Episode 81: Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs with Lunaria Gaia

Welcome back to The Pursuit of Badasserie: The Podcast. In this episode, we sit down with the dynamic Lunaria Gaia, a seasoned confidence coach, best-selling author, and empowerment advocate. Lunaria shares her journey from self-doubt and limiting beliefs to becoming a beacon of inspiration for women seeking to live authentically and break free from societal expectations.

Lunaria discusses her latest book (coming out THIS WEEK) and delves into her personal transformation, catalyzed by the tragic loss of her brother. She emphasizes the importance of mastering one’s mind, emotions, and fears to overcome internal barriers and achieve personal and professional success.

Throughout the episode, Lunaria highlights key strategies for building trust with an audience through consistency and authenticity, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She also explores the difference between motivation and discipline, underscoring the necessity of daily commitment and action.

Tune in to learn how to embrace your true self, make empowering decisions, and pursue your own brand of badassery. Don’t miss Lunaria Gaia’s insightful tips and inspiring story, which will surely motivate you to take charge of your life and follow your dreams.

Get after it!

Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs with Lunaria Gaia

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Lunaria Gaia’s personal journey and transformation
    • Overcoming self-doubt and limiting beliefs
    • The impact of her brother’s tragic loss on her path to empowerment
  • Key strategies for building audience trust
    • Importance of consistency and authenticity for entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Mastering the mind, emotions, and fears
    • Techniques to overcome internal barriers
  • Motivation vs. Discipline
    • Necessity of daily commitment and action for success
  • Lunaria Gaia’s book, “Perfectly Imperfect”
    • Insights and inspiration from the book
  • Lunaria Gaia’s upcoming book
    • Expected release details and what to look forward to
  • Empowerment tips and strategies for living authentically
    • How to make empowering decisions and pursue your own brand of badasserie

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Read the full transcript of this episode below!

Lynn Howard  

Hey, I’m Lynn.

Amanda Furgiuele  

And I’m Amanda. Welcome to the Pursuit of Badasserie: The podcast. We have another incredible guest today. We have Lunaria Gaia. She is a dynamic speaker and empowerment advocate leveraging her lived experiences to guide women beyond roles so they can follow their dreams big or small.

As a seasoned confidence coach and best-selling author, she inspires authentic living and breaking free from limitations. We’re excited to have you today.

Let’s talk.

Lunaria Gaia

Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. Lynne and Amanda, the pursuit of badassery. I’ve got to say, when I first stumbled across your podcast, was like, what is this gold that I have just stumbled across?

Lynn Howard  

So thank you for having me. What an honor. Oh, we, we definitely love our name, but your book is what?

Lunaria Gaia

Perfectly imperfect.

Lynn Howard  


Lunaria Gaia

Perfect number one. Perfectly imperfect.

Lynn Howard  

Yeah, the last one I saw. We love like great terms and great wording and all of that good stuff.

Lunaria Gaia

So there’ll be more about that in the show note, guys. Yeah. So tell us a little bit about yourself, Lynne.

Ah, yes. you know, my, my business is personal and I feel like to fact that I used to hate myself.

I was held back. I I limited myself. I didn’t think that I could anything. Really, you know, mediocrity was the standard for me.

I just thought that success, excellence, performance, good things were for other people, not for someone like me. And I say that with some inverted commoners, those not, those just listening to the audio, because it was not for people like me.

I really honestly felt there were my limiting beliefs that I had that it was just for somebody else. I couldn’t be an entrepreneur.

I couldn’t be in business. I couldn’t get in shape. I couldn’t. I couldn’t. couldn’t. And that was the internal narrative.

And as you can imagine, my life was a reflection of that. Until such point as I decided to make some real changes around my mind, my thinking, and address those limiting beliefs, overcome those limiting beliefs.

So now that I get to live common like you, talking about business, talking about living a life on your

turns beyond the limiting beliefs. I love myself I’m in a really great space and that’s what that’s what my business is all about helping women to be able to overcome their own limits so they can truly shine in this world.

