Episode 69: Bedroom to Business: Sexuality and Transformation with Baljit Rayat

Hey there, it’s Lynn Howard and Amanda Furgiuele, and welcome to another episode of The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast! Today, we’re joined by the incredible Baljit Rayat, a certified sexologist, authentic tantra practitioner, and so much more. Baljit shares her journey from being an architectural technologist to finding holistic healing after facing a panic disorder and depression.

In this episode, Baljit delves into the power of energy and the importance of reconnecting with oneself. She emphasizes the impact of misdirected energy on our lives, from relationships to business, and offers insights into how trauma responses can manifest. Baljit also discusses the transformational potential of embracing one’s sexuality and shares practical tips for self-discovery.

We explore the interconnectedness of personal and business growth, discussing how healing in the bedroom can positively influence professional aspects. Baljit provides a unique perspective on energy, creativity, and the role of healthy boundaries in both personal and business relationships.

Tune in for an enlightening discussion that bridges the gap between personal and professional growth. Baljit’s insights are sure to leave you inspired and empowered. Get after it!

Baljit Rayat on The Pursuit of Badasserie podcast

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Baljit shares her unique journey, starting as an architectural technologist before experiencing a profound shift towards holistic healing due to panic disorder and depression
  • Detailed discussion on the significance of reconnecting with oneself and understanding the role of energy in shaping our lives
  • Exploration of misdirected energy and its multifaceted impact on relationships, business endeavors, and overall well-being
  • Insights into trauma responses and their complex manifestations across different facets of life, shedding light on how past experiences influence present behavior
  • Baljit’s perspective on the transformative power of embracing one’s sexuality, emphasizing its potential to unlock creativity and personal growth
  • Practical advice and techniques for self-discovery and healing, including setting intentions, journaling, and seeking professional guidance when needed
  • Examination of the interplay between personal and professional development, highlighting the importance of energy management, creativity, and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Baljit extends a special offer to listeners—an energy activation session designed to help realign and reclaim personal power
  • Conclusion with an invitation to continue exploring topics of personal growth and empowerment on future podcast episodes

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Continue reading for a full transcription of this episode:

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Hey, I’m Lynn.

Amanda Furgiuele  

And I’m Amanda. Welcome to The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast. We are back with another incredible guest today.

We have Baljit Rayat. She’s a certified sexologist, authentic tantra practitioner, akashic records consultant and teacher, intuitive mentor, DJ and producer.

She’s committed to raising the vibration of humans and humanity and has worked with thousands of people worldwide to up-level their lives by uncovering the truths of who they are at the core, creating profound results in their businesses and relationships.

She believes that everything in this world is energy and getting to the root of desire by connecting people back to their power causes a powerful ripple that spans all areas of life.

Welcome to the show.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Hi. Thank you for having me.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yeah, so tell us how you got started into all of this.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

It’s a little bit more about you. Yeah. So way, way back in early 2000, I was actually an architectural technologist.

I was in the architectural industry for seven years and between 2003 and 2005, I had a panic disorder and had depression.

So I felt really disconnected from my work and felt like something really needed to change. And I was on antidepressants as well, but I felt like I wanted to really heal holistically and I had no idea what that looks like.

And I somehow came across a homeopathic doctor. I didn’t even know what homeopathy was and worked with her and also a naturopathic doctor to just heal naturally to go deeper into what the panic attacks were all about.

And then I realized that my emotions were really disconnected from my physical self and also from my mental self as well.

I just felt really disconnected even though I looked happy on the outside and was living the and the city life inside.

I felt really disconnected and also I was such a people pleaser. And I didn’t even know that it was basically a trauma response of fawning.

I always wanted to make sure everyone on the outside. Even my family, my culture was taking care of to make sure that I felt safe in my body.

So I did that at work as well, and I just had like a massive burnout, and that’s also what led to the panic disorder.

So then when I took some homeopathic remedies, pretty much within four months, I just came out of this dark tunnel.

And within months, that’s how I discovered the Akashic Records, I met my former mentor, and your friend, and she did a session on me, and I’m like, what is this?

