Episode 72: Amplify Your Badasserie

What makes you badass? How can you amplify your badasserie?

Let’s talk about it in today’s episode of The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast!

We kick off by discussing our recently launched program, the Badass Amplifier Group Coaching Accelerator, which aims to empower individuals to unleash their full potential in both personal and professional realms. Throughout the episode, we explore the multifaceted nature of badasserie, emphasizing that it encompasses more than just business success—it’s a mindset and a way of living life to the fullest. 

We encourage listeners to reflect on what “being in your badasserie” means to them and to set ambitious goals that challenge them to grow. We touch on the importance of surrounding oneself with the right people who uplift and hold us accountable, as well as the significance of taking consistent action toward our aspirations. Our conversation highlights the necessity of embracing discomfort and uncertainty in the pursuit of mastery and acknowledges the role of faith in oneself and the universe. 

So, are you up for a little badasserie? Let’s get after it!

Amplify your badasserie on The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Introduction to the Podcast Episode: Suggesting a focus on achieving a state of excellence or mastery in various aspects of life.
  • Overview of the Badass Amplifier Group Coaching Accelerator Program, which aims to help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.
  • Definition and Exploration of Badasserie: The term “badasserie” is discussed as more than just a personality trait; it’s portrayed as a mindset and lifestyle characterized by confidence, resilience, and fearlessness.
  • Encouragement for Reflection: Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own levels of badasserie and to set ambitious goals for themselves, whether in their personal or professional lives.
  • Importance of Supportive Networks: The podcast emphasizes the significance of surrounding oneself with supportive and accountable individuals who can help motivate and push one another toward their goals.
  • Taking Consistent Action: There’s a discussion about the necessity of taking consistent action toward personal and professional growth, highlighting the idea that small, consistent efforts compound over


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Continue reading for a full transcription of this episode:

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Hey, I’m Lynn.

Amanda Furgiuele  

And I’m Amanda. Welcome to the Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast. It’s the dynamic duo back again and excited to talk to you as usual.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yes, we are. We are. And this is one of How to amplify your badasserie. Why is it special to us, Amanda?

Amanda Furgiuele  

First of all, that’s the coolest name ever. Next to the pursuit of badasserie, badass amplifier is probably the second coolest term.

However, we started a program in January. Well, it started much further earlier than January, but it came to fruition in January.

It’s called our badass amplifier group coaching accelerator program. And I am in love with It’s awful. That’s OK. I get excited about lots of things and I included.

And I just I love it because it’s really exactly the kind of group coaching program I wish that I had known about or had access to when I was an entrepreneur.

Because I just it just didn’t exist when I started out as an entrepreneur. And now there’s just so many different millions of different coaching programs and I’m not trying to throw shade at the programs, but I really love our program.

I love the way it has come together. I love. the people we have in it. I love the content we’re putting out and I love the changes we’re seeing.

Oh, I love that.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yeah, nice. I agree. So for those of you who want to learn more, go to Badassamplifier.com. If you haven’t seen it post on our social media, this podcast is not necessarily to promote the accelerator.

However, we are going to talk about amplifying your bad rate and what that means. But just to like wrap up what Amanda said, it is so much more than a good coaching program.

Amanda and I took all the things that we loved and that we didn’t like so much. I have other programs that we personally belong to, that some of our clients have belonged to, at high level, high roller producers have belonged to, and we really compiled an accelerator.

This is for those that actually want to get done and not for those that are okay with mediocracy or status quo or not willing to put in the work.

so it is so much more. than a group coaching program. It’s really incredible. go to Badass Amplifier and learn more.

So about amplifying your Badasserie.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Which I feel really covers more than just business.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Let’s be honest. It does. Let’s be honest.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Yeah. Badasserie in general is not just a word that we made up and trademarked and put in the world.

It is a state of mind. It’s a who you are. It’s part of how you run your life and how you go about your day to day, whether that’s business or personal.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Absolutely. you know we’re all about actions and like, taddoos. And so what I would say is like, have you defined, we know that it is our word, but if Badasserie sits with you, like I would take moment, pause this podcast and maybe just do a quick data dump of what being in your Badasserie means, right?

So I know it doesn’t translate to some, some country. actually here in Thailand, I was like, yeah, this is the name.

