Episode 62: Gratitude, Resilience, and Success with Chrystal Rose

In this insightful podcast episode, we interview Chrystal Rose, a dynamic and revolutionary coach, specializing in empowering high-achieving women. Chrystal, known for hosting podcasts like “Embodied Baddie” and “Breathwork Bestie,” brings a unique approach to personal development, which leverages embodiment tools and the power of subconscious reprogramming. Unlike conventional methods fixated on mindset, Chrystal’s methodology delves deeper into the realms of transformation.

Chrystal shares her journey, revealing how she unintentionally stumbled upon her current profession while owning multiple businesses. She highlights the pivotal moment when a coaching modality transformed not only her business but also her life, healing childhood trauma and propelling her into a realm of ease and abundance.

This podcast covers so much, including the misconceptions around self-care, practical aspects of resilience and intentional living, and valuable insights into manifestation, gratitude, and the reticular activating system, highlighting the power of focusing on what one desires rather than dwelling on lack. Overall, this conversation provides a wealth of wisdom for women seeking transformation and success in both their personal and professional lives. Don’t miss it!

The Pursuit of Badasserie with guest Chrystal Rose

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Chrystal’s unique approach to personal development, emphasizing embodiment tools and subconscious reprogramming.
  • How Chrystal discovered her coaching methodology while managing multiple businesses.
  • The transformative impact of a coaching modality on Chrystal’s life, healing childhood trauma and bringing abundance.
  • Cultivating boundless abundance.
  • The ease of transitioning into a negative mindset and the importance of shifting away from it.
  • Chrystal’s personal journey, acknowledging childhood trauma and the role of subconscious reprogramming.
  • Practical aspects of resilience and intentional living, including expanding one’s capacity and regulating the nervous system.
  • Encouragement for women in business to prioritize self-care as an overflowing experience impacting personal and professional life.
  • Misconceptions around self-care and the need for authenticity and deep connection with activities.
  • Insights on manifestation, gratitude, and the reticular activating system, emphasizing focus on desires rather than lack.
  • Chrystal’s powerful message to high-achieving women, urging them to invest in themselves for positive returns.

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Read the complete transcript of the show below:

Lynn Howard

Hi, I’m Lynn.

Amanda Furgiuele

And I’m Amanda. Welcome to the Pursuit of Badasserie: the Podcast. We are back again with another incredible guest.

Lynn Howard

Lynn, tell us all about our guest today. Yeah, Chrystal Rose from, um, Dallas, North Carolina, not Dallas, Texas. She’s a dynamic revolutionary coach specializing in empowering high-achieving women.

She also shines as a host of two podcasts, the Embodied Batty, which I love that name and breath breath work.

Bessie can’t get it out of my mouth, but I do love that name as well. Setting her apart in the world of personal development is her innovation, which leverages embodiment tools and the

The power of subconscious reprogramming, unlike convectional. And you’re going to have some editing today. Unlike conventional methods fixated on mindset, Chrystal’s methodology delves seeper into the realms of transformation.

She is highly dedicated and guides business owners corporate trailblazers and coaches on a profound journey of healing and rapid belief transformation.

Her mission is solicited. And individuals from the clutches of stagnantism, relentless hustle and scarcity, propelling them into a realm of tranquil ease, unwavering alignment and boundless abundance.

Let’s welcome Chrystal.

Chrystal Rose

Thank you.

Amanda Furgiuele

Getting into your boundless abundance that is so important because we often swerve into that horrible dark land that we try to avoid.

But that’s right up our alley. We’re super excited to have you on the show.

Chrystal Rose

I love it. Yeah, it’s very easy to do.

Amanda Furgiuele

It’s shockingly easy, actually. So we’re going to try to get away from that today. So tell us a little bit, how did you get started on this road?

Because nobody starts there. They come out of the womb and they’re a revolutionary dynamic coach. So how did you get started on this journey?

Chrystal Rose

I mean, I kind of did know. I mean, that’s what makes me a badass. No, so here’s the thing is I’ve owned multiple businesses.