Like, this is so different from a psychic reading, because the psychic will tell you one trajectory, but the reality is we have many trajectories, and we can choose the least choice path, the meteoric or path, or the most choice path.

And what I recognized was, I kept giving my power away to psychics to tell me my future, but nothing was happening.

And I realized that I needed to make those shifts internally, and that’s what the Akashic Records really helped me with.

And then that’s when I was like, I need to learn this, and really delve into the whole thing. holistic realm of energy healing and that I was like Working full-time in architecture so I had two different lives and then by 2009 I decided to go full-time into my coaching business and Teach the cash of records and teach people how to really connect to their purpose and gifts Fast forward to that.

I Notice when people wanted to know what their purpose was there was a parallel in regards to Their energy We there if they’ve had trauma or some things not going right in their relationship Or they were really lacking to connecting with their energy and avoiding at all costs and treating it like a side dish versus the main dish how that literally parallel with how they showed up in business and I started to track the patterns and the similarities so I always say whatever happens in the bedroom happens in business and that

That’s how I became a certified sexologist because I usually get people that literally tell me their problems like physically, like on a level.

And by bringing compassion to that and also healing and discovering how to reconnect to that and I want to say, the armor.

How that actually shifts everything with how they show up within themselves, how they’re able to speak their truth, how they’re able to show up in their business.

And then through all of that, the DJing and the music making also came about too, obviously. So yeah, that’s my story in the short form.

Amanda Furgiuele  

That’s a long journey of development and change and changing your careers. So I know you speak a little bit about misdirected energy and how that affects and like impacts your purpose and your gift and your business life.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Can you speak a little bit more about that? Yeah, absolutely. So misdirected. energy means that you’re avoiding your energy at all costs and how that can look like is that it could show up as addiction, know, for some people it could be addiction, it could be food addiction where you don’t want to deal with those emotions or maybe the lack of, it could be a fear of your own power.

For some of us we may have been programmed to be afraid of our own power or dealt with jealousy or competitive energy with other women, so it’s like perceiving each other as a threat, so how often do you minimize that?

And so we can minimize our own creativity and just how we show up and energy is beyond just the byproduct of orgasmic .

It’s the way that you show up and how you use it. It can go into having a lack of healthy boundaries as well in relationships even with pregnancy.

friendships and with clients. It’s like a constant bleed through. So I’ve noticed with people when they’re misdirecting their energy and how that shows up in business is that they’re they’re going over time with the hours that they’re working with with their clients or they’re devaluing, you know, they’re pricing and not really honoring how they want to show up and they’re compromising what everyone else wants versus what they know that their soul needs to be.

And so all this misdirect leads to it’s the root cause is the fear. It’s like this fear of actually really connecting to our energy because there’s so much taboo with it and there’s so much programming as well.

And that programming can come from culture upbringing, could be religious, could be parental, it could be societal, like what we were taught in school, social media, so many things.

things that literally imprints a belief system that says, hey, it’s not safe. And so then that misdirect happens and it just stays, I call it like the three lower chakras, like we have our solar plexus and that represents power, but if it’s reversed, it goes into control.

And then our sacral, that’s our reproductive organs and that’s our obviously our creativity. And when it goes into reverse, we’re not able to create, we feel stagnant and it can go into manipulation.

And then we have our coxis, like our root, that’s actually all about security and well-being. And if that’s imbalance, we feel insecure and we feel ungrounded, we don’t feel in our body.

So these are all different levels of misdirecting our energy. And then by healing it, you’re able to redirect it.

it does take time. It takes compassion as well to really change.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Change that up. Yeah, I love that. love we often talk about and apply it in our business system with our clients about how everything is so interwoven and interconnected and people like bento box everything which definitely loved a bento box things just to like make sure ‘s getting done.

However, you touch on a few core aspects and it’s funny and I always get on early and we chat about the call and what’s going to happen and you know, I’m definitely more of the woo woo side and we were kind of joking about that.

However, even if you’re not and maybe you haven’t explored like the Kasha records which I love and homie up at the end of year, you’re speaking like my life.

At the end of the day, the simple things which simple but complex really do affect everything that we do and how we show up and I love how you’ve broken it down.

