Episode 63: Productivity and a Life of Purpose with Clara Capano

In our latest episode, we’re thrilled to have Clara as our guest. Clara is an international speaker, award-winning educator, best-selling author, and the host of “Women Winning Their Way” and “Be Productive.”

In this candid conversation, Clara shares her personal journey as an overachiever and single mom and opens up about the realization that traditional checkboxes of success didn’t bring her fulfillment. 

We delve into Clara’s strategies for reclaiming control over your time, focusing on intentional work, and achieving a balance between personal and professional life…all while setting boundaries and finding your own rhythm of productivity.

Tune in for insightful tips on productivity, self-care, and creating a life of purpose. If you’re navigating the challenges of balancing work and life, this episode is a must-listen.

Clara Capano the Pursuit of Badasserie

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Clara shares her personal journey as an overachiever and a single mom.
  • Reflects on the realization that traditional success markers didn’t bring her true fulfillment.
  • The turning point: Clara’s son highlights the importance of being present in the moment.
  • Strategies for Reclaiming Control
  • Clara discusses her approach to regaining control over one’s time.
  • Emphasis on intentional work and finding a balance between personal and professional life.
  • The importance of setting boundaries for entrepreneurs and being honest about one’s capacity.
  • Productivity and Balance
  • Clara shares insights on finding one’s rhythm of productivity.
  • Tips for entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges of balancing work and personal life.
  • The role of self-care in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Clara’s Book – “The Mother of All Success Manuals”
  • Overview of Clara’s book and its purpose as a guide for working moms.
  • The donation aspect: Clara contributes a portion of book sales to charities supporting causes like St. Jude’s organization and the fight against human trafficking.
  • Insights for Listeners
  • Practical tips from Clara for listeners on productivity and designing the life they want.
  • The episode serves as a valuable resource for those navigating the challenges of balancing work and life.

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Continue reading for a full transcription of this episode:

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Hi, I’m Lynn.

Amanda Furgiuele

And I’m Amanda. Welcome to The Pursuit of Badasserie, the podcast. We’re back with another incredible guest today. We have Clara, she’s an international speaker, award-winning educator, best-selling author, and host of Women Winning Their Way and Being Productive.

Wait, hold on. Winning their way and be productive. I’m going to say that whole thing already because I can edit it because I edit the podcast.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

do what I want. I love this. We just start over over.

Amanda Furgiuele

You’re so it’s easier. Well, that would be easier. But just as it points to you, Clara, if you feel like you flummox at any point, I can always edit that out.

So don’t worry.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

My job is to make you sound amazing not to make you sound like I just did right just now.

No worries. I appreciate that.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Sure. Yeah, this morning I felt like I was speaking Greek because it was way too early because we had a late night Instagram.

Anyway, all right. Hi, I’m Lynn.

Amanda Furgiuele

And I’m Amanda. Welcome to the pursuit of Adathory, the podcast. We are super excited today to have Clara, with us, she is an international speaker, an award-winning educator, best-selling author and host of Women Winning Their Way and Be Productive.

She is the founder and CHL, which is Chief Harmony Officer of Capano Speaking and Training and the creator of Clarity Success Method.

With over 20 years in sales and leadership, her passion is providing women in business with work of key strategies so that they can work with more intention and put themselves back in the driver’s seat of their life and help them create harmony between their personal and professional lives.

Let Clara help you find Clarity and help you create success on your time free from guilt, overwhelm, and burnout.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

Clara, welcome. Well, thank you so much. I appreciate you having me here.

Amanda Furgiuele

Of course.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

I’m so excited. I love the Clarity. All of you in YouTube, World, and Podcasts World can’t see that she actually used her

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

That was a gift that was given to me many years ago by someone that I worked with. He was kind of an older, crotchety man and you would always come up to me and be like, could I get some clarification from you?

And I’d be like, oh, really dude? And then all of sudden, brilliant!

Amanda Furgiuele

That’s actually me.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

Yeah. So that’s where it is.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yeah. I love it. So tell us a little bit about you and how you got started.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

Well, you know, I am that, you know, quintessential overachiever. I am the youngest of four. So I think, you know, being in the loud Italian family I’m from, exactly.