And I kind of just, I loved everything I did in different ways for different reasons, but it was always very, very hard.

And this most recent business, I kind of like achieved my way into on accident. I had a boutique and I was also a nutrition.

I was like, nerdily obsessed with nutrition. I stumbled across this woman who was like, this new coaching modality will help you get your clients deeper and better results.

I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, I want that. looked her up and I’m like, she’s going to help me blow up this business.

Forget she can’t teach me anything new, let’s be real. I don’t have anything new to learn. I’ll just get her business advice.

Within two weeks of being in her program, I was like, what is happening to my mom? Everything started to change, just everything.

had had a lot of childhood trauma. Things were getting healed. I’m sleeping better. I’m feeling better. I’m not stressing anxiety is disappearing.

Just create my business, my boutique. I’m tripling my sales without trying. I’m like, what is happening? So six months into that program, because it was 10 months long, I realized like, oh, no,

I need to be doing this. This is a gift. I received this amazing, incredible gift for myself, and now I need to turn around and give this to other women.

I’m a jerk if I don’t do this, you know, like I’m robbing people. So I eventually, I just gave away my nutrition coaching business entirely everything to one of my coaches.

I was like, here we go. It’s your business now. And then eventually I walked away from the boutique and now I do this full time and I’m obsessed with it.

Amanda Furgiuele

I love it so much. We love business owners who are obsessed.

Chrystal Rose

We are obsessed.

Amanda Furgiuele

we 100% understand that drive to do all the things that we resonate with that for sure.

Chrystal Rose

Because that is all there is to it is finding that obsession and turning their passion into a profit is so important.

Yeah. Yeah. And this, and this business is the first time that I’ve been in love with the process, not just the outcome.

So it’s been quite a difference.

Lynn Howard

I love that. Amanda and I often have conversations around like we could work, which we’re not advising to work 24-7, but we say that flippantly because we do love so much what we do and it’s so natural to us and like stalking you and getting to know you.

feels like, and now hearing your story out of your mouth, it feels like all of a sudden it was like this aha and you knew like this was just a part of you, not that you were supposed to share it, but it was very much part of you.

Would you like to share what was the stuff that you learned there that really you bring into your all the women’s lives around you now?

Chrystal Rose

Yeah, so traditionally, personal development work is a lot of mindset stuff, right? There’s like checklist and you read a book and it’s like, do this, think of things that way.

And what result is a lot of like babysitting your thoughts, right? Like don’t have negative thoughts or Probably not to think this way.

When it comes in, you’re like, no, stop it. You’re like, Herrati shopping your thoughts all day. gets exhausting. We find ourselves convincing ourselves or trying to brainwash ourselves to believe something that we actually don’t believe deep down underneath.

We’re white knuckling our way. Something might happen. You get triggered or an incident or something in the external world just throws you off and boom.

Now you’re back to where you started or you’re making that gradual way back to where you’re started and you don’t even realize it until you’re like, oh no, I’m here again.

How? And in this, I use different tools like embodiment work. so that’s feelings and sensations in your body, nervous system regulation, that calm, uh, rested, I just, uh, parasympathetic nervous system and subconscious reprogramming.

And which is 95% of what we do, our actions that we take, things that we think, beliefs that we have, are subconscious.

And in this way, they stick. So I find myself being approached by certain situations or things that would trigger me in the past.

And I don’t have to think about how to react differently. just do. And then I’m like, whoa, I would have done this.

Or this is something that would have happened. And that happens all the time to me and with my clients, even months after they end a program with me, I’ll get a message.

And they’re like, Oh my gosh, this is happening. Because they’re not thinking about it. They’re not babysitting their thoughts.

They’re not checking boxes. It’s truly change from the inside out.

Amanda Furgiuele

And that is sustainable. Absolutely. That’s exactly how I’m going to speak for both of us, Lynn. exactly how we feel that there’s so much of this dialogue that’s going on in our heads that is.

It’s exhausting. It’s exhausting to be policing yourself 24-7, and that’s what a lot of people start out at. It’s just this, I, you start to think one way, and it’s like, no, no, no, I’m not supposed to think that way.