And really because it can be taboo to talk about our energy and depending, like you said, culture background, we’re from cultural background and or where we live or even the family that we were brought up in.

So I guess my question for you would be is like, how do you kind of whatever maybe some tips or some breakdowns of how you get people to really start to lean into like that is that is something that I need to work on.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Yeah, absolutely. So usually I’ll get a lot of people that will just start dancing around with a little email and they’ll be like, hey, I really want to do this.

I’m just not ready. And it really depends on the readiness factor. So if they’re not ready to go fully all in because it can be really daunting for someone to talk about in general or talk about.

I dealt with so many women and men but women in particular, and especially older, like, I don’t want to say older, want to say women that are in their 60s and 70s, and that all of a sudden they’re now like ready to like fulfill their purpose, like live their mission and they know the piece is such a big thing, and they’ve got some trauma from, you know, when their uterus was taken out or birth trauma, and they’ve never talked about it to anybody.

So for anyone who is experiencing this like hesitancy, it is normal because we were just raised to not talk about it in a way of learning how to have compassion and really connect with it.

So I would just start journaling what I like to tell people is to draw a line from like zero to your current age, and just randomly write down it just will feel like automatic writing just write down from, and you obviously are not going to remember much when you’re like,

like just a baby, but you might remember something. Who knows? Just any memory where you felt violated and it’s going to, or just any kind of thing that made you feel awkward.

It could be just even getting your period and then writing that down, writing it down how it felt but going to the current age, you’re gonna see some pattern there, like an actual pattern.

It’s the first thing for you to be like, oh, this is why this happens in my relationships. Now I could see that this actually happens in my business and once you’re able to connect the dots and you feel ready to shift it, then obviously you can hire a professional who’s obviously trauma informed as well because when you’re working with , you have to be very mindful of really understanding the nervous system and how that works as well.

And that was the other reason why I became a surgeon. of my psychologist because I also kept getting people that were, yes, we’re doing the healing and stuff like that, but it’s easy to not be embodied because they’re not connecting physically.

And I feel like that’s really important to be in your body in order to really show up and to do your work.

I hope that answered your question.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Yeah, no. Well, I answered the question for me anyway. So I mean, there’s a lot to unpack there because like you said before, there’s a lot of taboo feelings around the whole culture and how it represents, and of course, how men and women represent it and both inside a workplace as well as projecting it at networking events and so forth.

And there’s a lot of discussion around sort of this toxic and how that really is projected in the business world.

both for men and women. It’s not just the men that are toxic or that the women that are demure, like that’s not really what’s happening in the world.

And you can go through cycles that do show up in other areas of your life. It’s not your… I know it’s hard to believe this, folks, but we’re not just one thing.

We’re all the things all woven together, and so it does show up in really interesting places, and you can trace the patterns if you look for them.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Yeah, 100%.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

So, once you have someone that says they’re willing, which I think is really important. I love that you said that and that in your last kind of blurb is that they might dance around, they might internally know, but they’re not ready and willing to put into the work.

What are some of the… after the journaling after them to get to recognize the patterns? Which, guys, those of you listening…

And patterns help us unravel so much in all aspects, anywhere from marketing to obviously our energy and where it’s showing up and how it’s showing up in our lives, because everything has a cause and a fact.

after all of that is done, how do you, and they’re starting to notice their patterns, tell us how you walk through individuals, because essentially you are helping them live more in purpose, live more of truly who they are, reclaim some of who they are back, if they need to reclaim that.

It’s kind of two part one is like, what are some of the other tips that you would give our audiences or kind of the points, but also like, what’s the, talking about cause and effect, like what’s the after?

Like how are they showing up after, give some examples of after, because I think that’s important. both in the personal and in the business world because when we do that healing and I love that you said because I often talk about like so many people like go through the motions of healing but they’re don’t really embody the healing and I love that you said that because there is a clear disconnect and you can for those of us who really have done both like you can really see it when you pay attention so I’d love to love to know both sides of it.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Yeah it really is depending on the readiness factor and it’s simple as you know you can use this anywhere you know just asking yourself on a scale of one to ten ten being the highest how ready am I to ship this how ready am I to take up on this amazing opportunity in front of me even if it’s so amazing your internal mechanism might be like a three and so you want to be at seven out of ten if it’s like a six or lower then you want to ask yourself and this will

require for you to have a moment to go in right down in your journal and be like, well, what would make it at least a seven or even a 10?

