ve dealt with a lot of individuals.

And my kids are early mid-20s. I’ve been through it and I’ve had them leave the house. I’ve had them

You know, had these businesses and stuff. And I think that yes, you need to grieve that. And yes, like, it’s in process as well.

However, what I will say, and I’d love to hear kind of your take on this, is that we can train ourselves not to hold so much identity in that particular thing.

And you said something earlier about like you almost you lied sometimes about like your position and that could be because of like the discussion.

a lot of times we sink so much identity into our business like our self identity. Into a situation into we take things so personal or we sink so much of our personal identity into that.

And really, I mean, there’s a fine balance of like understanding that life’s going to happen. And like, we don’t need to.

And I often say, whatever the situation is, it’s a part of me, but it’s not who I am. Right.

And so like really understanding like, okay, that decision, that business decision when I write. Okay. We can. And like be pissed for a minute, but like, let’s figure out, but I’m very so as a man, we’re very solution for like always looking for solutions.

And I think that it’s a combination of both of like really understanding like it is not your full identity.

So your spiritual coach is going to kind of help with this. They’re going to help with the grieving process, but there’s also ways that you can prepare yourself to not not put yourself deeper in that hole every time it happens because you start to to like you learn how to manage versus always falling into the same pattern, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

I love that you guys were discussing this because it is, it’s a very interesting kind of dynamic that like you said, it crosses all boundaries, not just in business, but personal and you know, spiritual and all the other stuff.

So I love this discussion.

Stefanie Julia

I love it too. And comment on the like what to do when you’re I’m to feel a little too connected or what does it look like to feel too connected.

There’s a story reframe I actually used to do with my fitness coaching clients and I always talk about how the tools and the strategies are so similar but in the mindset piece and it was a bag of fitness coach and I used to call it reframing your body story.

And with business coaching, working with fitness coaches, they’re constantly creating these stories that have nothing to do with them.

Maybe a prospect goes them, know, they have an amazing relationship on the sales call and then they go and they’re like, oh my gosh, what, it’s me.

They don’t want to work with me and they are too expensive or it’s not my program’s not worth it like no.

So, okay, let’s look back. What’s the last time? There’s usually a story behind the last time you felt that way or the last time something similar happened to you.

And let’s look at that. And once you realize that it’s just like a repeated pattern and you just need handle that first part, the reframe hits harder.

I believe a lot of high functioning people. And I almost had it situated to say. But I really believe women are just really good at functioning at a really high level, right?

And make it look easy. what happens is we are quick to throw the reframe and not addressing why we have to reframe.

So, we’re constantly having to reframe instead of addressing the original issue. So, it’s like, let’s look at where this story originated.

What, you know, what’s the The baseline. I feel like a lot of my young adult hood, young adult hood, and I don’t know if it’s my memory and shot, I don’t know what it is.

But a lot of it’s like college stories or things are coming out to the world by myself, like going into the world as an adult and there’s this all this judgment and stories that come about or even, you know, like you said, where I don’t want to tell people what I did.

So now I’m always thinking when I say I’m a business coach, they’re like, just waiting for like the same thing as when, and it’s just a story.

It’s not real. It’s based on, you created it. I don’t want say it’s not real, but you created it, which means you can, you can, what’s the opposite?

You can, I want to say kill it.

Lynn Howard

It’s gonna unravel as well. Yeah. Absolutely. I love that. And I mean, if we’re getting into the Lou Wu side, absolutely develop these things.

Amanda and I talk about all the time. I know I talk a couple of times. Probably about it more because it’s like my jam, but everything is rooted in the patterns that are created absolutely from the time we’re born.

I believe, karmically, but that’s a whole other conversation, but it definitely like, it creates these patterns and these response mechanisms or retreat mechanisms that we have to be able to navigate in kind of like what our belief and what the story was that we saw.

In that situation, good matter and difference because it definitely like five people can experience the exact same like go through the exact same thing and their stories are going to be very different.

Look at siblings, right? They could live the same life more or less and very different stories and that definitely applies to this.

And so I love that you are you are helping individuals and you absolutely, if you do not go to the room, or the source of it.

You are absolutely continuing to go through almost like a band-aid when you try to reframe it, because you’re not going to the root of where the root cause of that to actually, it’s kind of like a weed.