I have to think this way.

Chrystal Rose

And then you’re, you know, you’re by trying not to think that way, you’re actually thinking that way more. Yeah, I mean, you can only have one thought at a time.

Like genuinely, you can only have one thought at a time. But subconscious movement thoughts, like, beliefs, programs, running, it’s like having three or four windows of it.

mean, we’re women in business, so we all have at least four windows open with 87 tabs on each one.

All right. That’s like your brain. All of those little tabs are like subconscious beliefs and programs just like running that we don’t have to actually think about.

Like, you don’t have to think about walking. You just do it. Right? But at one point, you didn’t know how to do it.

You learned and then your brain filed it away. okay, we’re good with that. So let’s just keep going. Same thing with behaviors and coping mechanisms and all of that.

Lynn Howard

That’s just a new muscle you’re learning.

Chrystal Rose


Lynn Howard

like an Amanda, because Amanda definitely is the tab person. There’s a method to my madness. Yes, I was looking at my computer of like 97 tabs open on just this one browser.

Chrystal Rose

It’s fine. Oh, yeah.

Amanda Furgiuele

Makes sense.

Lynn Howard

Yeah. Recently realized our head B.A. or right hand woman is the same as Amanda. Kind of broke my heart a little bit, but I knew it already.

Where I put everything away. I love what you’re saying because I also had a lot of trauma, childhood trauma, and young adulthood trauma, which I wrote about in the book.

I write about and talk about all the time. And the act of reprogramming the subconscious mind is not just about saving the energy from fighting that particular thought, but it sounds like sounds like you’re awesome.

Helping them unravel and take back energy from those moments in time and from almost the power that it can hold over you.

And I know this goes little bit on the woo-hoo side. However, there’s such a sound in this conversation yesterday.

There’s such an importance of no longer allowing that particular moment, that particular memory to hold the power. And most people don’t realize that it does.

And so I love that you’re doing this work and it’s like, and I need it, it’s multi-layered. seems like that you’re doing all at once to help women really transform.

Chrystal Rose

Yeah, you get it exactly. And when it comes to trauma, because I mean, I get a lot of women that come to me, they’re like, I don’t understand.

Nothing crazy dramatic happened to me. Yeah, you know, but there can be moments that are frozen in time. It could have just been something really embarrassing or something hurtful or something you’re afraid of or shame, right?

popped up that just tab opened now. There’s that program running that shifted your behavior and it’s just running in the background.

So if you’ve got trauma with a capital T or even just a little something, it’s there and it affects you.

And what I do is I don’t even need like, you know, if you go into therapy, right, and you, you just unload, you tell them the whole story and it gets exhausting after while, especially if you’ve had multiple therapists, you’re saying it over and over and over again.

And with what I do, I don’t even need to know. I don’t need to know it at all. I don’t need you to relive it.

I don’t need you to speak it or say the whole thing. I just need to know what it feels like in your body and I can help you unravel it from there.

And we can just clear like something like and clear in a single session. And sometimes it might take, you know, a few sessions to unravel and then we get to rewire something even better and more supportive in its place.

Amanda Furgiuele

That’s awesome. So you talk a lot about cultivating resilience through practical. So can you describe a little bit or dissect a little bit with that wood and tail?

Chrystal Rose

Well, I think when it comes to resilience, I mean, I think we build that over time anyways, right? think even just being a woman in today’s society is like builds resilience.

And you know, same thing when it comes to business, we get kicked in the mouth on a regular basis.

I mean, if you’re not, that’s cool.

Lynn Howard

That’s great.

Chrystal Rose

If you’re not getting kicked in the mouth in business, but I think more so when it comes to resilience or even not allowing the external world to affect you, right, it’s increasing your capacity for all of it and regulating your nervous system.

So if the world is just going nuts around you, it’s so easy to be like, well, this happened. And so it’s affecting me today or…

I’m losing this or this happened in my business and you just kind of like let it take you down, like not on purpose of course, right?

just kind of takes you down. And so if we’re operating at like a level 10 and that level two comes in and messes up your day and you jump down to a level two, well then there you are.