Like, what is it that I need to do? Do I need to hire a mentor? Do I need to go talk to a friend or a parent?

What is that thing that’s going to help me shift? Maybe I need to change the way that I eat, like it could be anything.

And so how I bridge that to when I’m working with my clients, everyone’s different, like everyone has their own story.

And it’s so profound. So it’s, it’s really cater to what they’re needing. But what I do is before I even get them to connect with their genitals, literally, like I actually get them to learn how to do all the mapping and also yoni mapping.

So they become familiar with that. And also see the mirror images of how that shows up in business. We start with the energetics first, because

I’ll do like a 90-minute assessment where I ask them all these questions about their background, background, their history. It’s really, really important.

There’s so many gems from it because there’s things that they don’t, you know, it’s not a normal thing that you normally talk about, you know, about when you got your first period or how was your mom’s birth with you, you know, it’s just like all these conversations that all these topics that you don’t normally talk about.

And what that does is that it actually gives me an actual root cause of why they’re having these issues in the bedroom.

And sometimes, actually, most of the times, don’t even know what’s going on. It’s like, here’s what’s happening over the surface, but I know there’s something deeper, and I also know it’s impacting how I’m showing up in business and just in general.

So with that 90-minute assessment, that’s like the game changer for me. Then I know, okay, this is what we need to do next.

So then I normally start off with like in a cashic record session because well let’s work through these blocks because in order for you to feel safe to connect to your genitals we need to you know clear whatever happened and could be it could be you know an illness that they had or could be something really you know we all have macro and minor or either macro micro traumas that has happened to us that we don’t even realize affects how we show up it could be someone that you dated your first boyfriend or something and and how that literally relates to you know how you show up in life and so then I get them to do the practical things of connecting to their generals and that’s when I can tell where if there’s any resistance because some of them will be like I tried I couldn’t do it I just look down there and I couldn’t even touch myself and I’m like okay that’s great that’s perfect and we

just take your time. everyone’s very different, but they start to be dearmors. So not only does their their life improve, whether it’s solo with a partner, but they start to show up so differently with their business.

They’ll start to notice that more opportunities are happening because when you have blocks, you’re, you’re just either consciously or subconsciously contracting.

You don’t even know it. So even like last week at a client, she was like, oh, I just got invited with like another, like, you know, a collaboration that I just didn’t even think of that was even going to happen.

And I’ve had clients who all of a sudden they have all this creativity, they like launched their books. I have a lot of people writing books.

And so that creativity starts to come back. And it’s because you’re actually tapping into a deeper wisdom. You’re actually not working from a headspace and we need our logic.

Our logic is very important, but you’re actually connecting your heart to the genitals and then being like, okay, well, what am I supposed to do?

next. And then it’s just a different way of showing up. And people like improving their relationships as well. And the business things like the results is even downloading a new program.

There’s just like creating their products. Like it’s like a lot of creative stuff starts to come forward, but it’s very natural.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

I love that. And I cannot stress enough that it regardless of how you Who audience you are or unwoo is that when you have blockage, regardless, even if you look at it from a mechanical standpoint of view, when there’s blockages or a scientific standpoint of you, even like in a machine, when there’s a blockage, obviously, like things can’t get through you don’t have that natural flow or movement that’s supposed to happen.

And inside of our bodies and energetic mentally, spiritually, like when there’s blocks because we have all of the above, then we’re not able to show up truly in the essence and in the power that we can show up in.

And I love that you’re, and I have a really best girlfriend who does very similar things with that you do as well.

So we’re having this conversation all the time. And I love this. I like, I love to watch like the people in our, in our network kind of like go through this and like see these little like little pokes in the veil of the of the blockage or in that belief blockage that we kind of just kind of like cram up and throw in the corner and just don’t look at it again.