Lynn Howard  

I love that I think I feel like you know when you branch your bio and got your information there are certain guests that you know with our title the pursuit of astray that we feel like really like forwardly embody what we meant when we were coming up with the name of the pursuit of bad astray it really is like being unapologetic really seeking into who you are how you are what you’re destined to be what you’re destined to do and we had you know a discussion around that like we feel like you know you’re definitely one of those individuals who really at least what we can read you are living that and teaching others I guess is the other aspect of that teaching.

Lunaria Gaia

other to do the same. I think that is such an important field to be in because I think as women, especially, we are taught to be small.

We are taught to hold back. put everybody else’s needs before your own. And I think that what ends up happening is that we become people pleasing, we become much smaller.

But if we could get out of our own way, we have an incredible amount of power that’s in our lane.

We don’t have to try to be men. We can just be us. We don’t have to be extroverts if we’re not.

The pursuit of badassery is about being yourself. If you can truly have the courage to be all of who you are, that’s exactly what the world needs.

Lynn Howard  

So I love that you’re doing it. And I love that I can be a part of it. Same.

Amanda Furgiuele  

I love it. I love it. One of the things you talk a lot about is this concept of needing the consistency to really build trust with your audience.

Can you speak a little bit about what that means to you and where

Lunaria Gaia

You see that in businesses as a girl. I tell you what, particularly when we’re in a personal kind of business, know, I’m in personal services.

Once upon a time, we only needed one or two touch points before we bought, you know, even go back further as 2017.

So we’re talking what seven, eight years ago now, it was about 12 or 13 touch points that people would need before they buy.

I don’t know the latest stats, but I’m pretty sure it’s got to be 25 30 touch points before somebody buys.

We are inundated with information. We are inundated with with celebrities and influences. And we, we’re wary of that as buyers, consumers, we have so many people trying to jam things down our throats consistently.

That what we’re looking for is somebody that we can trust. We’re looking for somebody that we can give our hard earned to that isn’t going to.

be a charlatan and drop the ball. So to me consistency, consistency is showing up on our stories, like if I’m a social media perspective, on our stories, on our brand, on ourselves, on our own evolution and documenting that into our audience.

What that does, it says to the audience, even if they don’t really, truly consciously understand this, when they see me show up each in every single day, they unconsciously understand that I will show up for them, that when they hire me, they are hiring my consistency, that builds trust.

If you can keep your promises to yourself, you build trust with yourself, when you keep promises to others, they’ll trust you forevermore, and that’s real consistency.

You don’t just want to have a buyer who buys from you once, you want to have raving fans who whenever you put out your next service or your next product, they are the first ones to buy.

and they are the first ones to tell everybody else about it and that only comes with trust and the way that you build that trust is through consistency.

Lynn Howard  

I love what you just said and you know there’s a couple of aspects of that that I love. You know I love using the phrase the only person you’re lying to is yourself with my clients and friends and sometimes myself but that like building trust and that that you know the over bastardized words that we could use but that accountability and everything within ourselves but also showing up and when you are incongruent with one or slightly kind of off-kilter the other is affected and it’s really interesting even if you’re going through the moves until you kind of like sink back in that authenticity and that kind of groundedness of the truth you are and and it’s interesting because when we work with clients sometimes on a

conscious level they’re off on one of those and they don’t realize that in many aspects not just in branding and all that but and and like the sales aren’t coming anymore or their clients end up starting to be biggest gains in the and and the companies and how many years them and it’s just kind of like un unkind of packing everything and saying oh like that’s the sweet spot let’s just kind of like calibrate that a little bit and like and then everything gets back to you know moving forward so I love that you said that mmm beautiful it’s like thank you for sharing I love that you said that so I would love for you to share with audience if you’re open to it like what was a pivotal moment for you to realize like hey no I’m done I’m done playing small I’m done apologizing everything like do you have one pivotal moment that you would like to share yeah look I think that I think that tragedy has a way of shaping us you know and if I look back on on

Lunaria Gaia

the history of my life. There was kind of like a before very large tragedy and an after. There is this very distinct line in the sand when I started making different choices.