They’re like, oh, that’s cool. What does that mean? Those that are a bit more English speaking native, they find it cool.

But they’re like, yeah, that’s not going to translate here. But that answer is just like being your bad self and all the good ways, like living up to the fullest of whatever that is for you to just be all in common scene of all of all of you and all your destined to be.

It is kind of like my definition as well. But I would definitely say like pause here and like do a data dump.

What would that look like if you were living in all of your glory, all of your badasserie, what would that look like business and personal?

And I would start there.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Yeah, it’s almost like a data dump vision board of your badasserie. I mean, there’s so many things that I have found that this concept of badasserie have leaked into other parts of my life.

And I know this sounds really. almost cliche and almost just sad really. However, sometimes when I’m struggling with saying no to things because I sort of want to do them or I feel obligated to do them or I a lot of times it’s feeling obligated because of like a past relationship, business or personal where I just feel like, Oh, I need to hold on to this for whatever in my brain reason there is.

But I think about that word, bad or I’m like, what about us do this? Like, so it’s like that Dwight Schrute quote from the office for those of you who watched the teacher, the office like, the best advice I’ve ever had.

I think what an idiot do this. And if an idiot would, I would not do it. And it’s the same thing.

Like if a badass person wouldn’t do this thing, if badasserie wouldn’t describe this, this endeavor, I’m not going to do it.

And I think that’s where I’ve moved into my shifted my mindset around how I do business and how I take on

challenges within my business and within my personal life. I’m like, is this really on brand? And I’m not trying to say that we only live in our brand of badasserie.

However, really feel like that’s part of who I am now. So if it’s not seat them badasserie, I don’t want to do it.

Steeped in badasserie.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Oh, steeped in all the good ways, all the crevices. You know, when you were talking about that, I remind me of when I was director of B&I.

I had my chapter that I was a personal member of. So obviously, I was closest with them because I was in that community for so long for almost 10 years.

mean, I was in one other chapter for the first like year, year and half before I moved across Iowa.

But they had the same like, what would Lynn do? Kind of like the old saying, what would Jesus do for those of you that are religious?

But they would literally say like, what would Lynn do? And so you saying that was like, I need to bring back that saying.

But when you were also talking about, I literally just, um, saw my favorite newsfeed obviously, a little real bot with Matthew McConaughey who I adore and he’s so wise and he was talking about giving it your all and about how that you should always give it your all.

Regardless if you fail, if you succeed, that way you can never come back and say what if, right? And I feel like that is very in alignment with like living in your bad assery.

you’re always giving it your all for that particular task person, place thing, whatever it is, like to me that is maximizing your bad assery because you’re like fully invested, you’re fully present and there’s no question, right?

You’re diving, you’re taking that leap, which I think is the quintessential like entrepreneurial hang up but also like what makes the entrepreneur an entrepreneur like take the step towards entrepreneurship is that leap like even if they’re uncertain and uncertain they’re making

I feel like that is definitely like a part of like truly living in your glorious badasserie.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Yes. And I mean, also from your favorite news feed and I don’t know where I saw this Instagram, but I don’t even know if I saw it on Instagram.

However, there was another quote about giving it your all that I thought was so great for when you don’t feel like you have anything to give.

And it was even if all you have to give is 5% or 10% or 30%. That’s all you have left in you to give.

Give 100% to that 5% and then you’ll be that much further along and it doesn’t have to be I’m always 100% all the time.

I’m go, go, go, go. It’s when you’re putting in that action, put 100% into that action when you’re in it.

So even if all you have left to give in your day, like you just have 1% to dedicate towards that badasserie you’re going for, give 100% to that 1%.

And that’s still going to be way more than what most people are giving. And I love that.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

That too, you know, reminds me of a conversation I just had yesterday. It feels like I have this conversation quite often lately about like how superficial and disconnected we have become not just to each other, but to the things in our life.

Like, and you would think post COVID that things would become more meaningful and I’m making a blanket statement. I’m not saying everybody is like this.

However, I have conversations all the time with people who are like, oh, I just don’t feel connected. I don’t feel this and it’s because I literally just gave a talk and I called out the people in the room because of one of the things I was talking about was connection and about living in the present.