If you keep just cutting it and cutting it, going to keep growing and growing. It’ll keep showing and showing, right?

But when you get to that root, you’re able to actually put some dirt over it. grow back here and there might always be underneath the surface, I call them skeleton, she’s in her closet.

Stefanie Julia

But you learn to lead the dance versus it leading you. I love that you do that with your clients.

Yeah, it always mindset is the biggest tool in order to grow your business and reach your goal in fitness.

When I created Catch, Twice, Fitness, don’t want to say it’s the last program, it’s just the last big program launch.

What I fell in love with. Because wasn’t catch by You have way more patience with your emotional body than with your physical body.

So it’s like you’re really getting in and doing the work. With business, unfortunately, it’s kind of the opposite, though, it’s just to do that mindset work or pay attention to your whole self that’s coming into it.

We had a really good discussion around it is a company. But when you’re first starting and you’re the driving force and you’re making the decision, it is 100% going to be you bringing your whole self.

even when you have a full team, you know, the full team, you’re still the one leaving the team. And that mindset needs to keep getting stronger and stronger.

It’s the very first thing that people are encouraged to do when they come into any of our programs is what’s your morning routine look like.

Let’s get that before we talk about any strategy or anything. What’s your morning routine look like. Like Harry taking care of yourself and Harry, where’s the space in your day to do that work?

Amanda Furgiuele

Absolutely. So if you could leave the audience with any last nuggets, do you have anything else you want to?

More words of you want to impart to the audience.

Stefanie Julia

Yes. Mmm. I have to worry about this stuff. How? Because I’m going to tell you guys, right off the bat, I know everything is proper alignment.

And the time, what needs to be said is always said and what needs to be heard is always heard.

Oh, and I might be able to take it off. So what needs to be heard is heard. It is, it, I just, I had my takeaway and then I changed it.

But trust in the process, like I did today, I came here and showed up. I think it is going to be a business strategy.

talked about nothing, the growing business, and really it was, but is, what you guys really need to know? It’s about you and taking care of yourself and realizing that it’s more than just strategy.

We would all be millionaires if all it is is just father’s blueprint and that’s it. One thing I want to leave with you guys is once you get a blueprint and system to follow, be mindful that you want to make it your own.

I’m going to say that my dog’s happy is just close by.

Lynn Howard

Yeah. Okay. Well, it’s funny having two co-hosts sometimes I’m like, Amanda going to talk?

Amanda Furgiuele

Amanda going to talk? Which one of us is going to go? always edit anything out because I get to do that and I can just go through and be like, I’m going to take this out.

Pick my nose, pick that out.

Lynn Howard

I do. love it.

Stefanie Julia

Happy to go. My dog, happy to go.

Lynn Howard

I don’t know. I mean, it’s so casual. And I love that you said that because I’m a believer and it is what it needs to be, but we’re also very, very strategic and like it should done obviously type of people and like make things happen.

so we’ll definitely be talking more about strategy eventually. Oh, for sure.

Stefanie Julia

Oh, I’m excited for what we got going on. As far as like what to leave you guys with though, it’s funny transitioning to things like what my gift is going to be for your audience.

It’s like, it’s my story, my blueprint, what I did to create my online fitness coaching program, White For Fitness.

I have a training that you all can go to growyour own life at business.com slash podcast and basically see what I did.

And then you’ll join our community and learn more about like what we’re doing. And what we got going on.

My DMs are always open. love like talking to my community members, learning what they have going on in their business, what they, what their goals are, what your challenges are, all of that, because I gear a lot of my work around what you have going on so that I can continue to be a person.

So please hit me up on Instagram at the Stefanie Julia. Um, hit me up in the DM.

Amanda Furgiuele

Well, thank you so much for joining us today. We had fun.

Stefanie Julia

had a great time. Thank you. This is a great conversation.

Amanda Furgiuele

I can’t wait to listen to it Me too. Well, for everyone listening, thank you so much. Make sure you like share.

this resonated with you today, make sure you share it with someone else who would resonate with them. We want to make sure we spread the word about this.

Everything from out. Stephanie will be in the show notes so you can get connected with her on Instagram or through her freebie.

That will be in our show notes, so head back to the pursuit of badassery.com and collect that there. Other than that, get after it.