And I want to make it really clear. I’ll tell you what the tragedy was in just a moment. When big things happen, when we’re looking at that one moment, I want everybody to understand that for the most part it isn’t big.

It isn’t this all of a sudden now I’m taking consistent action, all of a sudden everything changes, all of a sudden I get all my dreams come true.

want to make it really clear that generally it’s that internal shift of a decision gets made. And then you need to keep making that decision again and again and again.

For me, I lost my brother when he was 28. I was 27. completely, radically transformed the way that I saw existence, I would, you know, like it was a big tragedy in my life.

One that didn’t necessarily result in, oh yeah, now I’m in power to making business happen immediately, but one that made me go, why am I continuing to live a life for other people?

What is it, you know, where am I at? I’m 27 at that point in time. I had just become a coach within the 12 months before that, so I’d already wanted to go on this path of serving others, of being in business.

But that moment when he passed was a real catalyst in my life, because I then got to sit there and go, hang on a second, I may not get old.

I may not get the chances that I think that I’m going to somewhere down in some distant future. This is my life and it’s happening now, and am I living for me, or am I living for the expectations of

worlds. Am I people pleasing? Am I tempting to create a persona that I think everybody else is going to like when I don’t even like myself?

And I think that that was really the catalyst of change of going right. Let’s get serious in doing the inner work.

That didn’t result in out in the result outwardly for many, many more years. And I just want to make that really clear for everybody that it wasn’t just a drop and everything changed.

Lynn Howard  

Yeah, I love that you say that. mean, I talk a lot about like the different aspects of like the different points in my life that have definitely catapulted me in one with cancer, like developing cancer and then going through the process.

And there’s a couple of things around this. I love that you said that it doesn’t happen instantly. Like it is, it’s about the journey, right?

The pursuit of badassery is not the destination of badassery. It’s not being, I mean, we do have things as being badass, but it is about the pursuit because life is lived in every sap and not at the

on your death bed, essentially. so I think that you said that. I also though, notate, and I’d love to kind of hear your thoughts around this or how you guys people is.

I know when I was guiding people around, essentially, their emotional connection and like, we’ll say it was like a why, but it was like really the root and cause of like, how they maneuver through like their purpose, et cetera, that people, especially when they heard all the things that I went through that were like pivotal moments, which I choose to be pivotal moments cause lots of people say Same in, right?

Lunaria Gaia

I’m in.

Lynn Howard  

But that people would compare and say, oh, I didn’t live the same life that you did. So maybe I’m not gonna be as motivated or whatever.

I, I know Amanda does too. It’s like you don’t have to have that whole comparative, you know, trauma or whatever.

You don’t have to have that. Like you can actually have, listen to this podcast today and say, you know what, I’m done playing small.

Like you don’t have to have, tragedy or heartache or heartbreak to make those incredible changes, life changing decisions to to redirect your life.

Lunaria Gaia

Because I just an opportunity Lynn, I think that I think that that’s what that is, is that like like you just said, it’s not in the event, it’s in the decision.

Lynn Howard  


Lunaria Gaia

And you don’t need an event in order to make a decision. You make a decision, you keep making that decision.

It’s that it doesn’t even have to be a moment, often it does come, you with cancer, maybe me with my brother.

But even if I think back 12 months before that, I became a coach. So I was already making the decisions.

You know, four years before that, I traveled overseas. You know, when I was in my mid 20s, because I didn’t want to be the person that I had grown up believing that I should be.

And so that happened long before the tragedy. And the distinction there is make the decision. You may look the decision.

It is an internal experience. It is you’re a hundred percent right I remember a mentor mine in my coach days He he said he goes I would read all these stories about successful people how they went from being completely broke to to having all this wealth and He said he said I honestly said to my wife at one point We need to give away everything we need to give away everything and live on the street so that I can have my zero-to-hero story And she’s like you’re insane It’s not about the circumstances It’s about the decisions that you’re making the choices that you’re making the commitment to it.