You’re at now you’re at a two and you’re letting everything else ping-pong you around. But when you are able to hold that 10 and something comes in that’s at a two, right?

That’s just gross and crunchy and feels awful. There is no doubt about that. There’s no bypassing. There’s no like I’ll just be positive.

However, I’m so solid in myself. I’m still up here at a 10 and now we can look at it with this different lens as opposed to crawling up inside of it and now I live here.

Lynn Howard

Absolutely. I love listening to other people explain, I mean, you do the work and work with others. I’ve dove into this arena because this is something that I love.

I practice. It’s part of my healing journey. Maybe not the same modalities, but definitely working with resilience and being able to hold that space.

Essentially, it’s almost like taking back the driver’s seat of your life because you’re not at the whim of the past or even the present kind of triggers or different memories or whatever.

love that because if we go back to your analogy, which I do love a good analogy, having all those taps open, eventually your computer is going to crash.

Your computer is going to be bugging your humming. And your computer skills are acting funny because it’s like, I’m working all the time.

And essentially you’re giving them their life back. It really is and business. I can imagine I’d love for you to kind of talk a little bit more about the practicalities of the actual things that you got back.

Yeah, you got the energy back and your business are doubling and stuff. really, how did you see that? And I’m fooled because it’s, yeah, your mindset’s going there, but it’s also other things.

Chrystal Rose

So I love for you to talk a little bit around that. Yeah. So like one of the things I noticed, like I was talking about capacity for a little bit.

So I think most women, especially in business, are operating at capacity, like just wide open, right? And we’re not actually supposed to do that.

We should be like inside of the capacity. We don’t want to be like, stretched to that capacity. Yes. We don’t want to be that kind Yeah.

So, when I work with other people and then also with myself, it was about expanding the capacity. wasn’t about like, oh, do less, right?

Because when you’re working really, really hard doing the most and someone’s like, oh, I just like work less than I make more.

Lynn Howard

like sort of like, what do you mean?

Chrystal Rose

oh, what it actually is is increasing capacity. So that is, you know, with regulating your nervous system, like, these two And there’s just different things because just different things for different people, right?

Like, you might need something completely different or something I say might hit affect you and not someone else. So when we expand our capacity, then we can actually expand what we’re doing or maintain what we’re doing.

But it feels like now we have so much more space to do things, to take on things. Oh, now I can actually hang out with my husband because I’m not feeling like, friend.

So it’s like this process and so now it’s like I’m doing more but it doesn’t feel like I’m doing more and I’m being more intentional about things.

Because again, when you’re in your stuff and especially you’ve been in business for a while, you’re like, is she doing?

are they doing? Oh, said to do this and all that and I’m going do that and this will be great and I need more and you’re stretched.

You just keep stretching and stretching and stretching and you’re doing all this crap that you shouldn’t even be doing in the first place because you’ve don’t like it and you don’t even know if it’s helping or working or it is but it makes you miserable.

so bringing it back into that intentionality and now I’m doing stuff that I actually really like and it’s fun.

So my energy is behind it and it’s working because I’ve given it a little bit at time and all of those things are in line.

so now it feels easy because when you do stuff you hate, the energy it takes is like tenfold more than if you’re like, I love this and you’re just woo, right?

Like we were talking about Talking about working a, you know, you can sit here and work a 20 hour day if you’re lit up the whole time.

Probably not every single day. But you can work a whole bunch and you just don’t feel like you’re going to die or this is too much or you’re burnt out because it’s in that alignment as opposed to just all the things.

So I think it’s really like practically we’re tapering things down. We’re like, what are you doing that you don’t need to be doing?

What are you doing that you absolutely hate? Does it must it be done? Cool. we pass that off? And just really just start whittling away.

So then now we’re having fun. We feel like we’re doing a lot less. We might even be doing a lot less, but now it’s intentional and it’s hitting the mark and now we’re making more money because like all the things are in line and they work.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yes, I mean, I think it’s so important to really emphasize that having the intention behind something. I I know they say that road to hell is paved with good intentions.

