Episode 60: And So, She Did: Lynn’s Unforgettable Story of Resilience and Triumph

We are beyond thrilled to welcome you to a special episode of The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast. In this episode, we take a detour from our usual business topics to discuss Lynn’s incredible book, “And So, She Did: Life Lessons, Stories and Reflections,” available for pre-release now!

This episode covers the emotional impact of the book, emphasizing its focus on life lessons and reflections rather than the specific events. We reflect on the writing process, the emotional challenges faced, and the importance of vulnerability in addition to themes of victim mentality, the power of overcoming circumstances, and so much more.

We invite you to tune in and grab a copy of “And So, She Did,” available on Amazon pre-order in various formats, and share your thoughts with us. Your reviews and feedback mean the world to us. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Until next time, keep pursuing your own brand of badasserie!

And So, She Did: Lynn's Book!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Lynn’s explanation of the book’s title and its significance
  • The departure from the usual Pursuit of Badasserie topics to delve into Lynn’s personal journey
  • Discussion on the emotional and vulnerable nature of the book
  • Exploration of Lynn’s background and the challenges she faced, including childhood abuse, domestic abuse, and cancer
  • Emphasis on the book’s focus on life lessons and reflections rather than specific events
  • Insights into the writing process, highlighting the use of an established process for book creation
  • Reflections on the nonlinear narrative of the book and its purpose
  • Discussion on victim mentality and the power of overcoming circumstances
  • Amanda’s admiration for the book’s ability to inspire positive change and defy victimhood
  • Gratitude expressed to the entire team involved in bringing the project to life
  • Invitation to listeners to grab a copy of “And So, She Did” and share their thoughts through reviews and feedback
  • Closing remarks and encouragement for listeners to continue pursuing their own brand of badasserie


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Want more? Read the transcription below:

Lynn Howard

Hi, I’m Lynn.

Amanda Furgiuele

And I’m Amanda. Welcome to the Pursuit of Badasserie, the podcast. I am super excited as always. To talk about today’s topic, we’re going to take a little digression from our normal business, everything and talk about Lynn’s new book.

If you don’t have it, you need it. Lynn, let’s talk about your book.

Lynn Howard

Yes. Oh, book. So the title of the book is, and so she did. Yeah, and I am, I’m really excited about this book.

different than our books, the Pursuit of Badasserie brand. which I love. And definitely those books were such a stepping stone to be able to finally write this book that’s been a long time coming for sure.

Amanda Furgiuele

So yeah, I am so excited. I mean, I obviously got to read it before everybody else got to read it or not everybody else.

I was in the first one, the beta readers of this book. So I have read it multiple times.

Lynn Howard

How many times?

Amanda Furgiuele

don’t know.

Lynn Howard

A lot more than once.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yeah. So the point where I was like, Lynn, what about that first chapter where you talk about Bobo? I’m like, thanks Amanda for remembering the first line of my book.

I’m like, I do remember Reddit. So I’ve obviously read it. So I’m not, I’m not trying to say that I’m not a little bit biased, little bit partial.

I obviously, I have a connection with the author and with the story and I have a lot to say about it.

However, or if you have not read anything about it or don’t have any concept of what this book is about.

So obviously the pursuit of that, we’re talking about business, talking all about our life in sales and growing businesses and entrepreneurship.

this book is actually a complete, it’s not 180, but it talks more about what has shaped Lin into being the woman and business owner and who she is now.

it’s much more personal, it is very vulnerable. And you know, you guys have listened to me, I’m not vulnerable.

So I did not stress enough how impressed I am with the vulnerability and the nuances of this book and just the raw energy and the stories.

I mean, get this book, get the book, just get it, because I don’t want like spoiler anybody on it, but get the book.

Oh my god.

Lynn Howard

I mean, we can talk a little bit about it and I appreciate that. this is, you know, it’s interesting.

But before I’m going read that into the book. I do want to state a couple of things is that, you know, I’ve been asked a lot about obviously we have, we developed our own process and how to write our books and actually how to get done.

And this book was no different. It did take a bit more time to write because it came from a place of more from like the soul and like emotions.

We’ll get into that in a second. Versus like our book, the badassard books were logical and so full, but I didn’t have to go to certain places for those those books, but I use the same process and actually, you know, it’s a little over 60,000 words around 60,000 words and it is.