It’s like kind of had to push my way. And, you know, when I look at, you know, my brothers and my sisters, you know, one sister is an artist, one was, you know, sort of the party guy, then we have the sweet one who is the cheerleader.

So for me, it was going to be academics and achievement. That was going to be how I got recognized.

So I drove myself, you know, by, you know, pushing myself to get straight A’s, getting that first job, all of those things.

And… And then I found myself in my 30s as a single mom with all the titles, the house, the car, all of those things, and still feeling very empty.

And it was then that I had to start learning that I had to redefine how success was going to be for me because Casey and after all of those checkboxes didn’t bring me the fulfillment that I thought it would.

Amanda Furgiuele

Oh my gosh, yes, I understand this 100% on so many levels. know that that checkbox mentality of just feeling like, oh, as soon as I get a house, like check, as soon as I get, I mean, I was just speaking on this at a conference recently.

And it’s so true that you start to feel like your worth is dependent upon checking out these boxes and it’s so much more of that.

And once you get those boxes checked off, you understand that there is something missing and it’s because you haven’t properly defined what success is to you.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

Exactly. And you just keep chasing and you just keep chasing and you just feel more and more empty. you know, the big moment came when my son was about three and a half and, you know, I realized I wasn’t being present with him.

I wasn’t really showing up for my clients the way that I needed to show up. And, you know, even my friends, one of my friends who had even told me, she’s like, you know, we can’t really hang out anymore because you’re no fun to hang out with.

You’re bitter, you’re, you know, empty, all of these things. And it really caused me to pause and take, you know, a big truth look at myself and kind of really reassess who it was that I wanted to become because I had not liked the person I was becoming.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

That is a feels like this is the story of the theme of the last few weeks that we’ve been having this discussion over and over don’t recognize either from an outside influence that kind of triggers

I’m not showing up the way that I can show up. I’m not getting the results that I want and all these other things that are compounding around us.

And I would love for you to share that small aha moment where you’re like, oh snap, this is it.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

And some immediate things that maybe you dug into. Sure. So it really was my son. And at that one moment in time, we were home at night.

And at the time I was divorced, I was sharing custody. Nicholas had been just working on a picture. He was drawing a picture.

And I was doing some work. It was probably around seven o’clock at night. And he came over as I was working and just wanted to show me the picture that he had drawn.

And he was so proud of. And I sort of pushed him aside. You know, mom, you’ll look at that in a few minutes.

mommy’s just got to finish doing this right now. And… Lucky for me, he basically stopped me in my tracks and said, Mommy, you’re not paying attention to me.

And whatever it was in that moment, you know, it was as if the world stopped and it really caused me to be like, wow, I need to start listening.

Because this was the most important relationship to me. You know, this was everything I was doing was to build a life for this boy, you know, to be a role model and to be, you know, the best.

And so after I put him to bed that night, I, you know, fell on the floor and had my ugly cry and, you know, started to kind of wonder how did I get here?

I had done all the right things. How did I get here? And, you know, I realized it was, again, by pushing myself so far and having this mentality of, I’m going to outwork everybody in the room.

Because I thought if I could just work harder, everybody would see how successful I was being. They would see how hard I was working.

that would matter. But on my behalf, I had to do all of those things. I was showing up empty.

I was completely absent because I wasn’t being truly present wherever I needed to be. So I did have to make a decision.

Was I just going to wake up in the morning and be like, that was a rough night and just jump back on it, or was I really going to take it to heart.

So I started really just looking at ways I could get better. And one of the first things I did is starting expectations with my clients because I really felt answering the phone every time it rang.

If they said, oh, can you meet us at five? Yes, I can. I thought by doing all of those things, I was being a rock star.

I was being there for my clients. This is exactly what they would want. But it was causing me to fall behind in the areas that really mattered, such as my family.

So by doing little things such as, can you give me a three hour window to return any calls or emails?

Responding with, oh, I’d love to meet you at five. I have a previously set appointment. I can make it there at 4.15.

And those things and taking back control over how I have my time. It really allowed me to control the process.

Now there’s always going to be some wiggle room and there’s always going to be some of those things that I’ve had some epic mom fails, such as waking up into at two o’clock in the morning and realizing that I had just booked a training and it was going to be over my son’s eighth grade graduation.