However, when you’re in. Business and when you are solopreneur or, or it doesn’t matter where you are in the C-suite, if you existing in business, you’re going to have a lot in your plate, you’re going to be a little bit of everything.

And how you’re intentionally focusing on different things will make such a huge difference in whether or not you are actually outputting progressively.

Chrystal Rose

Yeah. Yeah. Like just working for the sake of working. mean, in past businesses, oh my gosh, I’d be like crying every day.

I was just like so maxed out and so tapped and so tired and it wasn’t working and, you know, just it’s awful.

But when there’s that intentionality behind it, like you don’t need to be on 10 different social media platforms, right?

Like, oh, I’m going to be here and I’m going be here and I’m going be here. You can test it and see how it’s going.

And then if it’s not working or you don’t like it, well, then do something else. But I think so often we’re just like, well, I have to do this.

I have to do this. I have to. They say the gurus, all the things. now it’s like, yeah. All the strategies actually work.

They all work, but you don’t need to do all of them. It’s just what works for you. And that’s different for everybody.

Lynn Howard

Well, it’s not just what works for you, but it’s also going back to what you spoke about and what you do, having the capacity and the energy to put into that.

And Amanda and I have had this conversation individually with each other and with other guests as well. with our clients, it’s like, if you don’t have any fuel in your tank, yeah, I mean, some of us are pushers and we can push through things, but if you’re not going to get the results, because you no longer have that excitement, that vibrancy, that even capacity or connection to sometimes anything.

I just feel like a new client and she’s just completely like, numb to everything. that’s That’s because she has to get in there and do some of that work.

Otherwise, what she’s building upon won’t come to the fruition that it actually can.

Chrystal Rose

Yeah, there’s such a resistance to going inward sometimes, right? It’s like, no, if I take care of myself, everything could go fall apart.

I can’t. I have my business. have, if you have a family or kids, it’s like all of this juggling and all of this pouring the whole, like, can’t pour from an empty cup.

And I’m like, you shouldn’t be pouring. You should be overflowing. Like, you should be pouring so much into yourself that your capacity has increased so much that now you’re overflowing into everyone around you who needs it.

There’s no need to bend. There’s no need to pour. There’s no need to wait until there’s only freakin’ fumes, which is what most of us start out doing.

And it’s just terrifying. It’s like a house of cards, right? So terrifying to just stop and then go inward.

I’m thinking it’s just… It’s not what we think to do. It’s not what we’ve been taught, even though the whole put your mask on for us, we’re helping other people.

yeah, yeah.

Lynn Howard

Especially women, especially women, and I’m not throwing shade at men, but especially to find themselves. Because men do too, but women definitely because it’s natural for us to be the caregivers and the nurturers, right, even if we’re not nurturers by discus assessments.

I did want to point out one key thing that I want to repeat for you that I don’t know if our viewers and listeners heard is you shouldn’t be pouring the actual the the the fluid, the tea overflowing.

Chrystal Rose

So it should naturally come out of you.

Lynn Howard

And it’s interesting because I thought of like moments in my life where, you know, especially when I traveling all the time and like I was really embodying it was like a new look.

I was of who I was and me refining myself after a divorce and all of this other stuff. Businesses were doing great and it was just, I could feel it just like exuded out of me.

And the responses that we get from the people around me were just completely different. People are like, I’m seriously living through you and this and that and that has its other weight.

Chrystal Rose


Lynn Howard

People kind of put things on you. But it’s interesting. I’m thinking of that. And I really want I our listeners to hear that.

It’s not about pouring. It’s not about the act of pouring. It’s about allowing yourself to overflow.

Chrystal Rose

So you’re fulfilled, but also you’re able to fulfill others. I love that.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yeah. That might be like the nugget of the entire podcast so far. I absolutely love that you are not pouring from your cup.

You are overflowing so much that you can’t help it spill out on everybody else.

Chrystal Rose

I love it. Love it. Love it. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s I mean, I live by that. And. Yeah When it relates to business because I think it’s really hard for a lot of women to be like, I have to invest in my business, right?