I wrote it in four months. And to some that sounds like a lot to some that sounds like very little.

Now I wasn’t writing the whole four months. I went away just like I do with the other books, but I, I use the same process that we did.

with bad rate, data-dumped, timeline that went away to write chunks at a time, I went away four different times to write, really two of them were the most writing times, the first and the last.

And yeah, and then just like followed our own process, which I want to give us kudos for, because this is like, we always get a approach of like, how we do so much.

And literally just having this conversation the other night with last night with a friend, and they were like, you’re always like, you’re so intensely busy right now.

And they asked me, are you always like this? It’s a new friend. I was like, oh, yes and no, although I hate that word, we hate that word.

But then the day like this book, it wasn’t the whole four months, but it was definitely a journey of really diving into some certain areas of my life that I haven’t visited in a while, but that process that we develop.

and how we get so much done, I think, is really, it’s a shameless plug for us, but yeah, I wanna make that really clear, that if it wasn’t for us doing the books before and this process, I don’t know if, I don’t know when I would have gotten this book, even though I know this book was always destined to be, it’s part of my purpose, it’s definitely a legacy book for me, it’s one of them, but yeah.

So just as a little background for those of you who are just tuning in or don’t know much about me, I lived a very colorful life, survived.

Childhood abuse, domestic abuse, cancer, a plethora of other things, and so really this book is, and so she did, it is about, it’s more about the who I am and why I am the way that I,

I am and kind of my learnings more about life lessons and reflections versus actual stories of the abuse or what I went through.

Those are more the supporting actors, if you would, the supporting roles. And it’s really about like, you know, you can do anything.

And so she did, right? You can plug any pronoun in there. At the end of the day, like, we are all dealt a deck of cards.

And what we do with those cards is completely on us. And this is kind of what that book is.

And it’s just really a reflection of like, how I navigated life and circumstances and didn’t allow the circumstances to become me.

Amanda Furgiuele

But that’s what I love so much about it is that if there were ever a you know, poster book for you or not your circumstances, this is it.

We talk a lot about victim mentality and martyrdom and getting out of your own way and how people do just blame a lot of their circumstances on where they are in life.

And this book is literally refuting all of those arguments. And it’s not this cushy, like, I once got to be on my report card and I was really sad.

I did that once. I was really, really sad when I got to be in a room.

Lynn Howard

daughter, like, truly, would always come on. I’m cracking up because I can’t remember the first time she came home.

She was devastated. And it was literally because she got an A minus son.

Amanda Furgiuele

So that was me at one point, but not to make it about me. However, it’s not that kind of circumstance.

not talking about just petty things that come up in your life. These are real hard, raw, incredible circumstances that

where you like to say things that happen for you, things that necessarily happen to you, they happen for you, they happen because of you in a lot of ways.

so I think it’s really interesting how all of those concepts are woven into the book and it really speaks to how you can overcome so much if you set yourself up for the action that you need to put in for the deep dives into your own psyche and setting yourself up for that.

it really just shows that you can overcome your circumstances that your circumstances don’t define you who you are and it doesn’t dictate what you are and who you become and where you are in life.

And I just it’s so powerful for that as well. And if you know anybody in your world who is struggling with the circumstances that they feel that they have been dealt by them five copies of this book and have them read it over and over again and mark in the lines.

Lynn Howard

Yeah. If you know Oprah, she’s calling me Oprah. It’s so good. Yeah. There’s a couple of things there. First of all, and I should have said this in the book, actually.

I kind of drew a blank, but I know you’ve heard me say, and I’ve had it at my post before, and I’ve written a lot about like my quote is that we are not our circumstances, but our circumstances are part of us.

They help mold us and who we are, but it’s our choice in which direction we want to go with those circumstances.

I also wrote it about my scar, my scars, not who I am, but it’s a part of me, the cancer scar, but I do want to touch on one thing, I know that this is not necessarily what you meant, but I do want to back up and say that we actually had a guess.

I can’t remember which guess it was this last year who spoke about comparative.

Amanda Furgiuele

Oh, it was.

Lynn Howard

Okay. Yes. It was coming.