So it definitely wasn’t perfect, but you know it really allowed me to start to kind of have these checks and balances and always going back to before I agree to do that.

So I now. What I always do is I ask myself if I agree to do this new thing, what is it that I have to say no to?

know, does it make good business sense? Is it moving me towards that vision of who it is I want to become?

So those were some of the things that I really tried to implement right away, but the biggest thing was those boundaries and by simply saying I would love to do it, but I have a previously set appointment.

They didn’t need to know what my appointment was. It didn’t matter if it was picking my son up. It didn’t matter if I wanted to watch a movie or take a nap.

It does. It doesn’t really matter, it’s an appointment. And by really time blocking and really looking at where I was investing my time, that was the biggest thing.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

And that then started spilling over into how I became a productivity expert. So, what we talk about, and all I can hear is one of the phrases I love to say, and you were actually doing it as we train others how to treat us.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

And so you were essentially retraining your clients, your boundaries and context in which that you guys will dance in.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

And I think that it is super important. And I know Amanda and I both, like, the only word I can think of as heart on our clients about like, nobody knows that you are going to be taking a nap during that time or whatever you’re doing during that time, even if you don’t have anything.

And it’s not to be the big man or big woman on the block to have that control, but really what it is.

Is it’s you are setting the playground, the contacts, the boundaries in which you guys will operate within and people will get more out of the relationship, either business or personal.

When you do that, because lines aren’t as blurred.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

Exactly. And it’s really a big mindset shift and that’s what it was for me anyway is the change in mindset of how I look at time and also how I look at the value that I bring.

And things like self care, you know, when the things that get scheduled get done. And so that’s why everything needs to be an appointment because we show up for our appointments and then learning how to again talk in their language by saying I have a previously set appointment.

Oftentimes I would even say, you know, just like I’m here with you right now, it would be rude of me to be answering my phone.

So it puts it in a concept that they understand and this idea of self care. You know, I have to take care of myself because if I am not well.

I can’t possibly show up for them and take good care of that, but it really caused me to, again, really shift my vision and my understanding of these types of concepts and going from a work all the time to a work with purpose.

And once you kind of make that shift, you start to understand the value of what it is you’re bringing to the table.

And quite frankly, so many other industries do this all day long, but many times as entrepreneurs and independent contractors, we don’t think of it.

You know, I can’t call the doctor and say, Oh, I don’t feel well today. I’m free at 930. I’ll see you then.

They’ll be like, Oh, you’re adorable. But no, we have a 245. Do you want it or not? You know, and we have to again make it because people also want to work with successful people.

And if you’re just a blank canvas and you’re like, Oh, I can work with you whenever. It doesn’t give the same, they are going to value your time as much.

Amanda Furgiuele

You know, we actually talked about something similar in one of our books about being your best client and. How, you know, like you said, if it doesn’t matter if you’re getting a pedicure of spa treatment, like taking a nap, like it said, Lynn, that it’s scheduling out that boundary and treating it like it’s a client.

So if you need that time to give to yourself and you put that on your calendar, stop saying that it’s not as important just because it’s for you and not necessarily for a client.

And it really does allow you, it’s that mindset shift of allowing yourself to have that time and setting that boundary and training your people how to treat you because that’s what’s going to get rid of that guilt that we inevitably feel as entrepreneurs feel like you have to do all the things all the time.

Be there, be customer service oriented, but being customer service oriented doesn’t mean that you’re a pushover and that you get walked on all day long and that you do whatever they want, whenever they want it.

That’s not what it is to be customer service oriented. so that’s part of that shift and how you think about it and how you set up boundaries properly.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

Yeah. And I also think it’s about learning how to implement deadly. And because if I just say, oh, I’m going to work on this today, that takes me all the way to 11.59.

Whereas, you know, the concept of going on a trip, if I have a plane that I need to catch at six o’clock at night, I’m at the airport, I’m set, I’m ready to go.

And isn’t it interesting how uber productive we are that day before we go on vacation, because we have deadlines.

We have to do the same thing. We can’t just say, oh, I’m going to work on this project today.