That’s what makes the difference So I love that you notated that Linne because Do not think that it’s the external thing that caused the shift is the internal decision that you make 100% you know what for years when I was younger, I thought that I had to have some like Suicidal alcoholic tendencies in order to be a writer because like everyone’s like oh

Amanda Furgiuele  

You’ve got to be the Sylvia Plath of the Hemingway, and if you don’t have that kind of trauma, then you will never be a successful writer.

That was something that was the narrative that I had for a long time. And I have a client who is wildly successful, amazing woman, but she’s ashamed to say that she grew up affluent because she doesn’t want people to know that she started with money and now has money.

She’s like, well, it invalidates me as a financial coach because I didn’t start from nothing. And I’m like, that’s how sad is it that we’ve gotten to this point where if you don’t have this comparative struggle that you can’t be successful in what you do because it doesn’t come from an outside circumstance, it absolutely comes from a choice that you make.

And I love that you said that you had to make the choice to live for yourself in that moment in the day rather than what society thought you were supposed to do for what, you know, what expectations that you had thought were there.

I love that because it is such an internal dialogue that you have with yourself and it is not dependent on your circumstances.

Even if they’re good circumstances, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have a fulfilled life just because you happen to grow up with a silver spoon.

It doesn’t mean that going to have the same future. So there’s all sorts of things on that spectrum. And I love that you brought that up because it’s not, you’re not your circumstances, no matter what your circumstances are, good or bad.

Lunaria Gaia

Absolutely. Yeah, incredibly powerful. I think that, you know, as you said, that silver spoon situation, it’s one of those things.

There are plenty examples in the world of people who have, quote, got it all and never make it. There are plenty of examples of people who’ve had nothing and never make it.

And the opposite is true. What I’ve just learned is that it’s actually just irrelevant. Sure, maybe someone who’s got more of a financial backing to begin with is playing on a different level to begin with, but you still at some point are going to have to make your choices.

if you’re making independent success from that, you’re the one that’s deciding to do that. Anybody, I think there is a victim mindset with that as well, speaking to what you said before then, there’s a victim mindset that says she had money there for.

No, you’re placing the responsibility in the wrong spot. Anytime, for better or worse, you place the responsibility in the circumstances, you were disempowering yourself.

Lynn Howard  

Absolutely. And I do want to make a note that this is personal, just as much as it’s professional as well, so even though we’re kind of using it.

And I’m reflective of I grew up really poor, my whole family was poor, and I had an auntie, and she would often say they were able to pay their bills and do different things, but they live paycheck to paycheck, and she’s like, I’m the happiest person because I’m choosing to be

happy. She’s like, money, so sure, money can afford different things and do different things. She’s like, but money does not buy happiness.

And so I think it’s along the same lines of like, you know, we, and I do say, we’re not our circumstances for our circumstances are part of us, but it’s what we do with them that that really empowers us to be all or not of who we are.

And I love this I look, I like it. I love it. So tell us a little bit about like what you do with your clients, because you’re a confident coach, you really help people break out of the societal norms, especially women, you mostly work with women.

I don’t know if you solely work with women, but I get right on the side that you mostly work with women.

so like, what, what is it that you like pull them through? Because you know, I know that some people would come to and say, if they have imposter syndrome, or if they have all the kind of the things that they

need to like grow from, then they might not be confident to reach out.

Lunaria Gaia

So tell us a little bit more about that. look, and I do, women are my passion project, because I am one and I’m so close to my heart.

But I work with everybody, and you know, anybody who wants to go beyond their mind effectively, what I teach my clients more than anything, there are three kind of major pillars, irrelevant of what level you meet me at.

That’s being on my podcast, listening to my social media. If you read my first book, my second book’s coming out later this year, I think around about the time that this episode will drop, so that’s very good.

Lynn Howard  

May 23rd, you’ll be happy next book or happiness, something.

Lunaria Gaia

We’ll keep the title in there. Yep. Want to talk about that, get happy and free. know, whether that’s to my first book, perfectly imperfect courses, coaching, speaking, wherever you’re connected with me, what I am teaching you to do each and every single time is to become a professional human being.

It’s how do you master your mind? Because this thing up between our ears has the power to be our biggest, best ally or our worst enemy.