And when I was looking, it was a rotary presentation. I looked around the room when the present was speaking.

was like eight people or so on their phones and they were just like not present in the room. And so when I got there, I was talking about connection.

said, you know, I was looking around the room and I saw like eight of you. on your phones like right now you’re being respectful on your eyes are on me so that means you’re giving more But are you really truly present is your mind here?

you getting the most out of savoring this moment? And I think that that goes into what you’re saying like even if you are just strapped and You only have that 2% left in your tank.

What are you gonna do with it to make the most of that 2%? And to make sure that you and not all of us regret like I’m not a person who Who has regrets regardless if I’m giving 100% or not And it’s definitely something I I Try to lean more into when I’m doing things.

However Yeah, I think that like being present like truly truly like not being superficial or just going through the moves Is going to help you be more in your badasserie and or the pursuit of your badasserie

Amanda Furgiuele  

And along those lines, being in the pursuit of your badasserie, again, we mentioned this at the beginning, you’ve got to know what that is.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

And what is badass to you?

Amanda Furgiuele  

Like, do the data dump. Think if you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter how straight your track is, you’re never going to get to where you want to go because you don’t even know where the destination is.

You don’t know what you’re trying to do. And I know it’s all about the journey, not the destination, cetera, et cetera.

But you’ve got to go somewhere. And you’ve got to have some goals and you have to have something that really is driving you forward.

Otherwise, you’re just living the same year over and over and calling it a life. And that’s not something that we want to do.

want to fully embrace. And from a personal and from a business standpoint, from a spiritual standpoint, from a creative standpoint, from whatever is important in life, if you want to have that feeling that you are achieving your optimum and whatever that is defined by you.

It doesn’t mean that it’s the same standards that Lynn and I have for ourselves or any My standards for some things are completely off from what Lynn’s standards are for them.

Like we have very different, I know it seems sometimes we’re the same person, but we have very different, our core values are very similar, but there’s a lot of things in our lives that are very important that are very important to Lynn that aren’t as important to me and vice versa.

And, you know, but we have to define that for ourselves. That’s part of understanding your bad assery is knowing what is important to you and where you want to go with it and how important that is to get there and what you’re willing to work for, what you’re willing to sacrifice for.

And that’s another thing that sets the entrepreneur apart that so many people aren’t really willing to sacrifice for that end goal.

But if you’re going to be bad , there’s going to be things you sacrifice, whether that’s a positive or a negative in your mind.

But there’s things you sacrifice whether that’s time, energy, money, there’s all sorts of ways to sacrifice. if you’re really living in that bad assery and you really want it and you really are trying to strive for it.

You have to make choices, but you can’t make those choices if you don’t even know where you’re going.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yeah. And if you’re okay being in your comfort zone, because making choices like that is definitely pushing you out of your comfort zone.

And that’s where growth happens. I love all these points. just to recap before we continue going, first identifying what your badasserie is, then setting goals and structure around accomplishing that, getting really clear on what’s that path looks like.

And I would add also, you know, you are the company that you keep. we’re on the pursuit of badasserie, this is something that Amanda and I have spoke about a few times, but I was literally at another networking event just the other day.

And it doesn’t matter when this podcast comes out, how far in advance we record them. I’m always at a networking event, feels like.

But we, in my 45 second commercial, I listed off about and accomplishments for the people in the room who didn’t really know me because it was about putting people in our Get Done workshop.

One of our signature workshops that we do live and virtual. And I was talking about, but I named off all these things that I had gotten done and including writing and publishing two books in the last year.

And actually three books, we’ve together, we’ve actually published and wrote three of four books in the last year and a half.

Amanda and I, and there’s two parts of this. One is, if I didn’t have Amanda with me in vice versa, we’ve had this conversation.

Like we might not have been able to get as far as what we have with that particular goal. There’s many other ones that we’ve accomplished, etc.

we do two things. One, we are energy and inspiration for each other. So It’s good to have somebody to bounce ideas off of, do it together.

way we’re not alone because entrepreneurship can definitely be lonely. But the other aspect is that we are not each other’s yes people.

We hold each other accountable. We make commitments to one another and to ourselves, and we call each other out on that .

And I think that that’s really important on the pursuit of that. As you’re just once you are the company that you keep for a few different reasons.

If you’re aligning with mediocrity, then you’re going to be mediocrity. You’re going to be mediocrity. Mediocrity.