Amanda Furgiuele

What’s It was Colleen. Yes, we’re spoken about comparative correct where it’s. I know.

Lynn Howard

And what I mean by this is listening guys. And the reason why I think I’m a bit more sensitive is but I love determining.

need to look it up. I find it and then I forget it but it’s comparative circumstances or something like that.

But I remember like working through this when I used to walk people. I still do but this was more in a training setting, like in a group setting walk people through like their emotionally charged connection when I when I own a franchise.

And you know, when people would hear, especially when they heard my history and like what made me who I was and how I was emotionally connected to things and what was my why, like my true purpose and why people like, Oh .

Like my life’s nothing compared to yours. And at the end of the day, your situation is your situation. And if it is the worst thing to ever happen to you, to get a B, and that’s like you processing, privilege, and I don’t mean this in throwing shade, the privilege that is the worst comparative or the worst thing that’s kind of happened to you.

But if you’re feeling it, you’re feeling it, right? And so I just want to make sure that we’re honoring that because there is a lot.

one thing I don’t want people to do is read my book and say, oh , like, you know, what I had was so much easier because it’s not about that.

When you’re living it, you’re living it. And listen, I’m speaking from experience. I write about this in the book.

How I got through some of my darkest days as a child is I knew that people had it worse than me.

I knew I had family proof. My cousins were getting like the kicked out. the more side did, they were taken from the home by the powers that be the governmental agencies and stuff.

I literally had first hand, first whatever examples in my face of people that had it worse, but that does not lessen what I went through.

So it shouldn’t lessen. You still have it’s what you do with that, right? It’s like, and you didn’t like let it sit with you or whatever.

but yeah, I did have to touch on that one.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yes, no, I don’t mean, I don’t mean to sound like it’s a competition to whose life sucks the most, like the circumstances are worse than others.

I’m not saying that because when you were feeling what you’re feeling, it doesn’t matter what the circumstance is. I’m just trying to point out that it really doesn’t matter what the circumstances that’s that’s brought you down, whatever that circumstance is, you can rise above it.

So whether that is getting a B or it’s cancer, wherever you’re sitting in your pain and your darkness, whatever that means to you, there is a way out of it.

Lynn Howard

So wherever you are, there’s a way out of the darkness. And that’s what I’m trying to say. It’s not a competition to see whose life is darker.

I know that that’s not what you meant. But you’re like, I didn’t need clarify that because I don’t want it to sound like, yeah, I don’t want to think you’re a .

I mean, we are , but not mentally.

Amanda Furgiuele

That doesn’t bother me if somebody thinks that.

Lynn Howard


Amanda Furgiuele

Well, you don’t know me. No, that’s true.

Lynn Howard

It’s not, it’s not our problem. But yeah, no, I am, you know, I love that you wanted you asked if we could talk about the book on our podcast because, yes, we do focus mostly on, you know, entrepreneurship and business and the pursuit, but the pursuit of that rate when we develop this name, like really, and I was reflecting on this the other day, is it’s not, it’s not a one lane.

highway. Our pursuit to badassery is a… Who knows how much it is. But I mean, with ours, like, it’s like a super duper highway.

don’t even know the biggest highway. I think it’s actually in Southeast Asia, I think, is one of the widest ones.

Amanda Furgiuele

Or no, probably in Houston.

Lynn Howard

Oh my god, it’s like 12. No, it’s in Europe or something because they have like, I don’t know, anyway, it doesn’t matter.

But ours is like super, super, super, duper size. And this book is very much, it is a glimpse into why I’m the way that I am, who I am, and how I approach life and how I approach our partnerships.

You know, not just mine and yours, obviously, but in general and business. And I think that, you know, we’ve had a few conversations about vulnerability.

And yeah, it’s like, people are going to look at me differently and they’re going to see things and… I mean, you know, there are things that I shared in this book that nobody knew.

Like I never said out loud and there’s so much more to share. This is just a small smidgen of what could have been written.

And even since like I’ve written it, I’ve had a couple of episodes where, oh , like even last night or two days ago, I like a vision came and I was like, dang, I could have heard about that.

it is, this is a part of, you know, what makes me who I am, how I approach things and it’s very much a part of the badassery that we embody.