And for most of us, we are running on autopilot. We are simply just the product of our conditioning and our programming from our childhood all the way to leading up to right now.

And the vast majority of humans never go and do a stock take of the beliefs and the thoughts that happen on repeat inside of our minds.

And therefore, they are running a blueprint, a map of a reality that was created when there were no less than seven.

And so until we actually go in and do that, you know, reconnaissance of our mind, the stock take to have a look at, well, what beliefs are there?

What are the thoughts that I’m consistently repeating on my head? If that’s autopilot, it is very, very, likely in most circumstances that it’s going to be fearful.

It’s going to be limiting and it’s going to be small because our mind’s job is to keep us safe not to make us happy.

And so the default mode of the mind is survival. I want everybody to know that it’s survival. So the three things that I help people deal with the most, of what level you’re meeting me at, is how do you translate your emotions.

We don’t get taught how to do this. We have this incredible device up in our heads that has the power to shape us for the better.

It’s an amazing tool, yet the vast majority of us don’t know how to use it. Our emotions get the better of us.

They hijack us at our most least opportune times. Our fear rules us most of it, most of the time.

And even if people think they’re not people, procrastination, self-sabotage, maybe laziness, you know, there’s tiredness, extra fatigue, there’s lots of ways that fear shows up.

Overthinking is a symptom of under feeling, and then of course our thoughts. Those three things are thoughts, our emotions, and our fear.

If you are able to master those things, become the leader of those things, and learn what they’re there to teach you, and you raise those things as if they’re a child, you will be in mastery of your life and your world.

Caveat doesn’t mean that everything’s going to be amazing. Doesn’t mean that everything’s going to go to plan. Doesn’t mean you’re going to get everything you’ve ever desired and never have a bad day, but what it does mean is that you have the tools to know how to manage when, you know, the circus comes to town inside of your life and inside of your mind.

Lynn Howard  

I love that. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. No, yeah, simple, but not easy. Simple, I love that term.

Lunaria Gaia

Everybody would be doing it. And they’re not because millions of people want to be happy and most people aren’t.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Whatever that. So what would you say for the entrepreneurs, small business owners that we have globally, when they are showing up consistently but not getting the results they want, what would you say to that demographic of people who’s showing up, they feel like they’re showing up consistently but then they’re not getting the results?

Lunaria Gaia

Yeah, I’m smiling because you clarified a little bit there Amanda, you said they feel like they’re showing up consistently.

I think that’s a thing, we need speaking to what you said before and we need to be really honest with ourselves.

I’ve been in business for 14 years and for the first 10, I had a job. I had several jobs.

part of my journey is that it was a side hustle, it was something I was working on in between and I thought I was showing up consistently and, you know, I showed up enough.

So I think the very first thing is to recognize, to be honest with ourselves, are we showing up consistently?

Have we made a choice to, like, is it daily? Do we show up to our business in the same way that we would a job?

Because we are employed, moving from that employee mindset into the business owner mindset can be really tricky for a lot of us.

has been for myself. That when you have a job, you show up irrelevant if you don’t want to. You just do, because you’ve got to.

You’re getting paid. Someone’s giving you the money, right? And so you’ve got obligations, you’ve got commitments. Yeah, maybe you do a half-assed job sometimes, but you’ll still show up most days.

At best in Australia, we’ve got six days a year. So, like, you know, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to be able to.

just not show up to work regularly when you feel like it. Consistency is about showing up when you don’t feel like it.

That’s what discipline is. So if you feel as though you’re being consistent, first part, check. Just get really honest with yourself, work with a coach, work with these incredible women or myself, check to see whether or not you are actually showing up consistently.

That would be the first thing. The second thing is patience. Patience, it generally, look, I don’t want to put any limits on anybody.

It’s likely to take longer than you think it’s going to. And doesn’t mean that you won’t see any results.

I just think that if we are only looking at the outcome, the final result of I want this amount of followers or this amount of money, then we are going to miss all of the goals that’s in the process.

to sort of becoming what you need to become in order to be successful. So, be patient and have faith.

Have faith. So, there’s four things, be honest with yourself, make sure that you are actually being consistent. Be patient, it’s likely to take longer.