Amanda Furgiuele  

I’m the gram or not see.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

I was like, that doesn’t make sense. Blue first, but if you’re aligning yourself and we just had this conversation with the podcast interview that we did last night.

That if you are always the smartest person in the room, you’re not getting smarter. So really being mindful of the people that you keep, but then also who’s

keeping you accountable beside yourself. It’s great if you have self accountability. However, having outside accountability, especially when you are making money moves.

And right now, in 2024, because this is when this podcast comes out, I love the little memes that are about mob wife era.

I do love that. I think back in the day, wanted to be a mob wife. know it’s John, that was the only time I wanted to get married.

I thought I was going to grow up and marry a another podcast.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Too close to my Italian heritage.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Woo. Thanks. I remember them when all the deaths happened in our family or the family gatherings, all of them came from New York.

And they were all dressed in their Italian suits. Yeah. Anyway, any who members with that being said, like making sure that you are surrounding yourself with the right people to help you get to where you want to go.

It’s like dressing for the part. Don’t dress in scrubs if you want to be a prince or king, right?

queen or princess. Don’t be dressing in like dressing down dress up for what you want. And that’s the same thing with the people that you keep, but also making sure that they’re able to help hold you accountable in the ways that you need.

It’s like having a great coach. I’ve had many coaches, and man, I can definitely speak to this because this was her industry for decades, or at least a decade, but I’ve had many coaches throughout my years and those that I got the most out of knew how to hold me accountable and motivate me in the way I needed it.

Not in there like cookie cutter way, not in the way that they did the rest of the team, but they had that individualized accountability that really lit a fire underneath me.

Amanda Furgiuele  

And so that’s what you need on the pursuit of bad rate because you’re making money moves, babe, like you’re making money moves.

Yes, absolutely. And you know, it’s funny, the five people, and they say, are the five people that you hang out with the most.

You don’t want to be the smartest in the room. And if you think you always are the smartest person in the room, either you’re in the

on room or you have a really twisted mindset about what makes you better than everybody else. Maybe that’s not twisted, that’s maybe a harsh word.

But if you constantly feel like you’re the best one there, you might need to reevaluate why that is. Are you in the wrong room or are you projecting your superiority on the rest of the room or are you not identifying the strengths of the other people and instead comparing them to your strengths?

Because maybe you’re in a room of five brilliant people and you’re the best at your one thing and somebody else is the best at their one thing but they’re crappy at yours and so therefore you look down on them because they’re not as smart as you but they’re starting a different way.

So you really need to and that’s one of the best things about networking is finding those people who will lift you up in the areas that you are not good at because there are many areas no matter how good you are, no matter how accomplished there are some

always going to be a weak side. There’s always going to be things that you’re not as good at. There are many things that I’m not very good at and there are many things I’m great at.

So it’s finding that juxtaposition, finding that complimentary grouping that you can really grow together and you can advise each other in a way that isn’t, you know, just giving everything you want.

Yes, ma’am, we don’t want just this constant placating everything you want. We want some people who are really going to challenge you and help you grow to where you really need to be.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

That absolutely absolutely man, I feel like can go on on. What’s another one? What’s another thing that you think is a must in the pursuit of badasserie regardless of life or business?

Amanda Furgiuele  

I think you need to go for way more than you think. I think being badass is going for the big goals, going for the big huge giant things that everybody else thinks you’re ridiculous for.

Because anybody can make their goal to, I don’t know, balance checkbook every month, which is not easy for everybody.

lot of people don’t keep looking to use checks anymore. The point is there are small goals that you can want to have just because they’re more practical goals.

But I think one of the biggest mistakes people are making these days is that they make goals based on what they think they can achieve.

They’re not making goals that challenge them to achieve more and make them excited to wake up in the morning.

It’s just like, well, this is a goal I can achieve. And I think that this is like the bastardization of the Smart Goals theory.

So when Smart Goals came out, and I love Smart Goals, that measurable side, that attainable, so that A and Smart is attainable.

And I think people, instead of using that as a tool to help them get what they want, they’re slapping that attainable word on there, but like, oh, this is what I can do, instead of trying harder to do better and to make those goals bigger.

you could still attain them. It just might take you a little bit more work. And I think there’s just, I think the bad is not being afraid to make those huge goals for yourself.

Ridiculous things that people look at you and tell you to your face multiple times a week even that you’re crazy, that you have too much energy, that you’re too much, that that’s never going to happen.