They’re like, they don’t want to invest in themselves because the ROI is not super tangible, right? It’s not ad spend here.

It’s not as tangible. there’s a Jim Rohn quote, I’m going mess this up, but it’s something about, you know, your success can only go as far as your personal development.

You know, because you’ve got those layers and they’re going to be energy leaks and things to work on at this level right now that future you can’t bother dealing with, right?

Like, if she’s dealing with that up there, I mean, you didn’t do your job down here. And in order to do that, it’s who you become in the process.

It’s not about getting to that end goal. It’s who are you becoming as you work through these things. And you reach that level of success.

Lynn Howard


Chrystal Rose


Amanda Furgiuele

You know, I think that as entrepreneurs, small business owners, business owners in general, we put so much on ourselves because there is so much at stake because you’ve got employees, you’ve got family members, you’ve got obligations, and it can be very overwhelming.

Especially when you realize that you’re not pouring into your own cup that you’re not elevating yourself and that you’re not developing yourself.

So you are stunting your own ability to grow because you have capped out yourself.

Chrystal Rose

Yeah. Yeah. And I think that we look at it as, I mean, and I know I did before, right?

Like the bubble baths and the going to get a mani-pedi. You know, and you’re like, I don’t have an hour and a half to go to a mani-pedi.

Or like, I don’t want to spend money and blah, blah, blah. while those things absolutely, like, like, like And I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, like, like, like, I’m like, I’m I’m like, I’m I’m like, I’m like, Tele� from my family.

I’m like, I can’t support it. can’t support it. can’t supported this. better not Shaan Gulachi or I can’t 7

Oh, their coffee, because an indulging in it, you know, or loading up a shopping cart online and then emptying it.

That just because it feels good to do. Whatever, whatever your thing is, there’s so many ways that can be low cost and can also be in just a few minutes in order to fill up your own cup and overflow.

Lynn Howard

I love that. It is pumpkin spice, latte, AC. sure you love that. I’m just talking about yesterday. But one thing I want to point on, and this is something that we talk a lot about.

I love self-care, and I do a lot of self-care. I’m very, just because of my own beliefs, and even though not beliefs, but also beliefs, but also because of my own history.

people see the external, like you said, the spa days or whatever, the massage or acupuncture. What I found is lot of times when I found people like, yeah, doing self care, especially not throwing shade at Bangkok, but Bangkok definitely seems to be a quantity over quality type of environment in a lot of ways.

And so they’re doing these things, it’s at a superficial level. And what you’re teaching people to do is actually do it at a core level.

So that way they are able to support because yes, can going to the spa, like invigorate you for a little bit, little bit of relaxation.

And if you, but if you don’t put in the mind work, if you don’t put in the energetic work, if you don’t put in that, that that internal shift, that’s the superficial kind of bandaid or keeping up with the Jones Jones’s look.

Bye. I do find here, I also found it in Hawaii, but a lot more here, that people are running around in there, I always say lulu lemon, but I know that’s wrong.

doing the things, but it’s not the true work. And again, I’m not trying to throw shade. It’s not the true change of work that can be done.

When you couple both together, it really can make a difference. I’d love to hear your opinion about this, because I might be looking at it from, obviously I’m looking at from my lens, but…

Chrystal Rose

Yeah, I mean, you’re talking about just going through the motions as opposed actually feeling it in your body, right?

And so whether it’s a cup of coffee that we’re using to celebrate or indulge, or a full blown spa day, because oh my gosh, you hit that milestone, you really need to indulge and do something luxurious that you wouldn’t normally do for yourself, right?

It’s not about just checking the box. It’s not, don’t buy the thing online. Go to the… Try it on, feel it on your skin, know, like feel it, sip that coffee.

Mmm, ah, smells so damn good, try it, like really be in it and sit in that energy of appreciation for yourself and sit in that energy of, I did it.

Or I’m doing this for me, and this feels good. I normally would not take 15 minutes out of my day to just hide from other people and just be in silence.