And it’s such a beautiful process that I feel like the majority of the world doesn’t necessarily like recognize as really not just healing, but more importantly reclaiming, stepping more into in so many different aspects.

And I feel like I’m actually like bastardizing what really it does. You know what I mean? Because it does so much.

Like when you dig into those places and start to clear out the clutter and allow light to shine in there and allow.

And I’ve done, I’ve done, actually I just wrote it about it in the book that’s my most recent book about like went to a seminar where it was going back to your birth.

And it was absolutely one of the most powerful things. was a two or three day thing. And it was one of the most powerful things.

was completely shifting for me at that point in my life in who I was and how I showed up.

So I love, I love that you’re doing this work.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

I love it. Thank you. Thank you. And you said the word so perfectly. It is reclaiming. It’s like reclaiming what’s already innate within us.

It’s just we’re decluttering all the programming that we’ve taken on since we’re a kid. And once we really understand that.

It’s like, oh, it’s beyond woo-woo. It’s like once we really understand, they were like, OK, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Amanda Furgiuele  

So if you could leave the audience with one more tidbit tip piece of advice or aha moment, what would it be?

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Oh my goodness. I always like to tell people to set their intentions. So every day when I wake up, I like to set my intentions of how I choose to show up and how I choose my day to be like.

So it’ll be like, please allow me to be grounded in my power and my truth, remove any and all interferences between me and my clients and allow me to be a crystal clear conduit so that the day is just miraculous and wonderful.

we can never intend how we want others to show up, because they have free will. But what it does, it sends a telepathic message saying, hey, I used to show up this way.

How about you? And if they’re not willing, it’s OK. They might cancel the appointment and great, you’ve come for a free time.

But it also allows you to really reclaim how you want to show up. it’s when we don’t think about that, it’s like we don’t declare that then other people will choose for us.

So it’s a great practice to do. It’s like brushing your teeth every day and it’s just like you can do it in the shower while you’re putting on your makeup or whatever.

But setting intentions is very, very powerful. You can do it in business.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

You can also do it in the bedroom, so. Absolutely. And for those that are listening, I know that you have a special offer for our guest.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Yes, so it’s an activation. And so basically what this is, it’s a really big tune up. If you are feeling just out of place and you’re just feeling scattered and you just need something to really connect back to yourself, you just be in a

private uninterrupted space free of any distractions. You can have a notebook and pen or you can just like lie down and just relax as well just to receive it.

So it’s like a mixture of like energy healing as well but it’s a way to help with the nervous system and just bring you back to yourself.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Excellent. for men and women correct.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

just want to clarify all genders.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yeah. Gender is wonderful.

Amanda Furgiuele  

And of course that will be in the show notes that unlock your sacral power energy activation. It is in the show notes.

If you’re listening to this podcast on another platform you head back to the pursuit of badassery.com slash podcast. That is where you will find all the information and where’s the best place for people to find you?

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Yes. You can find me on my website at belgriot.com or I’m more active on my Instagram Instagram at IAMBelgriot.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Awesome. So make sure you’re following her. Oh, this was lovely.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

I feel like I could talk to you forever. might be calling you after Yeah, I do it on Zoom or I also do it on phone and I have a line where it gets recorded.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

So yeah. So I have a guy here in Bangkok or Thailand, he’s out of China, you I work with.

love love love him. However, I’m often asked because they have a lot of women want to go to a woman.

And so for whatever reason. And I understand like, you know, you have to do what is, but I’ll connect with you after and I’ll send you a email to get your reads kind of like how you do that and that way I can pass that along because I do have a lot of people who ask me about that.

And also because he’s here and not in the, you know, North America side as well. you can not be able to definitely have some things.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Thank you. Thank you.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Same. Same. us know. There’s anything that we can help or collect and participate with you, but it’s not.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Thank you.

Amanda Furgiuele  

you. Perfect that your show is coming out in February because people are all in that lovely W.C.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

year. I know.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

be more than two.

Amanda Furgiuele  

It might be more than two.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

Yes. Excellent.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

It was so nice to meet you.

Baljit Rayat (Baljit Rayat)

So nice to meet you both.