I’m going to work on this project between two and four. You know, I’m going to make And reach out calls to my clients between 12 and one.

Give yourself deadlines because time will expand for whatever time we give it. So you can be more productive when you actually constrict the time.

And that’s, you know, what it’s bad. It’s not about being busy. about being productive and really looking not at the hours, but how you’re using those hours.

Amanda Furgiuele

Oh, yeah, that busy. That’s a buzzword for me. Whoo, it’s a trick. It’s one of our, I mean, talk about this in the first book.

I could talk all day long about how much I hate the word busy because I think People use it as like the scapegoat other than being productive.

I’m so busy. have blah, blah, blah, blah, to do, but I’m never actually getting anything done because I feel comfortable being busy and it makes me seem important, but really it’s just it’s an excuse for not being productive.

Oh yeah, we’re gonna go all day about how much I want people to be productive versus being busy because busy doesn’t get you anywhere.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

Oh, exactly.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yeah, love that. I love that. How do you, I mean, it’s interesting because a lot of times, and I know Amanda and I, we definitely have had our own aha moments.

You talked, you spoke about your aha moment. I know you do this with your clients as well. How do you get them to actually start making those shifts maybe without that like initial aha moment?

Yeah. Because sometimes, and I know speaking from see it for the client. And, but because they didn’t have like that little glimmer, that little aha moment, it’s harder to like bring them from point A to point B.

So how do you, why do you do that?

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

So I love the idea of showing is better than telling because sometimes you have to bring it into something in their world.

I’ll give you an example of one. So I was working with a client and she happened to be a real estate agent and we were talking about investing her time.

And one of the things that she had just done is she had just driven to go put flyers at her new listing.

Well, the property was about 30 minutes away from her office. So from her office there and there back, it was about an hour round trip.

Her dollar per hour at this time was about $350 an hour. And I asked her and I said, why didn’t you just hire a courier to do that for you?

She’s like, it never really dawned on me. And I said, well, let’s think about this. You basically just hired someone and paid them $350 hour.

She’s like, I get it now. So sometimes again, you have to be able to picture it and put it in their way.

You know, this idea of what would the value of getting that time back? You know, what would the value be for you of being able to be at your kid’s soccer game?

What is that worth to you? Is it worth $100 so you can hire someone else to go and deliver something or someone else to put that flyer or that PowerPoint presentation together?

So it’s all of those checks and balances because time spent doing one thing is time spent not doing another thing.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

So you have to start to weigh them and start to look at them.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

So I do my best to again, show them what is happening and showing them the alternatives by showing them stories or again picking out something that’s going to be very relatable for them.

Amanda Furgiuele

So that hopefully it starts to click and connect. I love that example because that is so true when you put it down in the

When you put it down on those words of like, what could you have done in that hour that would have pushed the needle further and made you actually earn $1,000, whatever it is?

It’s not sort of like, meaningly easy to delegate tasks and I know it’s a lot of people who are in that crunchy scarcity mode to hire somebody else to take those tasks.

And if you have a plan to push yourself forward and actually work during that time and not just like, tra la la your day away, it can be so beneficial to your overall business.

You just have to know what you’re doing.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

And speaking to that scarcity mindset because it is scary, especially if you’re a newer entrepreneur, I know for me, I was a single mom.

I didn’t have a lot of money to hire people, but there’s little things you can start doing to be able to do that.

Putting yourself on auto payment for your bill so you don’t have to write out and do your bill pay.

can carve a few minutes scheduling and social media posts you can sit down and in 30 minutes to 40

You can do a swap. Maybe you have someone else who’s starting out as an entrepreneur and you guys can help each other out and do some trades or things.

used to do swaps with my friends all the time where it was, hey, I’m going to work in the morning and do these things.

Can you watch my son and then let’s swap in the afternoon so you can get kind of a buddy system going.

When Nicholas was younger, he’s 18 now. When he would sit down to be like, butties. am going have speaking honours.

may there’s lot things that And you reinvested it back in to generating business, it’s going to pay for itself.

It just takes that leap of faith and that belief that it can work.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Absolutely. You’re preaching to the choir. are all things like we absolutely talk about all the time and I love it.

And we also love having people on who have a very different outlook and opinion as well on our podcast.