Or I normally would wouldn’t spend $8 on a coffee or whatever it is and really feel it in your body.

Like I’m doing this for me and this feels so good. But if you’re just like, yeah, I celebrated by going to the spa.

Okay, but like, I don’t feel, you know, like the whole time at all, and I’ll be there, right? Good evening.

Like, you’re amazing. How does it feel? good. Take a deep breath. it. deserve it until you can do that yourself.

But just checking the box. Thanks. It’s just tracking a box. It’s about how it feels in your body and that’s what imprints it and you remember it next time and then it gets easier and easier and easier.

So when you do hit that really big milestone, now it feels the way you always wanted and dreamed it would feel because you’ve had so much practice.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yeah, and I think you hit the nail on the head talking about appreciation and grateful and understanding that that’s half the battle of really understanding your role in the world as being appreciative for what you have and not warning the lack of something that you don’t have.

Chrystal Rose

And we are grateful for where you are in that journey because that’s so important for your overall mindset. Absolutely.

even like, I mean, this, I think this can be woo-woo but this can also be in scientific is manifestation, right?

And a lot of people are like, I have a station, I have a vision board and I just like dream about it and it shows up in my life and

That’s not what it is. There’s actually a spot in your brain called the Reticular Activating System. And its job is to find opportunities and ways to get what you want.

And it doesn’t understand negatives. So if you’re so focused on what you’re not getting, or you want something, but you’re noticing the lack of it in your experience rather than it’s already done, I have it.

I know what it feels like when I have it, well, you’re going to get more of what you already have.

So gratitude is a super easy way to show that part in your brain. yes, please, more please. I love this.

So give me more. And your brain’s like, cool, let’s keep finding opportunities and ways to bring more of this in.

So that’s how you can manifest things is by focusing on the gratitude and the joy and not like fake positivity.

But really like, yes, I want this. I don’t have it. Obviously, I’m not delusional. I know it’s not here.

But how does it really serve you to focus on how something Let’s just sit in the, in the, it’s coming.

I know it is. It’s inevitable. And if you’re, you know, a badass woman is his owner, like, and you work, you’ll work yourself tooth and nail to get what you want.

Well, then you know it’s inevitable anyways. So why not sit in the feeling that it’s already here? And then it comes faster because your brain is just working.

Oh, okay. We need more of this or this isn’t very congruent with her experience.

Lynn Howard

She’s acting as though she already has it. So we need to get it here faster. mean, I it happened.

All right. We’re already coming to an end and we love to be respectful of time. So what, what would you like to leave the listener’s way?

Chrystal Rose

I just think that investing in yourself will always pay off, especially if you’re a high level woman. You already know you’re going to work for it, right?

And so when you are willing to bet on yourself, that is, Not only more powerful, but the ROI on that is going to be tenfold of you betting on anyone or anything else.

Yes, we love that.

Lynn Howard

100%. Yeah, I can think of as my aha moment when my inner voice said, if you don’t invest in yourself, how do you expect others to invest in you?

Yes. It’s in one of the books. I can’t remember which one, but I talk about that and it’s like, and it’s so powerful because I was investing in myself, but on the way that that really was creating that change and that momentum.

so I love that. How can people find you?

Chrystal Rose

So you can find me on Instagram at the embodied baddie. That is my Instagram handle and then chrystalrose.com, which is chrystalrose.com and then literally Google me.

can find all the things, all the podcasts. That’s all the things.

Lynn Howard

Oh, I can’t.

Amanda Furgiuele

I love it. And of course that will be in our show notes. So if you are listening off of our website anywhere else in the world, you can find it at the pursuitofbadassery.com.

Lynn Howard

And of course that will be listed in our show notes all about Crystal. Absolutely. Thank you so much, Crystal.

We appreciate you being on the pursuit of badasserie.

Chrystal Rose

Thank you guys so much for having us. was actually really fun.

Lynn Howard

We love having our guests on.

Amanda Furgiuele

We love it.

Lynn Howard

So, everybody, till next time.

Amanda Furgiuele

Get After it.