Episode 70: Bold Selling with Katey Fortun

Words tell, but stories sell. Join us in today’s podcast as we sit down with Katey Fortun, a seasoned sales expert with a knack for turning tales into triumphs. Katey takes us on a journey through her unconventional path from interior designer to commercial furniture sales mogul in the heart of small-town Wisconsin.

In this episode, Katey shares candidly about her humble beginnings, the power of building authentic relationships, and the art of being boldly persistent in sales. From her cautionary tales of talking to strangers to transforming a simple “no” into millions in sales, Katey spills her secrets to success with conviction and confidence.

Despite the challenges, Katey’s passion for cold calling shines through. Yes, you heard it right – cold calling, the old-school way. With wisdom passed down from her 76-year-old mentor, Katey has mastered the art of personal connections and earned a reputation that turns cold leads into warm referrals.

But Katey’s story doesn’t stop there. Beyond her thriving sales career, she’s also a dynamic entrepreneur, speaker, and educator in the disability community, slowly building her own business while juggling the demands of her day job.

Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, Katey’s insights and infectious enthusiasm will inspire you to embrace boldness, chase your goals, and sell with unwavering conviction. Don’t miss out – tune in now and let’s get after it!

bold selling with katey fortun

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Katey’s unusual start in sales
  • Powerful mentorships
  • Old-school sales tactics
  • Learning sales and mentorships
  • Making friends in sales
  • Relational vs Transactional selling
  • Product conviction
  • How selling has changed with technology
  • Taking chances
  • Turning down a client
  • Cold calling
  • Don’t stop at “no”
  • Always ask
  • Getting yourself out there
  • Who knows you?
  • Knowing who you really are
  • Arrogance vs. confidence
  • Putting yourself out there
  • The importance of telling a story in sales
  • Katey’s podcast

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