So those listening, I just want you to know, we’re not just all about the people who think the same way that we do.

It is nice though.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

It’s way more fun.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

can be. But I do. I love it. And you’re talking about time worth value and Amanda did bring in.

We just had this conversation. Amanda did add one little thing that I want. And you did as well that I want our audience to hear it.

It’s like, okay, yeah, you can hire somebody to do that. And that’s how much you worth hourly when you were working on your business.

If you’re just sitting on the couch and you haven’t. Like put in the efforts to actually make it work without you, then that is not your time worth value right there.

So just keep that in mind. And you absolutely nailed it. Like, okay, what can you do for that extra half hour that you shaved off of your whatever time slots at the end of the week?

How are you going to use the extra 30 minutes to generate business to generate business? And also, and we didn’t mention this yet.

Like when you start to do things like this, set the context, set back. And you’re going be able to create a space to be able to have more creation, have more

And you’re working with that purpose and intention, again, you just have that greater level of focus and productivity and everything.


Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

I love that.

Amanda Furgiuele

I love talking about productivity. I mean, I’m a single parent. There’s nothing that I do more than time efficiency and productivity.

So I love talking about it. So if you can think of any other tips, like easy tips for entrepreneurs to be more productive.

you have any ideas on that?

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

Yeah, my two favorite ones. One is I do a business planning meeting session with myself every Sunday. Before the week starts, I sit down for about 30 minutes and I go through and I proactively set together my week.

I reflect on the prior week. I get my to-dos list and I put my schedule together so that again I can go into the week knowing where my focus goes and make the tweaks that I need so I’m set up for success that week.

Every morning I do my morning routine. For me that’s my secret weapon. I know for a fact when I get up and I do those things and a lot of it is mindset work.

You know, just getting myself ready to go and you know really setting that strong foundation of positivity and focus for the day.

So those are some other things and then I do something where I call it bubble time. It’s not really a new concept but I run my days and what I do is for 45 minutes I go into a bubble and I work intently for 45 minutes with no distractions and then I step out of my bubble and I have 15 minutes to take a little break, check my voicemails, emails, things.

But it gives me that. That concept of again, a deadline and when you can really step in and have purposeful time with focused attention, you can get so much done.

And you know what I find is, you know, you can run your entire day like that. A lot of times that’s what I do with my mornings and then my afternoons can be a little bit more free for.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Absolutely. And I see that that’s your book behind you. Yes. Do you want to tell us a little bit about your book before we ask you for last thoughts?

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

I would love to. So this is my third book and it’s called the mother of all success manuals. So I took that aha moment of my son, you know, breaking down my world for me.

And this is really my story and it’s my gift. of the things that I’m really passionate about doing is helping professional women design the life that they want to really get clear on that vision and then put together a success plan that’s going to help them do that.

So this book is all about helping working moms take back lives. And I wrote the book, a lot of people said you should do a workbook along with it, but quite frankly, working moms, they don’t have time to do one more thing and to pick up another workbook.

So I tried to combine it all together. So after each chapter, it actually has a little workbook journal area where you can talk about how you’re going to implement what it is that you just worked on.

So it’s just, it’s really supposed to be more of a guidebook and again, a tool that they can come back to at different stages of their life.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

And really again, do that self assessment audit on themselves. We’re both laughing because you are so much like, it feels like we’re talking to ourselves and I like that too.

have a work, a work sheet at the end of each of our chapters as well because we’re very actionable brain.

And we also were told, make a workbook and we’re like, eh, maybe.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

then we’re like, ah, look at like an easy, let’s just make it easy. They need it now.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

So, you are still like, feel like you’re a long lost friend or sister.

Amanda Furgiuele

I know, just stay the course.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

We just become best friends. I think so.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

I think so. Any last thoughts for our audience?

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

You know, I just think one of the biggest things is you have to be honest about your capacity, you know, going into each week.

So many times we go into the week and we’re like, okay, I’m going to tackle all these things. But that’s not really realistic.

So again, look at your week. What are your hours of operation this week? Because even though we’re entrepreneurs, our hours of operation are not 24 seven.

There shouldn’t be. Now, there might be times where it’s going to require 12, 13 hour days and other times not.