That happens to me all the time. And I, if I listened to the people who told me that I was being too much or too motivated or what’s the one I heard this last December that was too driven.

That’s what I heard. That was too driven. And I just laughed at it. was like, oh yeah, that’s that’s a great thing to be.

I would, I, that. Yes, I am too driven to driven from my britches and I haven’t got about it.

However, if you’re going to be bad , you’ve got to be driven. You’ve got to go for the big things.

can’t just sit around and hope that things come to you and then just strive for what everybody else thinks is attainable because what somebody else what your neighbor thinks is attainable to you could be just like I could do that in five minutes and what they think is two is a huge giant goal I might think is something I could do in a week so again it’s knowing yourself like what are your expectations of yourself what are your goals for yourself it’s not one anybody else thinks and when you find a big goal go bigger if it doesn’t scare you if it doesn’t make you a little bit like oh this if it doesn’t make you think twice about whether not you have it in you to do it I’m not sure it’s big enough I’m just not sure it’s big enough I would definitely agree the other thing I would add to that there were two but I won’t just lost I got lost in your lost in what you were saying and it totally escaped me but the one thing I want to try in there but I definitely want to pull it out is taking action it is

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

really important for you to when you’re on the pursuit of an asteroid, it is a pursuit. It’s proactive. It is putting in action.

It is a little bit of forethought. I remember the other one a little bit of forethought, but it is action action action.

And that’s where a lot of individuals like they want, and this is no throw in chain, but you want the riches, you want to be a cajillionaire, you want to sell 10,000, you know, courses overnight or whatever, but you’re not putting in the work, you’re not really up your sleeves.

And I know we did we’ve done a podcast about hustle. And we believe in it, we don’t think that you need to do it at the detriment of yourself.

However, there is action every day, consistent action, making the sacrifices for today to reap the rewards tomorrow. And that is very much for sustainable business and or even life, like, make it even if you look at your personal relationships.

as we have to make sacrifices, but there’s daily actions or engagement that needs to happen in order to to make that thrive.

at a plant, very few plants you can throw on the ground and say, good luck and walk away. No, you have to nurture it.

You have to water it. You have to weed around it. You have to pay attention to it. Same thing with business in life.

The other thing is too, that I think, Amanda, we’re really good at it. I think sometimes I don’t know.

You’ll have to tell me is I think that on the pursuit of mastery, there is an essence of just leaving without knowing that the footing is there.

And I think about like the chapter I wrote one of our books about when I was in Kawasaki with those friends and they were like, holy , you just like scaled down that like, waterfalls, meters, waterfall, without, they’re like, it was impressive.

was like, yeah, I didn’t think I just did. Like, and I know that I can do the I can get into those modes sometimes to kind of like get through something, but I will tell you it is an asset that is really, really served me on my pursuit of bad mastery, but to not think just do.

And I’m not saying that there is a little bit of thought that goes into it, but the second we get into our heads and we start to over overthink and over analyze and over plan out, it can suck out the fun, it can take away the meaning, it can alter our pursuit or slow us down.

So there is a nice mix of both, but definitely don’t think just go. Like there’s a lot of that I think in the pursuit of bad mastery.

Amanda Furgiuele  

At least that served me. I don’t know how you feel about that. Oh no, I don’t know if this may be partially to do with our behavioral style.

I think it’s an ID for those of you who know the disc assessment. We are going to go over that in our podcast coming up.

But I’m a ID, which basically means that I am an action taker. past warranted, I’m fast thinking, fast doing.

So I absolutely will jump into things. And I recently have a discussion with my sister who is an examiner.

she’s, she’s an examiner and her so like not she’s much more slow to think she’s more caring about relationships and researchers to the cows come home and she has so much concentration and energy on researching.

I wish sometimes based on my track record of jumping into let’s say for example, very large stock purchases that jumped up in my jumped in my face and smacked me around a bit.

That’s very, very rough financial choices when we had that big crash a decade ago or whatever. So I have lost a lot of money because I jumped in without really researching but I’ve also earned a lot of money because I jumped into things and didn’t really think about it and just put in the action.