Have faith that is going, that you’re just going to do it. And the fourth thing here is be behaviourly flexible.

You need to be able to adapt. You need to know when you’ve got to go, cool, I need to reach out to somebody because I have been showing up and producing YouTube content every day for the last 12 months.

I don’t have any new followers, sweet. Know when that you need more strategy, know when you need help, know when there is information that you’re not currently using or having access to, that you will benefit from getting some advice.

needs to help in and working with a trusted advisor.

Lynn Howard  

I love those. You mentioned in those four pillars also, you mentioned discipline. And I think that I’ve been seeing on my favorite news feed lately, a lot of Instagram, a lot of quotes about I don’t need more motivation, you need discipline and the difference between motivation and discipline.

And it reminds me of I actually done a talk probably like 12 years ago about the difference between motivation and discipline and why it’s a and how they both play a role, but how most people don’t need more motivation, especially with the ability, they need the discipline and it goes back to what you originally said, it’s making that decision and putting in the action.

And it is about the everyday steps, it’s about the journey or the pursuit. It’s, you know, great that that when at the end, but there’s never a finite end right when it comes to entrepreneurship and

in that journey and so I love everything that you just said. I know we’re kind of getting to to a little bit to them but I definitely want to give you we want to give you opportunity to talk about the new book that’s launching because it should be launching around the same time and yeah tell us little bit.

Lunaria Gaia

Oh it is it came through me this book in a way that my you know my first one it was very it was very personal it’s perfectly imperfect your complete guide to loving yourself and loving your body so it was really a body of work that I needed to speak from my heart.

This second book get happy and free is one that we need to hear is one that that as I said millions of us want to be happy but most of us aren’t why is that because we’re chasing these external things we are thinking that the business is going to make us happy we think that the body is going to make us happy the partner the relationship the the the the the trip to Spain that we’re going to have we think

that if we just get the things externally, then we will be happy. I’m a big believer in doing all of the funness of being an entrepreneur, of learning new skills, of growing and expanding.

I love it and I do it daily. it, love it, love it, love it. I’m also very clear that it’s not the thing that will make me happy.

It’s not the thing. And as soon as we recognise that getting all the things you’ve ever wanted is not going to make you happy, you get to actually start working on what will.

And what will make you happy is coming back to that self mastery, is cultivating a really beautiful relationship with you, with your internal world and actually cultivating happiness by choosing your thoughts, by directing your focus, by recognising what you already have.

So this book is really, my apologies. It’s much more direct than your last book, and I thought, it’s not a good thing.

Is that a bad thing? It’s like, look, it’s to the point and I love directness. I think that there is really a much, it’s more, it’s pointed, it’s sharp because what it really is is a reflection to say, us as humans, I don’t know, have got our priorities wrong.

I think it’s wonderful to go after these things. I think it’s amazing to be in business and to pursue your dreams and to go after, like, excellence.

I am committed to doing that. What I’m committed to beyond that, above that, as the overarching is my happiness.

Because you can get the dream job and the dream, whatever. You can get everything that you’ve ever asked for, but if you were not happy, what’s the freaking point?

What’s the point? How many people do we know? have millions of examples, and certainly many, many in… in the celebrity world of people who have it all, they have it all and they end their life and that might be through you know through suicide but it also could be that they drink themselves to death, they consume themselves to death, they harm themselves to death.

If getting everything that you ever wanted made you happy then all those people would be the beacon of it and it’s and they’re not.

So let’s have the wake up call to really recognise, go after your dreams, do the amazing thing as icing on a cake that is already fulfilling.

Let’s work on the cake instead of the icing or as well as the icing.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Yeah I always reminded, yeah I’m reminded of this quote, it’s I’ve thought of it since high school when I was an angsty teen and it’s no matter where you go there you are.

So no matter how successful you are it’s still you, no matter whatever your circumstances it’s you so no matter where you go because I had this dialogue on my head for years oh if I just do this or if I just do that.

adding, you know, if I can’t be happy here, then I can’t be happy anywhere. the answer’s right, you can’t, because it’s not about where you are and what you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come, it’s about you.