But in general, again, what are your hours of operation? What is your start time? What is your end time?

And go into the week and really be honest about what you have because again, I said it before, it’s not about the hours you have, it’s about how you use those hours and how you invest that time.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

I am okay, so I do have to add to that because I’m sitting here laughing because I get so much slack because I have global clients, I live in Bangkok and more like, and actually it’s kind of maybe hurt me a little bit in the dating world.

People are like, you work all the time, like, yeah, I do work a lot. However, even though I was up at 4am working and last night at 11, I still had like six hours during the day that I was doing stuff for me and I wasn’t working.

so I love that you actually, you said a certain sign, a start in And stop time. However, you also said about like how many hours, if it’s 15 hours a week, like how are you going to use those?

Because it is about, and you said this earlier with your son, about that creativeness. I was a parent too.

My kids are a little bit older than yours. So mine are out of the house. But I was that parent as well, that single parent.

when they were doing homework, I was doing homework. When they were asleep, I was doing work so I could be present during those times.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

And I love that you talk about that. So. And I think, oh, again, finding a pattern that works for you, when I talk about a start time and end time, that doesn’t have to mean, you know, seven to four or five or something like that.

It could be that you work for three or four hours and then you take a three hour break. then you come back and go a couple more hours.

So that’s where it’s again, you’ve got to find your jam. You’ve got to find what’s going to work and what’s going to resonate with you.

And you may have different seasons and different, you know, chapters of when you put in the work. So again, that’s why it’s so important to be honest about it all.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

I’m. I love that. Yes, 100%.

Amanda Furgiuele

And you’re right, Lynn. It has been a contention in the dating world, but fine. I’m okay with working a lot because we love it.

It’s all about finding your own personal balance. And, you know, people talk about like, Oh, it’s the work life balance.

And I just don’t believe in that because I think we all define it differently. balance is what you make it.

And I think that’s part of this whole world is like allowing yourself to be balanced in what you think is balanced.

And setting boundaries that work for you, with setting your schedule that works for you.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

Yeah. And I’m not unapologetic. I love what I do. It’s not that I don’t love, you know, my other relationships, but I love what I do.

And I love the impact. And I’m not going to apologize for working hard to do this because this is my calling.

And when I’m on the clock, I’m on the clock. But you know what? I know how to disconnect you.

But what I do right now brings me so much joy. And I’m going to leverage the hell out of that.

And I’m going to, you know, Don’t go in there and do it, not to the point of exhaustion, but I do it because it really does fill me up.

And I’ve good with that.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

One definitely best friend, Clara.

Amanda Furgiuele

Best friend. We’re best friends.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

I’ve created another podcast with the three of us because I love it. We love it.

Amanda Furgiuele

How can people get in contact with you and find more about you?

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

The best thing is just to go to my website, which is just claraecapano.com. I have a free productivity assessment on there.

They can get access to all of my books. For all of my books, I do donate back to charities.

So for my first book, Your Focus, I donate $5 from each of those books to St. Jude’s organization and my latest book.

I am tying it to fight against human trafficking. So as people buy books, just know that I do donate $5 from each of them back to charities.

I have lots of workshops. My biggest thing is, again, in helping women. Find their vision and then design the strategy to get there.

So I have some online courses as well as working one-on-one with me so that people can create not their business plan, but their success plan.

And then I’m all over social media. They just Google my name. They can find me on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, all that fun stuff.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

And of course all of this will be in the show notes. So if you didn’t catch that, go look at the show notes.

Amanda Furgiuele

Yeah. And for sure, if you are catching this podcast on another platform, or that’d be Google or Spotify, go back to the pursuit of atastory.com slash podcast and you will find all those shown it’s there with all of Clara’s information.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yes. Thank you so much, Clara. We really obviously love to have anyone. Well, thank you.

Clara Capano (Clara Capano)

love what you’re doing. I love, you know, the idea that you’re encouraging people to really level up to take stronger looks at themselves and to really challenge themselves to be their best and to again, unapologetic.

On an unapologetically be that badass that we know is inside each and every one of us.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

So thank you for what you’re doing. Thank you. Thank you. Well, everybody, till next time.

Amanda Furgiuele

And get after it.