I absolutely jump, I leap and then just assume I’m either going to grow wings or

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

or there’ll be a mattress at the bottom or a.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Yeah. So and I definitely and it’s one of my favorite quotes actually. And I always butchered. I feel like I I’ve quoted this quote wrong for 20 years, but it’s when a bird lands on a branch.

It doesn’t rely on the branch to hold it because it doesn’t have faith in the branch and its faith in its own wings.

And it’s the same concept here that wherever I’m jumping, wherever I’m going, I don’t have faith that that thing’s going to work out for me.

I never I’m too pessimistic to assume things are going to work out. However, I am really well.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

She is.

Amanda Furgiuele  

I am way too pessimistic.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

How much better though? We’ll say that anyway.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Better. But I’m a pessimist. I will always assume it’s going to go wrong. However, I trust that I will make it go right.

But it doesn’t matter what is thrown at me. And there have been some doozy folks that I will probably never talk about because I’m way too.

reserved and I’ll never be that. vulnerable. However, a very rough scenarios have come up to me and it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter how much money I lose, how much pride I lose. I will always come back to the fact that I will save myself in the end.

I will come back, I will bounce back, I will have an idea, I will put in the action to get back on my feet and better every time.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yeah, yeah, in reflection you are, I think we balance each other out because there have been a couple of times I’m like, whoa Amanda, scale back but I’m more of like hyper-focus, that’s why I want us to like not take on those opportunities.

So it’s interesting, you’re absolutely correct for both. And I will say when I was sitting there listening to you, I don’t know if I’ve had this like aha moment before but I know a lot of that for me because it is about like, I do have a little bit of faith in the universe, right?

So the manifestation part that is definitely a part but I do trust that I will figure it out and

That definitely comes from probably behavioral soft. Absolutely. But also, it was a survival tool. And it’s just kind of like a little, I have a little aha moment and where it’s hindered me as well.

So a little bit of self-worth. Thanks for that, Amanda, that I need to do. but these are kind of like all of our ideas of the pursuit of bad rate.

Like we can go on and on and on. The Badass Amplifier, which is now a program that we are offering several times a year, cohorts are coming out soon.

make sure you’re jumping into the Badass Amplifier on the badassamplifier.com website. We’ll have more in the show notes about that.

Check it out. It is, we can be that support system for you for all of these and more about living your best bad life.

But at the end of the day, you have to make that choice. You have to make a choice.

Amanda Furgiuele  

You have to want it.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yeah, absolutely.

Amanda Furgiuele  

We can’t want it for you.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

that’s a challenge want to see as a business consultant.

Amanda Furgiuele  

That I can’t want your business to succeed more than you. I can’t want you to get where you want to go more than you.

I mean, I can. I do often. But it’s never going to work the way you want it to with just my intentions.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Oh, you can lead a horse water. You can’t make them drink. You can show them the door. But we can’t.

Amanda Furgiuele  

I mean, I can push you through it. But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to stay on the other side.

So or land on your feet once I push it through.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yeah. Yeah. At the end of the day, we can shove the horses face in the water, but it might drown.

Amanda Furgiuele  

That’s what I’m about. I totally get to shove the horses face in the water. That’s me.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

That’s me. we’ll stop. All right. So we want to know what is your idea or your definition of the pursuit of a factory?

Like what is that? that life mean to you and and I am I Love enjoying the journey like it has been a difficult one At times and but this is why why the pursuit of badasserie is so meaningful To be anti-manna because we do believe in the journey It’s not the end destination the end destinations are great, but there’s always going to be more and more and more So what is your pursuit to badasserie?

does that mean to you? And why is it so important to you?

Amanda Furgiuele  

We’d love to hear it in the comments Absolutely, I and if this resonates with you, you’re our people and if this resonates with somebody you know Tag them.

Let’s talk about it because we want to meet them. We want to talk to you guys you want to share these ideas We want to help you reach your badass levels and whatever that means to you and Take you on the ride with us Absolutely, and if you have not hit that subscribe button.

Lynn Howard (Lynn Howard)

Yeah on Spotify or on YouTube So if you’re listening to us on Spotify, you can watch our lovely faces on YouTube as well.

And both. Or vice versa. But hit subscribe. We definitely have our goal for subscribers this year. So please go ahead and hit subscribe.

Help us hit our goals. I can’t remember off the top of my head because it feels like it’s already been like a full day and it’s only 10 a.m.

But with that being said, till next time.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Get after it.