No wonder where you go.

Lunaria Gaia

There you are. Yeah, so let’s cultivate that, Amanda, right? I think that quote’s actually in the book. You know, you go, there you are.

So if you’re thinking that you get over there and then you’re going to be happy, you’re deluded. It’s not going to happen.

Get happy now. Work on that now so that when, if as your dreams come true, as things, beautiful things are happening, you’re just putting the icing on a cake.

You’ve got to work on us, and my relationship with ourselves is the single most important one we’re ever going to have as far as I’m concerned.

Lynn Howard  

100%. I love, I’m actually, I will be buying several of your books, especially for my kids, because this is a dialogue match.

have mid 20 year olds for .

Amanda Furgiuele  

I was a 20 year old.

Lynn Howard  

Yeah, they are late, 25, no, 26, 27, 27 right now, but the one daughter like actually both the daughters, we’ve had a lot of conversations around like, you know, why they’re unhappy and how it has to, you cannot expect others to make you happy when you don’t know what happiness is to yourself and I’ve had the dialogue and I can remember going through it myself and just kind of the evolution and the healing journey of my own, but I love everything you just said and I’m just coming off of actually, which I’m going send you information, I’m on a non-profit board and we do nine to 15 conferences a year and we just had our happiness and well-being conference in March and a lot of the things that you just said were things that we discussed and things that I brought up in the round table and exactly what you just said about like these pivotal people, like Robin Williams, for example, who was like the

idea of happiness and joy and look what and so I love everything about what you just said. I wish we could talk about it.

It sounds like I’ll be joining you for your next start for your 2025 conference there. I agree. Love it.

Love it. So one last nugget that you I mean there’s so many little nuggets but one last second that you would love to leave our audience.

Lunaria Gaia

Your in charge you get to decide and when you take ownership of that when you take full ownership of your internal worlds you get free.

You get to decide the way that you see the world you get to decide your perceptions you get to decide your thoughts your beliefs your actions your focus your attention and your meaning.

Everything else is superfluous. everything else is outside of your control. Stop trying to control the things that you cannot control and put all your focus onto what you can and your life will transform before your eyes.

Take the responsibility. You’re in charge.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Love it. So how can people reach out and get in contact with you?

Lunaria Gaia

I’m sure you are you very beautiful, efficient women will pop it all in the show notes. I think the best place for you to come.

You know, Graham, if you just Google my name, actually, Linaria Gaia, you Google that, you will find me everywhere.

Linked in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, all the spaces. I have my own podcast, More Confidence with Luna Gaia podcast. So you can go check me out.

It’ll all be in the show notes. go click the links. If you would like a free magnetic confidence guidebook, you can head to my website.

Again, I’ll chuck it in the notes.

Lynn Howard  


Amanda Furgiuele  

Absolutely. will. So make sure you are following and connecting with us much as you can. And because I’m grabbing her books, we will be sure to put those show notes in the bottom of so scroll down and keep scrolling, keep scrolling, and then you’ll see it right there.

If you’re joining us on YouTube, you will have to go to our website, the pursuit of badassery.com slash podcast to find everything, but you don’t want to miss that while you’re there.

Lynn Howard  

Absolutely. Thank you so much for being on Luna. This was excellent. know that will definitely be in touch. There’s lots of uncovered nuggets I’m sure that we can talk about.

Lunaria Gaia

So you look forward to it. Thanks for having me.

Lynn Howard  

Absolutely. So this podcast resonates with you, or if you feel it would resonate with somebody else, please share, absolutely follow Luna.

And yeah, hit that subscribe button, share with your friends, and help spread the word because when I love the mission that you’re on and the work that you’re doing, it’s definitely something that’s dear to our hearts, but definitely with the whole here.

and aspect and stuff. And I feel like, you know, if we can just create beautiful ripples of change and in humanity.

And I feel like you’re doing that, that our world can be a better place. And so I really appreciate you.

But yeah, everybody, we’re super excited.

Amanda Furgiuele  

Thank you so much. And I guess till next time. Get after it.