And I definitely like it took me a long time, but that vulnerability piece, and this is definitely an act of vulnerability.

Because it won’t go away. It’s book. So it’s kind of out there for the world to see. While you’re after I’m gone.

But that’s a purpose. didn’t go through the that I went through and become who I am still becoming to keep it to myself.

And that’s part of my purpose. It is to absolutely each place person thing better than what I found. And if I can do that through example, if I can be the change, which is always been one of my favorite quotes, if I can continue to show others different, to allow them to see an example of choice and of triumph, of adversity, of resilience, that very much can come into play in all aspects of our life, not just in our personal lives, but also in business and our relationships.

I really feel like, you know, first of all, like I’m so honored to have you as my partner. this is, I know like the work that we’ve done over the last couple of years has really given me

the foundations to be able to have the balls to like finally do this because it’s been so long coming and like everything that we’ve done.

But yeah, I’m excited to see what comes of it. There’ll probably be a few more books that are that are written in the genre.

Obviously, we’re writing more and through the pursuit of badassery. But yeah, I’m super stoked. And it’s emotional.

Amanda Furgiuele

I’m tearing up. I was just thinking like who do things going to play you when it becomes a movie?

Lynn Howard

Somebody else. Actually, I had a friend. I told them he could be my manager. He’s like, they should make a movie out of it.

He hasn’t even read it. Well, I’m sure he’s read it now, now that it’s out. But this was before it was released.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I want you to think about that now because there have to be like many people because there’s like the younger part of me.

Amanda Furgiuele

But we’re not working about the whole casted call here. I’m just saying like. I think it’s going to be a movie.

Anybody out there listening in the industry? If you want, I’ll start writing the screenplay now. It’s going to be, like I said, you have not picked it up yet, it is available in all formats.

It’s an audiobook, it’s a book, hard, hard, but if you want to be like me and have your little hard covers.

Lynn Howard

Amanda’s the only reason why you get a hardcover, because she loves a hardcover.

Amanda Furgiuele

I can feel it.

Lynn Howard

Yeah. love it.

Amanda Furgiuele

Anyway, grab this book. It is available on Amazon. It is available. You can find it on our website. You can find a link to it.

So definitely grab it. Obviously, it’s in the show notes. So scroll down until you see it and grab a copy of it and whatever way is your favorite way to read or listen.

It’s powerful. It’s powerful. And even if you are not… into autobiographies even if you’re not into Business even if you’re not into you know like soul searching or aspects are like grit It wasn’t that I mean aspects of it were I’m just saying it have a lot of elements to it.

Lynn Howard

It’s not just one thing Oh, no, and I won’t say to for those listening like it’s not linear it very much goes from a place most of it’s from a from a either It’s either from a story and kind of like all the things that kind of come to fruition and how I navigated that And kind of like seeing it through different eyes or from a life lesson and all the stories to support it it really is about the life lessons versus the the In navigating life in the circumstances versus like the actual like things

that happened to me or for me. Yeah. So be ready. We were just talking about ADD and ADHD. This is like kind of proved like pep-pep-pep.

It jumps around a lot, but it is not to brag, but I’m very proud. I’m very proud of the way that this book came out.

I’m, although there are some times where I wanted to flip out, but especially with the copy editor, but we navigated that very well.

Amanda was a great supporter system with me, and she did an excellent job. She’s just a very different behavioral self than I am.

She’s very different. needed that different behavioral style.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yes. And we’ve talked about this before that like, it’s one thing for me to read it and for free it, but because I know you so well and because I know the way you talk, nothing really jumps out at me.

the ways it does when you have somebody who completely doesn’t know you and is opposite behavioral side. They’re like, this doesn’t make sense.

And we’re like, yeah, it does be educated and very knowledgeable. Oh, yeah, I guess, I guess that doesn’t make sense to some people.

So it’s another plug for if you’re, if you’re writing your own book, you want a professional editor, don’t skimp that you want it to be edited.

Lynn Howard

So we do appreciate everybody who helped Lynn get here. Oh, yes.

Amanda Furgiuele

Our team, our copy editor, everybody was fantastic.

Lynn Howard

Our team was awesome. Yeah, our team and the photographer, Sharr, I know you’re listening to this, who captured the picture on the front of the book, like, absolutely, and the back of the book.

All of the people, all our whole team, our personal team. I mean, Ben, our form, the four-matter cover artists, he’s part of our team.

He’s done all of our badassery books and we’ll continue to do so. even our personal team, like Lizzie and Jessica,

as men and everybody else who’s on our team, Shah, like we appreciate you. And, you know, I’ll end with this because a lot of people have asked like who’s this for?

you might see some of my little commercials out there and it’s not just for a woman. However, I do feel like women will navigate this book, but I’ve had many men, stoic, strongmen, including my ex, like my family, my micro family, my kids, and my ex husband were very much a part of the process.

And he’s a stoic man and I’ve had a couple other ones that I hold to high regard and now that it’s out and they’re reading this and to listen to them navigate it, it’s been really, it’s been interesting to hear like their feedback and stuff.

So even though I say it’s probably designed a little bit more, I think women will get it a bit more.

It is not just… the woman’s book, it really is about those who want to just think differently. It’s kind of like when the secret came out and I remember thinking to myself like, holy , other people think like me.

And I think that this book is, I’m not comparing it to the secret because it is different. However, I think it’s kind of like the same aspect is this is a story.

This is a book about resilience and overcoming and adversity. it is to me for people who just want a good, wouldn’t say it’s a hero story.

I guess it kind of is. But I think it’s more, that doesn’t quite like what I’m trying to say.

But essentially, yeah, it’s for anybody who loves an underdog and like a hero story. I guess, you know, But it is the tear-derker.

And it will get you to think differently. That’s the purpose of this book. want all of you that are wanting.

I have that pageant answer. do want the world to be a better place. I named my kids for that reason, Julia Hope and Justice Cole, or Justice Hope for Better Future, Justice, because I wanted to right the wrongs.

And I think that this book is very much a part of that. Like, there is hope out there. If we see it, if we want to see it, if we want to live it, and we can right the wrongs, we can make things change.

So yeah, I think that that’s what the book’s about.

Amanda Furgiuele

And you should get it. In the book she called, and so she did. My Lynn Howard, it is amazing.

the book. And then I want to hear your thoughts on it. Leave us or leave. We’ll leave us. to review it more importantly go on to Amazon and leave Lynn a review after you’ve read it because we do want to hear your thoughts and what’s resonated with you what really hit home for you so make sure you are getting that book but also leaving a review so we can hear well not me personally but I feel like I’m part of the journey I know it’s not my book but I just you are you are you just so proud of you and I’m so impressed with the book and I just I’m and you know and you say that it only took you four months to write but you sat on it for a long time as well like there was a lot of of it could have been out earlier if it weren’t so hard to get it out there because it is a vulnerable piece and you had to sit on a little bit so you know I feel like you know I feel like some of those four months were actually spent just processing for you and not necessarily writing and it just it was percent 100 percent I know we didn’t even go there but yeah no especially that first

Lynn Howard

around like I locked myself in a resort on an island south of Thailand for my whole travel was 10 days but it was one day travel one day there but I wrote five of the days and I I mean we spoke and no I had PTSD I mean I still kind of do navigating now that it’s out like dealing with it again in a different way but I was so raw that I could feel everybody’s energy I had to go to places that yes I healed but healing is not an end destination it’s not linear it is constant and even though I put in the work man yeah I was avoiding it because I knew I had to go to those places in order to be able to pull pull the true lessons and emotions out of it so that way others can feel it and walk it as well so absolutely absolutely um and

But yeah, I wouldn’t change a thing. I definitely, there’ll be more books, yeah, this is, it was definitely quite the process.

Like I said, from a very spiritual, kind of compartment in my, in my, in my soul. Yes, please give reviews, please share it with everybody.

We are so excited and a man to thank you so much again for all your support through this. And I’m, and yeah, for everybody else, I appreciate you.

This is, I could not, I mean, we can do things alone, but this is something that I definitely feel like I was not alone in doing.

So I appreciate you. You’re welcome. Yeah.

Amanda Furgiuele

All right, everyone. Obviously my call to action for you today, my action point for you is to go out and grab this book and then leave a review and then leave us a review on the podcast.

All the reviews, like, subscribe, all the things. And until next time, get after it.